21 Bailey’s Cocktails


Baileys Irish Cream is a creamy, rich, indulgent ingredient to add to cocktails for a delicious, chocolatey drink. The liqueur is a favorite in its home country of Ireland but is also one of the best-selling liqueurs in the entire world with more than 80 million bottles a year produced for sale.

Made of Irish whiskey, cream, cocoa, and vanilla extract, Baileys Irish Cream pairs best with other dessert-like ingredients and flavors, such as coffee, vanilla, chocolate, cream, caramel, hazelnut, orange, and amaretto.

In this article, find 21 Baileys cocktails to make for any occasion to satisfy your dessert and drink cravings.

Baileys Cocktails

Baileys Hot Chocolate

baileys hot chocolate

This Bailey’s Hot Chocolate cocktail is a perfect for cozying up by the fire on a cold winter’s night. Simply add a touch of Baileys Irish Cream to your mug. Mix your hot chocolate separately, then pour it over the Baileys in your mug. This will keep your hot chocolate nice and toasty when poured over the cool Irish cream. You’ll take the warmth up a notch with a kick of alcohol and a creamy finish.

For an even more indulgent drink, add marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, or chocolate chips.

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

Want to relax but also feel a rush of energy? You can’t go wrong with a cocktail that does a bit of both. The Espresso Martini combines equal parts coffee liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, and vodka as well as one shot of espresso. Mix it well and serve it up in a martini glass. Hello, breakfast-appropriate cocktail!

There’s nothing like a Baileys Espresso Martini for brunch. Beware, the jolt of caffeine will creep up on you if you have more than one!

White Russian

Butterscotch White Russians

A traditional White Russian cocktail uses cream for its milky appearance and mouthfeel, but you can simply replace the cream with Baileys Irish Cream to boost the alcohol content and the flavor!

To make a Baileys White Russian, mix coffee or coffee liqueur and vodka together. Drizzle over the Baileys Irish Cream and allow it to settle naturally into the glass.

The person drinking it can choose to stir or sip as is! Its milky swirls are a sight to behold and make for a nice alcoholic coffee buzz.

Baileys & Guinness

This simple cocktail pairs a pint of Guinness beer with a shot of Baileys Irish Cream for an even creamier concoction with a hint of sweetness.

Guinness is already known for its creamy layer of foam on the top, and it gets that much more indulgent when you add a little more Irish flare with Baileys. 

Take it one step further with a shot of whiskey, and you’ll have the makings of a Dublin Drop (formerly called Irish Car Bomb). Simply add a half ounce of Baileys and a half ounce of Jameson to a shot glass, dump it in your Guinness, and chug for the true Irish Car Bomb experience. You’ll want to drink quickly before this cocktail curdles.


A Mudslide is a creamy dessert-like cocktail made from equal parts Baileys Irish Cream, vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur, and cream. Shake it up until it’s smooth, then pour over ice for a chilled dessert you can sip. This cocktail makes for fun pre-dinner drinks or after-dinner dessert in place of cakes or cookies.

Baileys Coffee

The tried-and-true paring with Baileys Irish Cream is coffee. The flavors pair perfectly together, and this coffee cordial gives you a great excuse to have a morning cocktail! Rather than adding milk and sugar to your coffee, the creaminess and sweetness comes from a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream for a caffeinated cocktail morning, noon, or night.

Want more sweetness? Brown sugar is an excellent addition with its caramelly flavor. Or, really take your coffee buzz to new levels with a shot of Jameson Irish whiskey.

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Baileys Chocolate Martini

There’s little else that Baileys pairs perfectly with than chocolate. Made with cocoa and rich vanilla extract, Baileys gets extra delicious when layered with more chocolate in this simple martini recipe. To make a Baileys Chocolate Martini, combine three parts Baileys with one part vodka and a splash of chocolate syrup. Shake in a martini shaker until well-combined and chilled, and pour into an ice-cold martini glass.

