21 Foods That Start With N


Are you a food lover? Can you name at least ten foods starting with letter N? If not, then worry not, this piece contains 21 foods that start with N which includes fluids, foods as well as anything edible. At first you might not be familiar with many of these options but by the end of this you’ll be able to name 21.

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Foods Beginning With The Letter N

1. Nuggets

Nuggets, also known as chicken nuggets, are chicken products made using chicken meat that is battered and breaded, then baked or deep-fried. The nuggets have over the year become a favorite for many people across the world and are found in any popular restaurant. Nuggets are rich in proteins, which means they can help one in losing weight as well as reduce hunger.

2. Nigella Seed

Nigella seeds have, for a long time, confused many people due to the different names that they go by. However, some of the well-known names include black seed and caraway. The seed originates from family Ranunculaceae, which is native to Southwest and South Asia. The seeds are associated with multiple health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and helps in regulating blood sugar, thus playing a significant role in every person who takes them.

3. Naan Bread

Naan is an oven-baked leavened flatbread common in the cuisines of Western Asia, the Caribbean, and South Asia. Traditionally the Naan was baked inside a hot clay tandoor oven using wood or charcoal fire. Apart from having low calories, naan is also a rich supply of protein as well as carbohydrates. It also contains adequate amounts of vitamin B, manganese, and selenium, and together they work as antioxidants.

4. Nonpareil

Nonpareils are decorative confectionery consisting of tinny balls made from starch and sugar. Traditionally they nonpareils were only available in opaque white but are now available in different colors and used as topping in candies and chocolates.

5. Nashi Pear

Nashi pear, also known as the Asian pear, is a species of the pear tree that is native to East Asia. The fruit goes by different names, including apple pear, since they resemble the apple in shape and size. Rich a high content of magnesium, which is a mineral that helps in fighting fatigue, nashi pear also contains fiber, which helps in protecting cardiovascular health and the bones.

6. Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are seedless in nature because they are genetically identical clones of a tree that was discovered in Brazil. What makes the navel oranges stand out are the unique small holes called navels that resemble the belly button that is situated at the blossom-stem end. Navel oranges are considered as one of the healthiest fruits that one can eat. Rich in vitamin C, Fiber, and potassium, the fruit helps in protecting one against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer while still boost your memory.

7. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is a word that stems from the Indonesian and Malay language, which means fried rice. It is a rice dish having both meat as well as vegetable in it. The good thing about this dish is that you can play around using different ingredients to get a unique taste that is just for you. Rich in vitamin B, nasi goreng is a good source when it comes to minerals selenium, iron, copper, and zinc.

8. Neep (or Turnip)

The neep or the white turnip is a vegetable root commonly found in temperate climatic areas worldwide. With a fleshy taproot, the vegetable has become an essential ingredient among many dishes with both the turnip and its leafy greens being tasty and nutritious. They are also loaded with vitamins, fiber, and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

9. Nori

Nori is a Japanese name referring to all seaweed species of red algae genus Pyrpia that are edible, which includes P. Tenera and P. Yezoensis. Having a strong, distinctive flavor, Nori is widely used in Japanese cuisine as a major ingredient to Shushi, wrap rolls, or onigiri with the term referring to dried sheets. Nori nutrients include copper, iron, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, among others.

10. Nasturtium

Nasturtium, also referred to as Tropaeolum or nasturtian, is a genre of roughly eighty species of perennial and annual herbaceous flowering plants. Best known for their extremely bright yellow, red, orange flowers with lushly round leaves that are edible and delicious, the plant can survive even in the winter with altitudes of up to 10,000 feet going up. Both the petals and leaves of nasturtium are filled with nutrients and contain high levels of vitamin C. The plant has the ability to improve your immune system and tackling coughs and sore throats as soon as possible.

11. Natal Plum

Natal plum, widely known as Carissa macrocarpa, is a shrub originating from South Africa. In South African, it goes by the name large num-num, which is Zulu. The fruits are the only edible parts of this plant with the stem and leaves being toxic. The fruits are rich in vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium.

