How Long Do Mushrooms Last In The Fridge?


The exact answer for how long do mushrooms last is a maximum of 10 days when fresh and placed in the refrigerator from purchase, however chopped mushrooms is slightly less at 7 days. When mushrooms have been cooked they will last for a maximum of 10 days when placed in the refrigerator. Keep reading to understand the best ways to preserve your mushrooms.

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Mushrooms have always been a popular variety in oriental cuisine. Owing to their incredible taste and non-vegetarian identity; they have managed to become a staple food in the western worlds. Mushrooms are now one of the most sold items in the world. Plenty of people love to eat different mushroom recipes and the best part about this vegetable is that it can blend with almost anything effortlessly.

Besides preparing the mushroom-dominant dishes, mushrooms are also used as a taste enhancer for chicken preparations, rice dishes, vegetable dishes and many more. But when it comes to preserving mushrooms for longer periods, there are some restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Like all other organic vegetables, mushrooms too are perishable items and get impacted by the natural elements quickly, leading to fast decay. However, you can keep your mushroom safe and in good condition for up to two weeks at most if the necessary care can be taken. Let us discuss how long do mushrooms last and a few related aspects regarding mushrooms in a little more detail. 

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Purchasing The Mushrooms

The shelf life of the mushrooms relies heavily on picking the right mushrooms in the store. If you are selecting them from your local supermarket without any sealed pack, chances are they will perish faster. As the open market sellers keep the mushrooms in the open, they remain exposed to the weather elements until you put them in your refrigerator. Hence, half of the damage is already done when you buy them.

Instead, if you can buy the properly sealed packed mushrooms from the market, the longevity is going to be much higher. The sealing ensures minimum exposure of the mushrooms to the natural elements that catalyze the process of decay. Hence, try to purchase the packed and sealed mushrooms to ensure a longer shelf-life.

The Cut Of The Mushrooms

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There are two varieties of cuts available in the market. Either you can have the whole mushrooms or the sliced ones. If you are opting for the sliced ones, the surface area is higher than the whole ones. Hence, the exposure to the natural elements is higher for the sliced mushrooms compared to the whole ones.

If you intend to keep the mushrooms for longer and do not feel much lethargic in chopping them right before cooking, opt for the whole mushrooms instead of the sliced ones. This will ensure a longer shelf life of the mushrooms when kept inside the fridge.

Washing The Mushrooms

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Mushrooms contain large portions of water in them and can get decayed faster in contact with moisture. Hence, if you are planning to wash the mushrooms after buying them from the market and before refrigerating them, skip the idea or else, the mushrooms will start perishing faster.

The best would be to keep the mushrooms wrapped with paper pouches so that they can breathe and stay fresh for longer. Also, wash the mushrooms when you are ready to cook them. Washing them in advance may cause their early perishing.

Ways To Identify The Freshness Of Mushrooms

Mushrooms if not bought from fresh must be checked before cooking to ensure they are safe for eating. If you have any dilemma in your mind regarding the condition of the mushrooms, the best way would be to throw them out as keeping safe would be better than repenting. Here is how you can make a call on whether to consider eating the mushrooms or not.

By Appearance

The change in the appearance of the mushrooms once they start to perish is quite recognizable and visible. The followings are the immediate change of appearance that can be marked as the starting of the decaying process for the mushroom kept in your refrigerator or elsewhere.

Dark spots: the moment the mushrooms start decaying, dark spots appear on its surface and the color of the mushrooms also starts changing considerably. Though the appearance of sports and the color change does not necessarily mean that you have to throw the mushroom away, but it surely indicates the initiation of the decay process and the consumers must be cautious about its use as a food.

Wrinkles: another symptom that makes the users alert about using the stored mushrooms is the dryness and wrinkled surface. Once the mushroom turns dry and wrinkles start appearing on it, it is left unused. Though you will get processed dry mushrooms in the market which is completely safe for consumption, make sure that you are not eating the mushrooms that have gone dry on their own.

By Smell

smelling a mushroom

Fresh mushrooms carry a distinctive smell that starts changing once the process of decaying starts. If you know the exact smell of the fresh mushroom, distinguishing between the safe ones and the rotten ones would be easy for you.

If you notice that the mushroom smells otherwise, make sure to throw them and manage with another vegetable for cooking. Never depend on the mushrooms which do not smell fresh as the odor is the best indicator of freshness and safety for any organic vegetable, and especially mushrooms.

How To Enhance The Shelf-Life Of Mushrooms


The good news for mushroom lovers is that the shelf life of mushrooms can be enhanced following a simple trick. All you have to do is cut the mushrooms into pieces and heat some oil on the frying pan. Once the oil turns hot, turn and toss the mushrooms on the pan until they turn brown. After browning, let the mushrooms cool and store them in an airtight container for a longer shelf-life.

You can also keep the mushrooms wrapped in parchment paper and stone in the freezer to keep them fresh longer.  The exact answer to how long do mushrooms last is that mushroom stored at 0 degree F remains safe for long with a little change in color only.

Keep your mushroom fresh for long, and enjoy the mushroom delicacies that are good for health and great to taste as well.

How Long Do Mushrooms Last In The Fridge?

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  • mushrooms

  • fridge

  • olive oil

  • airtight container


  • Buying the right mushrooms in the supermarket
  • Cutting the mushrooms
  • Storing. the mushrooms in an airtight container

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