Now you’ve got sophisticated dessert in a glass!

Want even more chocolatey gooiness and goodness? Before you strain your Baileys Chocolate Martini into a martini glass, squeeze chocolate sauce over the inside of the glass in a zig zag pattern.

Nutty Irishman

The Nutty Irishman is a perfect aperitif. Serve up equal parts Baileys with hazelnut liqueur such as Frangelico, and pour it over ice. This sweet sip is best served cold and makes for a delicious after-dinner treat that isn’t too high octane.

Pair the Nutty Irishman cocktail with warm, salted nuts for a complete meal.

The Orgasm

You’ll feel totally satisfied with this sensual cocktail! It can also be made as a shot, and has variations like the Orange Orgasm and the Screaming Orgasm like you’ll see below.

For the original Orgasm cocktail, pour equal parts Baileys, coffee liqueur such as Kahlua, and amaretto liqueur like Disarrono into a shaker with ice. Shake well, then pour into a cup of ice or a shot glass and enjoy!

The Orange Orgasm

The Orange Orgasm has a kick of citrus that gives this shot or cocktail a unique flavor. You may not think of pairing orange with chocolate, but the combination is mind-blowingly delicious, trust us!

Use equal parts Baileys, vanilla vodka, and Cointreau orange liqueur or another triple sec for this recipe. Add all ingredients to an iced shaker and mix until well combined. Strain the drink into a glass of ice or a shot glass for a fresh take on this popular cocktail. An orange wedge or twist makes for a bright, colorful garnish.

The Screaming Orgasm

the screaming orgasm

Another take on the original Orgasm cocktail or shot includes the Screaming Orgasm, a drink made with equal parts vodka, espresso coffee liqueur such as Galliano, amaretto liqueur such as Disaronno, Baileys Irish Cream, half and half, and milk. Dust the rim of your glass with cocoa for a chocolatey touch before straining this shaken cocktail over ice.

This cocktail also makes a very good dessert shot, especially for those drinkers who don’t like the taste of alcohol and want something that goes down easy but still gets the job done.

Club Soda & Baileys Irish Cream

This cocktail is perfect for people who love the taste of Baileys Irish Cream and don’t want to dilute it down or dress it up with other alcohols. To cut through the richness but keep the flavor, mix Baileys with unflavored club soda. The result is a carbonated but creamy beverage that’s low in alcohol but high in flavor.

Club soda works well with Baileys as opposed to other carbonated beverages because the acid content is low to null. If the acid content in your Baileys cocktail mixers is too high, you’ll risk a curdled Baileys drink which isn’t an appetizing look.


If you could combine a candy bar and a cocktail, you’d have this sweet Snickertini. It has Snicker’s bar flavor but doesn’t hold back on the alcohol, so you’ll be getting the best of both worlds with this cocktail. To make it, mix equal parts Baileys Irish Cream, chocolate liqueur, half and half or cream, amaretto liqueur, and caramel-flavored vodka.

See, it’s packed with a punch of liquor!

Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass, then garnish with all the fixin’s like mini Snicker’s bars, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. We particularly like the candy bar garnish for added texture and novelty.


This Baileys Irish Cream shot is a jet-powered shot that will go straight to your head, just like the subsonic bomber! It must be poured in layers for the full effect.

To combine the Kahlua, Baileys, and Grand Marnier for this visually stunning cocktail, pour the liquors over the back of the spoon in that exact order.

If you don’t pour in that order, the layers will get muddled and won’t look as visually appealing. Pour equal parts and the layers will stay separated, making for a beautifully presented shot for guests, even if it’s going to disappear in seconds.

Buttery Finger

Everybody will be laying their fingers on this Butterfinger – sorry Bart! Baileys Irish Cream pairs well with sweet flavors, and this candy bar concoction is no different. To get your hands on this Butterfinger flavored drink, mix butterscotch schnapps, vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, and Baileys in equal parts.

