31 Foods That Start With I


You’d be surprised how many foods start with the letter I. The first thing that comes to your mind could be ice cream, but there are many other foods, drinks, and other edible items that start with this letter.

Let’s take a look at them and learn a few interesting facts about each.

foods that start with the letter i

Foods That Start with the Letter I

1. Ice Cream

ice cream

Ice cream is probably the most popular thing eaten as a dessert or snack throughout the world. This sweetened frozen food comes in many different flavors and colors, such as chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla, French vanilla, cookies and cream, etc. One of my favorites is rocky road ice cream.

2. Indian Mustard

Indian mustard is a plant whose stems, seeds, and leaves are edible and quite popular in Nepali cuisine. The seeds are used for the production of the brown mustard condiment which is spicier than the yellow one.

3. Iceberg Lettuce

This type of lettuce is most commonly used in dinner salads or fast-food burgers thanks to its refreshing crunchiness. The taste of iceberg lettuce is neutral and it’s popular among kids who don’t like the taste of lettuce.

4. Icaco

This is the term for a bush with white fruits similar to the size of plums. The fruit has a nice, sweet, melon-textured flesh when white, and it’s commonly used for jams.

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5. Idli

This popular Indian breakfast is a savory rice cake made by steaming a batter made of fermented rice and black lentils. It’s packed with nutrients while being soft and fluffy at the same time.

6. Idiyappam

String hopper, nool putty, noolappam, or idiyappam is an Indian steamed rice-noodle dish made of rice flour pressed into noodles. It’s usually served with chicken stew, peas curry, chicken curry, or vegetable kurma. You can also find it served with a dollop of ghee, sugar, and grated coconut.

7. Iodized Salt

Iodized salt is excellent for those with iodine deficiency, and iodine is necessary to maintain optimal health. It’s basically table salt combined with tiny amounts of different salts of the element iodine.

8. Inca Berries

You can find this exotic fruit as small dry parcels that taste something between sweet and sour. Inca berries are great for adding flavor to protein balls, meals, or simply eating as a snack. They are high in potassium, protein, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

9. Idaho Potatoes

Idaho potatoes or russet potatoes are large potatoes with white and dry flesh and dark brown skin. They are used for mashing, baking, and French fries. Idaho’s environment is perfect for growing potatoes.

10. Ice Pop

Popular among kids, these frozen snacks on a stick can be based on milk or water. An ice pop is different than ice cream since it’s frozen while at rest until it becomes a solid block of ice.

11. Ice Cream Soda

Ice cream soda or ice cream float is a cool beverage made of ice cream and soft drink or ice cream and a combination of carbonated water and flavored syrup.

12. Iced Coffee

mcdonald's iced coffee

This coffee drink is served chilled and it can be found in most coffee shops. No matter of the brewing method, it’s usually brewed at a higher strength than regular coffee. You can also find pre-packaged iced coffee but without ice. McDonald’s iced coffee is a popular recipe on our website, you need to try it.

13. Ice Cream Cake

Another food based on ice cream. This cake is filled with ice cream, the most popular form being the three-layered cake consisted of two layers of cake and a layer of ice cream in between.

14. Italian Ice

This cool and refreshing Italian treat is similar to sorbet. It’s made with fruit or other artificial or natural flavorings, and it’s an alternative to ice cream. However, it doesn’t contain dairy.

15. Indian Squash

Indian squash or Tinda is cucurbit grown for its green, apple-sized fruit which is, in fact, a vegetable. The plant is a prolific vine, and the squash-like gourd is popular in Pakistani and Indian cooking.

16. Instant Noodles

Instant ramen or instant noodles are precooked and dried blocks of noodles with seasonings. It’s native to Japan but now found everywhere in the world.

They provide manganese, B vitamins, and iron, but lack protein, fiber, and other important vitamins and minerals. Their high sodium content is not good for our overall health.

17. Irish Coffee

This popular cocktail is made of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar, topped with cream. The amount of whiskey in the coffee is relatively small, so you can enjoy it without worrying it’ll get your drunk.

18. Israeli Falafel

This traditional Israeli food is a deep-fried patty or ball consisted of ground chickpeas, fava beans, or a combination of both. It’s usually served in a pita or wrapped in taboon – flatbread.

19. Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is great if you’re in a rush. It’s partially cooked and dried so it allows quick preparation. Instant oats contain the same nutrients as regular oats. However, most instant oatmeal brands have flavored options that are loaded with sugar.

20. Irish Soda Bread

Have you heard about Irish soda bread? This dense but soft bread is made with sodium bicarbonate instead of the traditional yeast. Other ingredients include flour, buttermilk, salt, and baking soda.  

21. Inebriant

This term is used for any brew or liquor that contains alcohol as an active agent.

22. Ice

Although technically not a food or drink, ice is still used as an ingredient in cocktails, bitters, spirits, juices, etc., making them cold. 

23. Indian Almond Fruit

Indian almonds are the seeds of the large tropical tree called Terminalia catappa. They contain important minerals which participate in the metabolic processes in the body. They taste similar to hazelnuts.

24. Indian Pea

Indian pea, grass pea, or white pea, is a legume grown in Asia, mostly in India. It’s an especially important crop in places prone to famine and drought, as it produces reliable yields even when other crops fail.

25. Instant Pudding

This instant food product is produced as a powder and used to make puddings. It contains flavoring agents, sugar, and thickeners as main ingredients.

26. Irish Cream

This cream liqueur is made with cream, Irish whiskey, and other flavorings. It’s usually served in mixed drinks, such as Irish coffee, or on its own. Irish cream is mostly used in the UK, the US, and Canada.

27. Ice Vegetable

Believe it or not, there’s a vegetable called ice vegetable due to its cool frosted look. It’s native to South Africa and used in stir-fries. What’s interesting about it is that it retains its crunch even with heat.

28. Icing

Also known as frosting, it is a sweet, often creamy glaze made of sugar with a liquid, such as water or milk, often enriched with ingredients like butter, egg whites, cream cheese, or flavorings. It is used to cover or decorate baked goods, such as cakes or cookies.

29. Indian Corn

Also called flint corn, it’s a variant of maize, the same species as common corn. Indian corn, or maize, has been a staple food in the Americas for thousands of years and it comes in a wide variety of colors, including white, red, blue, and yellow.

30. Imam Bayildi

This is a dish in Ottoman cuisine consisting of whole eggplant stuffed with onion, garlic and tomatoes, and simmered in olive oil. It is found in many countries that were once part of the Ottoman Empire.

31. Italian Sausage

This is a style of pork sausage noted for being seasoned with fennel and/or anise as the primary seasoning. In Italy, however, a wide variety of sausages are made, many of which are quite different from the product commonly known as ‘Italian sausage’ in the United States.

31 Foods That Start With I

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • ice cream

  • Indian Mustard

  • Iceberg Lettuce

  • Icaco

  • Idli

  • Idiyappam

  • Iodized Salt

  • Inca Berries

  • Idaho Potatoes

  • Ice Pop

  • Ice Cream Soda

  • Iced Coffee

  • Ice Cream Cake

  • Italian Ice

  • Indian Squash

  • Instant Noodles

  • Irish Coffee

  • Israeli Falafel

  • Instant Oatmeal

  • Irish Soda Bread

  • Inebriant

  • Ice

  • Indian Almond Fruit

  • Indian Pea

  • Instant Pudding

  • Irish Cream

  • Ice Vegetable


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Now you should be wiser when it comes to naming foods starting with the letter i. Some were easy such as ice and ice-cream. Others you may never have heard of like Indian squash. Until now, that is.

foods that start with i

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