23 Foods that Start with U


Looking for foods that start with U? Then you’re in luck, we cover 23 U foods in this post. If you’ve been doing a cook through the alphabet challenge, and you’ve managed to get all the way from A to T, that is very impressive! Don’t stop now. Some of these dishes sound fantastic, and you will definitely find something you’re interested in making.

23 Foods that Start with U 1

Whatever your reasons for seeking this very specific and peculiar information, here is a list of 23 kinds of food that starts with U.

23 Foods That Start With The Letter U

Don’t be shocked if you don’t know too many on this list. That’s normal. Some are local and traditional dishes you’d likely only be aware of through living in a certain country.

1. Udon

yaki udon recipe

One of the most important noodles in Japanese cuisine, udon is wheat-based, thick, and chewy. Udon is usually served in a soy-based broth topped with diced scallions and topped with fish cake, tempura, fried tofu, prawns, or shrimp. It can also be found in stir-fry. In the summer, it is sometimes sold chilled with dipping sauce. You can check out our Wagamama yaki udon noodle recipe.

2. Ugli fruit

Ugli fruit

Also known as the Jamaican tangelo, uglifruit, ugly fruit, and uniq fruit, this is a naturally occurring (that is, not deliberately man-made) hybrid of some combination of pomelo, grapefruit, tangerine or orange. It has a strange, lumpy appearance, which is how it got the “ugly” name. It is very juicy, with a flavor that is less bitter than grapefruit but not as sweet as orange.

3. Urfa biber

Another food that starts with the letter u is a Turkish variation on dried red pepper flakes Urfa biber is made from the Capsicum annuum pepper in the Urfa region of Turkey.

4. Uthappam


This is a rice and lentil-based pancake, one of several kinds of dosa, made in India. It is fried in oil and topped with vegetables like chiles, tomatoes and onions.

5. Ugali


This is a popular kind of porridge in Africa, known by a number of other names depending on the region. It is made from maize, millet, cassava or sorghum flour, although maize is the most common. The flour is boiled in milk or water until it has a stiff, doughy texture. It is similar to grits and polenta.

6. Upma


Sometimes called uppittu or uppumavu, upma is a porridge made of semolina or rice flour, usually found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. It is frequently served as a breakfast food or snack with fruit or vegetables.

7. Ugni Fruit

This is the fruit of Ugni molinae, a shrub native to Chile and Argentine. It is sometimes called the Chilean guava, New Zealand cranberry (when grown in New Zealand), or Tazziberry. It is a petite purple, red, or white berry. It is used in sweet dishes, and to make the traditional Chilean liqueur Murtado.

8. Ube


Often called “purple yam” or “purple sweet potato,” (it’s neither), ube is a nutritious tuber with a distinctive purple color. It is thought to be one of the oldest agricultural crops. Ube is very common in South America, Australia, Africa, parts of North America and Southeast Asia. It is one of the most important staples in the Philippines.

9. Urda Cheese

Urda Cheese

A whey-based cheese popular in Hungary, Serbia and North Macedonia. It can be made from cow, goat or sheep’s milk. It is similar to ricotta.

10. Umbu fruit

Umbu fruit

This is often called “Brazil plum.” It is native to northern Brazil. The umbu fruit grows on the Spondias tuberosa or chaparral shrub. It is an important food in the driest parts of Brazil, where it is still gathered by hand. Umbu can be eaten fresh and has a slightly bitter, astringent flavor. It is also used to make vinegar, paste, various desserts, drinks, and jams.

11. Umbuzada

A Bazillian drink, made from the juice of the Umbu Fruit.

12. Urad bean

Urad bean

There are a lot of names for this bean: minapa pappu, mungo bean, black gram or black matpe bean. It is closely related to the mung bean and is one of the beans known as black lentil. It is very common in Indian cuisine, particularly Punjabi. Dal, one of the most popular foods in the region, is made with the urad bean.

13. Ulluco


Ullucus tuberosus is a nutritious tuber grown for both its roots and leaves in Central and South America. In the Andes, it is almost as popular as the potato. It can be brightly colored in purple, pink or yellow.

14. Upside-down cake

Upside-down cake

The extremely popular cake is made by pouring batter over fruit—mostly commonly pineapple rings in North America and Britain—and baking. Once baked, it is served turned over, so that the caramelized, decorative fruit is on the top. It is similar to Portuguese Bolo de ananas and French Tarte Tatin.

15. Urchin


There are more than 900 species of sea urchins, only a few are used as food. Urchin is popular in Italy and the Mediterranean, Korea, Chile and Japan, as was a popular food for Native American and Alaskan Native tribes.

16. Uni


The most popular use of sea urchin is in Japanese cuisine, where it is known as uni and eaten raw in sushi and sashimi. The roe of the sea urchin is also sometimes eaten as a delicacy. Japan consumes more than half of the edible sea urchin harvested in the world.

17. Ume


A fruit sometimes called the Japanese plum, Japanese apricot, Chinese plum or plum blossom. Ume is a member of the plum/prune family, related to the apricot. It is very common in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese cuisines.

18. Umeboshi


Ume is most often used for its juice, but a popular food in Japan is the ume fruit pickled and brined. Umeboshi is very salty and sour and is used as a condiment for rice.

19. Umbricelli Pasta

A pasta made in the Umbria region of Italy. It is made with durum wheat flour and is like a thicker, chewier version of spaghetti.

20. Unagi


The Japanese freshwater eel. It is most frequently served sliced and richly marinated over rice or in sushi.

21. Umble Pie

A medieval meat-based pie, made of minced organ meat—heart, living, kidneys,etc—most commonly of deer. The phrase “to eat humble pie,” meaning to face up to an embarrassing mistake or grovel—comes from umble pie.

 22. Umami Burger


Like most others burgers are one of my favorite meals, however you likely aren’t aware of the umani burger. You’re probably thinking it sounds made up but think again. This is a one of a kind burger.

In fact, this burger is coined from the Japanese term which describes a savory flavor in their local dishes. In particular it’s used to describe meat, fish and sometimes vegetables. There’s another food type you weren’t aware that started with the letter U.

23. Ukrainian Rolls

Ukrainian Rolls

These aren’t just any type of rolls they’re special and you guessed it from the name, from Ukraine. These are really soft and sprinkled with herbs and garlic.

You will commonly find these served with local dishes such as borsch. They’re similar to dinner rolls and versatile. You can literally have these any time of the day.

23 Foods that Start with U

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • Udon

  • Ugli fruit

  • Urfa biber

  • Uthappam

  • Ugali

  • Upma

  • Ugni Fruit

  • Ube

  • Urda Cheese

  • Umbu fruit

  • Umbuzada

  • Urad bean

  • Ulluco

  • Upside-down cake

  • Urchin

  • Uni

  • Ume

  • Umeboshi

  • Umbricelli Pasta

  • Unagi

  • Umble Pie

  • Umami Burger

  • Ukrainian Rolls


  • List out as many foods, drinks, vegetables as you can
  • Record how many you can name
  • Challenge others to see who can list the most

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There we have it! No need for humble pie, because this list was compiled without any of the easy shortcuts—no “unleavened” or “unsweetened” foods. Just 21 interesting foods that begin with the letter U. Let us know down below other options and we’ll continue to add to this list. If you’re looking for foods that begin with U, you are now in luck.

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