Desserts That Start With N


There are hundreds of thousands of desserts in the world, but today we’re going to focus only on those starting with the letter N.

Is there already a dessert in your mind that begins with this letter? See if it’s on our list below.

desserts that start with n

13 Desserts That Start with the Letter N

1. Napoleon Cake

Russian’s most beloved dessert, the Napoleon cake is a multi-layer cake made of super thin, puff, and flaky cake layers and a delicious, rich pastry cream in between. It’s a magical combination.

Optional ingredients include buttercream and whipped cream which give the filling a velvety and fluffy texture. The pastry cream makes the pastry cake layers soft and tender that melt in your mouth.

The process of making Napoleon cake is a bit time-consuming, but as soon as you take the first bite you’ll see that it’s totally worth it.

2. Neapolitan Ice Cream

Here’s a dessert for all ice cream lovers. Neapolitan ice cream, or Harlequin ice cream consists of three ice cream layers in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavor.

It is believed that this frozen dessert originates from Naples, Italy, hence the name of the ice cream. It is the first ice cream recipe that combines three different flavors, dating from 1839.

3. Nectarnie Upside-Down Cake

Every single bite of this vibrant cake is to die for. Slices of fresh nectarines are arranged in a layer in a baking pan and topped with a batter made of flour, baking soda, baking powder, butter, salt, sugar, vanilla, and yogurt.

This nectarine upside-down cake is delicious on its own, but you can also combine it with vanilla-bean ice cream or whipped cream. Some recipes use other fruits like plums or peaches instead of nectarines.

4. Nectarine-Blueberry Cake

Here’s another mouth-watering cake with nectarines, but this time it’s a combination with blueberries which makes the dessert even better.

Nectarines and blueberries are added to the batter that consists of flour, salt, baking powder, butter, eggs, sugar, and vanilla. Cream cheese frosting is spread over top and sides.

5. New-York Cheesecake

New-York cheesecake is the perfect creamy dessert. It’s a rich and dense cake with a dreamy creamy texture that tastes amazing. In fact, it’s the richest and creamiest type of cheesecake that’s popular for its creamy, satiny texture.

New-York style cheesecake is made with eggs, cream cheese, egg yolks, and sour cream or heavy cream. Sometimes a lemon is added for freshness.

A lot of people agree that this cheesecake variety is so much better than the classic cheesecake.

6. Nougat

This sweet and chewy confection consists of honey, sugar, whipped egg whites, roasted nuts such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and macadamia, and sometimes candied fruit.

Nougat is available in three basic varieties, brown nougat, white nougat, and Viennese or German nougat. However, different countries have different varieties, such as Turrone in Italy.

7. Nut Bread

This tender and delicious nutty bread is soft and sweet on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Crispy chunks of nuts such as walnuts, almonds, or pecans are added to the batter that consists of egg, flour, baking powder, milk, sugar, and salt.

Slices of the bread are traditionally toasted and spread with butter before serving.

8. Norman Tart

This apple tart variant comes from Normandy, a French region known for apples. The pastry is filled with apples, sugar, and almond slices and topped with egg custard which is baked until caramelized.

What makes this tart different from others is that it’s made with shortcrust pastry and it’s topped with apple and almond topping.

This sweet baked tart is usually served warm with a dollop of Crème Fraiche on the side.

9. Naankhatai

These popular Indian cookies that melt in your mouth are shortbread biscuits most commonly made with all-purpose flour, ghee, sugar, and flavored with nutmeg and cardamom. They are buttery, crumbly, with a soft texture that melts in your mouth. They and usually enjoyed with afternoon tea.

There are different versions of the original recipe, including healthier Naankhatai which are made with whole wheat flour.

10. Nutty Brownies

There are many different recipes for nutty brownies that use toasted nuts such as walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, or their combinations. Toasting the nuts will enhance their texture and boost their natural flavor.

Optional ingredients include chocolate chips of chunks, instant espresso powder, etc. Nutty brownies are rich, crunchy, fudgy, dense and loaded with nuts. They are enjoyed on their own or with ice cream.

11. Nesselrode Pudding

This sweet, frozen dessert was invented by the chef of the Russian Diplomat Count Nesselrode, hence the name of the dessert. It contains chestnut puree, single cream, raisins, eggs, vanilla, sugar, candied fruit, and other ingredients.

This Victorian dessert is refrigerated before being served. It can be eaten on its own or served with shortbread or Viennese biscuits on the side.

12. Nougatine

This sweet nut toffee is a mixture of caramel and toasted flaked almonds. Even though it’s mostly used as a decoration for pastries and cakes, you can still enjoy it on its own.

The toasted nuts make nougatine super crunchy and give desserts like rice pudding and chocolate tartlets a specific texture.

13. Nectarine-Vanilla Bean Scones

Have you ever thought to bake nectarines inside scones? Well, these fabulous scones are packed with fresh nectarines and vanilla bean paste. They are topped with vanilla bean glaze and go excellent with your morning coffee.

They taste and smell wonderful and are quite addictive. Once you try them, you won’t stop licking the vanilla bean glaze.

Desserts That Start With N

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • Napoleon Cake

  • Neapolitan Ice Cream

  • Nectarine Upside-Down Cake

  • Nectarine-Blueberry Cake

  • New-York Cheesecake

  • Nougat

  • Nut Bread

  • Norman Tart

  • Naankhatai

  • Nutty Brownies

  • Nesselrode Pudding

  • Nougatine

  • Nectarine-Vanilla Bean Scones


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There are probably a lot more desserts that start with the letter N in the world than these ones, but we’ve picked the most popular of them all. If you’re interested in desserts starting with S, we have that covered to.

We hope our list of desserts will inspire you to try at least some of them, or even look for their recipes online and make them at home. You won’t regret it.

Do you know any other dessert that starts with the letter N? Let us know below.

desserts that begin with n

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