12. Nankhata

iNankhatai is simply shortbread biscuits that originate from the Indian subcontinent with more popularity in Northern India as well as Pakistan. They are simply prepared using sugar, butter, ghee, and flour with many nankhati variations depending on the recipe being used.

13. Nutmeg Melon

The aromatic and green cantaloupe with a netted skin and a nutmeg shape is a tasty tried and true fruit. It is considered as the oldest variety of cantaloupe that is grown and widely distributed in America. Rich in water and electrolytes, the fruit has become a popular product in most grocery stores since it also plays a vital role in reducing blood pressure.

14. Nougat

Nougat is a combination of confections made by honey or sugar, whipped eggs roasted nuts with the exception of adding chopped candied fruits. The consistency of the nougat is chewy and used in different chocolates and candy bars. With a variety of recipes on how best to make the nougat, including the Italian nougat recipe, the choice highly depends on how you want the outcome to be.

15. Noodles

Noodles are food types made from unleavened dough. The dough is rolled flat and cut, extruded, or stretched into long strings. You can choose to refrigerate the noodles for short term storage or dry and store for future use. The noodles are also simple to prepare since boiling them is all that is required. They’re a critical part of this wagamama yaki udon dish.

16. Nectarine

Mainly confused with peach, a nectarine scientific name Prunus Persia is a stone fruit related to almond, apricot, cherry, and plum that also comes from the genus Prunus. The nectarine tree resembles a peach tree and grows in areas that experience cool winter seasons. It comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, white, and red. Both the nectarines and peaches can be clingstone whereby the pit remains stuck to the flesh or freestone in which the pit-falls off easily. They are usually available during the winter, thus making them a better addition to refreshing drinks or deserts. They are also rich in fiber and a good source for vitamin A, C, and potassium, therefore offering health benefits such as improved metabolism.

17. Negus

Negus refers to a warm drink made from port or wine, the main ingredients being water, lemon, or orange species and sugar. Invented in the 18th century by Francis Negus, the drink has gained major popularity with different recipes coming up, all highlighting how to make an excellent Negus.

18. Nesselrode

Nesselrode is a mixture of different candied fruits, maraschino, and nuts and is mainly used in puddings, ice cream, and pies. According to history, this unique ice pudding was first made by De Cuisine Careme a French chef in the year 1814 for an emissary known as Count Karl Von Nesselrode. It then became a sought after ice pudding in the nineteenth century and was mainly appreciated by the rich English people.

19. Nipa

Nipa is a rhizomatous leaved palm plant mostly found on the tidal rivers of Southern Asia as well as Austria. The plant has long fronds that are mainly applied in thatching activities partitioning and as food. The sugary sap found in the inflorescence stalk is a good source of treacle, vinegar, amorphous sugar and alcohol20.

20. Nachos

Nachos simply refer to a tex-mex dish originating from Northern Mexico consisting of heated totopos or tortilla chips covered by a piece of melted cheese. It is always served as an appetizer or snack. Some of the commonly known more elaborate versions of nachos consist of other ingredients making them substantial enough to be served as a main dish. Nachos are also rich in protein and fiber. Therefore they come with different health benefits. You can also find out how to reheat nachos the next day.

21. Nutella

Nutella being the name of the company responsible for making and selling the chocolates, refers to a chocolate-hazelnut that is spread. Having an Italian origin, it is prevalent among people who cannot get enough of chocolates. It has now become an international sensation due to its delicious taste with every day bringing a new and better way of enjoying the wonderful spread. A better and healthy way of eating Nutella is to eat it with fruits or use whole wheat bread. Or if you love pancakes, this is one of the best toppings to add.


These are simply some of the well-known foods starting with N. With limitations on naming them all due to factors such as language and country barriers, there are 100s of foods starting with N, but no one can find them all. This will get you started in being able to name foods that begin with the letter N.

If you have any other examples please send them over to us. If you enjoyed this post you’ll also like our other versions such as this post on foods that start with u and this one on foods beginning with x.

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