Shake well and pour over ice in a glass. A cherry on top seals the deal, or crushed Butterfinger candy adds nice texture and flavor.

Red Velvet

While most Baileys drinks lean heavily on dark, rich flavors that make for mostly brown or beige drinks, the Red Velvet makes a departure by using Baileys Red Velvet flavor rather than the traditional Baileys Irish Cream. That’s right; Baileys Irish Cream comes in a variety of fun flavors to help you mix up seasonal cocktails without much effort!

Mix up this cocktail for your sweetheart, or for a fun holiday beverage that rifts off the original. Ingredients include Baileys Irish Cream Red Velvet, vodka, and cream.

For an extra special touch, rim your glass with red or pink sugar.

Jack Knife

This simple cocktail combines Baileys Irish Cream and Jack Daniels Whiskey for a strong but smooth cocktail that you can whip up in no time. Simply mix whiskey and Baileys in equal parts and pour over ice. This Jack Knife cocktail is the perfect recipe for someone who wants the creaminess of Baileys but the strength of a stiff drink.

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Mint Martini

This cocktail is like mint chip ice cream that’s been melted down, served as a rich and creamy drink with an alcoholic kick. To make it, mix Baileys, crème de menthe liqueur such as DeKuyper, vodka, and half and half in a shaker. Strain it into a martini glass, and shave chocolate over the top.

Some people even add a bit of whipped cream, and our mouths are officially watering! We’d choose this Baileys Mint Martini over a pint of ice cream any day.

Caramel Apple

For a Baileys drink that transitions you perfectly from fall to winter, try this Caramel Apple cocktail on for size. Its enhanced by warm spices sprinkled over the top such as clove, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. And the cocktail is simple to make with just two ingredients: Baileys Irish Cream Salted Caramel Flavor, and apple cider.

Mix it together for an appetizing autumnal drink without having to trek to the local apple farm.

Flannel and a Baileys Caramel Apple Cocktail, anyone?

Baileys Eggnog

With a premade eggnog mix, you can whip up this holiday cocktail in no time for your guests, friends, and family. Simple mix two parts eggnog to one-part Baileys, and you’ve got a creamy nog that will satisfy even grandma.

Peppermint Patty

This creamy peppermint drink is perfectly paired with Christmas candy canes and Christmas company!

To make a Peppermint Patty, mix equal parts Baileys Irish Cream, peppermint vodka, and cinnamon. Shake well and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with crushed candy canes or miniature candy canes over the rim of the glass for a dash of holiday cheer.

Want to consume this cocktail in spring? Its minty freshness comes from the peppermint vodka, so no need to garnish with candy canes if they’re out of season.

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Most people think of Baileys as a liqueur paired best with coffee for brunch, Christmas mornings, and other special occasions. But as we’ve proven here, Baileys Irish Cream is a surprisingly versatile ingredient that works well with even the unlikeliest of pairings, including citrus, club soda, peppermint, and more!

Use this cordial as a sweet after-dinner treat or let it stand on its own in indulgent, delicious, and creamy cocktails that your guests will love. There is something for everyone with a Baileys Irish Cream cocktail.

21 Easy Bailey’s Cocktails

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • Baileys Hot Chocolate

  • Espresso Martini

  • White Russian

  • Baileys & Guinness

  • Mudslide

  • Baileys Coffee

  • Baileys Chocolate Martini

  • Nutty Irishman

  • The Orgasm

  • The Orange Orgasm

  • The Screaming Orgasm

  • Club Soda & Baileys Irish Cream

  • Snickertini

  • B-52

  • Buttery Finger

  • Red Velvet

  • Jack Knife

  • Mint Martini

  • Caramel Apple

  • Baileys Eggnog

  • Peppermint Patty


  • Select your favorite cocktail from the list
  • Gather together the ingredients
  • Serve and enjoy

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