How to Reheat Nachos? (Same Crisp Taste)


Nachos lovers! Are you ready to learn some nacho secrets? Do you want to enjoy your leftover nachos with the same taste and crisp? Then stay tuned, as we will be sharing some methods to reheat your nachos at home and enjoy them with your favorite meal.


Being a meal prepper, I know how badly I want to perfectly reheat my food and would die to get that same crispiness every time, especially when comes to nachos. And exactly how long that crisp can last is another question to our minds. Well, in this article, we will be discussing this ever-favorite snack of all.

Nachos are basically a Mexican delicacy that is now served all around the world, not just with salsa but various dips and sauces. You can practically pair it with any dip of your choice and it will turn out to be a flavorsome combination. You can either serve directly or use them to prepare the whole platter with various toppings on top.

Perhaps if you have nachos at home, you will never run out of a good option to serve snacks at the table. Some nachos suit to every good menu for the day. Enjoy the crispy nachos with a bowl of guacamole is my favorite food time.

Whether baked at home or bought from the store, the nachos only taste great when they are crispy. If they are losing their crisp, that means that they are not either stored properly or not heated correctly.  In this article, we shall see, which are the two most suitable methods to reheat your leftover nachos while keeping their taste and texture fresh.

How to Reheat Nachos Perfectly Everytime?

reheated nachos

Practically there are two great ways to reheat the nachos. If you are thinking of reheating them in the microwave then hold that thought as we are about to clear things up for you. We will tell about it, what ideas are good and what ideas are not good! But even important than reheating is the storage of the nachos, which makes all the difference here.

We know that crispy snacks can lose their crisp when left open in the air. That is mainly because of the moisture they absorb from the environment. That is why it is quite important to always keep in a sealed container. Protect the nachos from heat and moisture to keep them fresh.

There are two ways to store these crispy delights fresh. You can pack them in a Ziplock bag. While you do so, make sure to remove maximum air out of the bag and keep it sealed then make sure to keep this bag at a dry place in the kitchen. The other way is to use a sealable container that can carry all your nachos. And keep this container away from heat and moisture.

Moving back to the reheating part! Let us see what options do we have on the list!

Reheat in The Oven


I personally recommend this method, as it is super simple, easy to manage and it gives the best results. All you need to care about is oven temperature. It should need to exceed the state value.

To reheat the nachos in the oven, spread them in a baking sheet in a single layer. Avoid overcrowding and overstuffing, if you have lots of nachos to reheat, then spread them in two or more baking sheets as required.

To reheat your nachos, set the oven temperature at 275 degrees F and then leave it for a few minutes to preheat properly. When the oven temperature reaches to 275-degree F, then place the nachos baking sheets in the oven. Do not place the baking sheets too close to the heating source; try to set them on the middle rack.

Now heat the nachos in the oven only for 5 minutes and not more than that. This time and temperature are enough to remove all the moisture from the nachos and give them a nice crisp and a delicate texture.

Nachos can get burnt quickly, so it is advised to keep an eye on the nachos while they are heating in the oven. Even a negligence of a few seconds can get them burnt quickly. As soon as the time is over, immediately remove the nachos from the oven.

Carefully from the hot baking sheets from the oven and place them on the working surface. Leave them in the open for 5 minutes to let them cool a bit. Your crispy fresh nachos are now ready to be served with your favorite sauce and dipping.

Reheat in a Skillet using Aluminum Foil

However, if you don’t have the oven or can’t use a one to reheat your nachos, then don’t worry, there is yet another to reheat them, and it is also quite effective. For this method, you will need a non-stick skillet of suitable size, from medium to large, depending on the quantity of the nachos. You will also need an aluminum foil to cover the nachos.

Now spread the nachos in a skillet in a single layer and cover the skillet with an aluminum foil. Make sure to fold the foil edges to seal the edges. The foil is used to reflect the heat back into the skillet and reheat the nachos also from the top.

Place this skillet on a low flame and allow the nachos to heat for about 6-7 minutes or more until all the moisture is removed from the nachos. Then carefully remove the foil and serve them.

Why Not Microwave?

If you are wondering why can’t we just use a microwave to reheat our nachos, then here is the answer for you! It is true that nachos can be reheated in the microwave easily, but the microwave heating system can make the nachos first a little bit soggy and then too hard after drying up. In this way, you will not be able to enjoy the good taste and texture you are actually looking for.


Now you know how to reheat your Nachos, using two simple yet very useful methods. Give them a try and see the difference! Maintaining that same great second day taste and crispiness is much easier than you think. And do leave your comment about this experience or any suggestions you want to add to the list. Nachos are one of the many foods that start with n on our long list.


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