Drinks That Start With N


There’s plenty of drinks that start with the letter N. And also advice that starts with N… such as never mix your drinks. We are going to ignore that. Some are a bit ‘naughty’ and some are ‘nice’, but don’t worry we won’t cheat and start a drink with the word ‘natural’ just to make it fit the rules, so natural orange juice and the like will have to wait until another time,. In this article we are going to look at some obvious, and some not so obvious choices of drinks that start with N.

drinks that start with n

11 Drinks That Start With The Letter N

1. Negroni

Negroni is a well-known cocktail. It might be a bit of an acquired taste, featuring several very distinctive spirits. It is made almost entirely of alcohol so you wouldn’t want to drink too many. To create a Negroni you mix equal parts of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari, and serve over ice. It’s not a Negroni unless it is garnished with a twist of orange zest. The amount you make is up to you but as a general rule 1oz of each spirit should fill a rocks glass adequately.

2. Nelson’s lady

This is a sweet cocktail that takes its name from the use of rum, which has been used to fortify sailors for centuries. It is a super simple cocktail to make. Mix 2oz of spiced rum with cherry cola and then serve over ice in a tall glass.

3. Nevins

Nevins is a classic cocktail, and so that it looks authentic it should be served in a martini glass. The base of the cocktail is Bourbon, which works really well with the sour notes added at a later stage. Start by adding 2oz of your favorite Bourbon to a cocktail shaker. Add ½ oz of Apricot Brandy, 1oz of Grapefruit Juice and ½ oz of Lemon Juice. Shake with a dash of Agnostura Bitters and serve with a handful of ice cubes.

4. New Beers Eve

They say that you shouldn’t mix beer and spirits, but if you want your new year to start with a bang give this a try. Mix 1oz of gin with ½ oz of Kahlua then add to a glass of any light beer of your choosing. Don’t stir it or it will fizz up.

5. New Yorker

This one is fairly simple to make. It has a tangy citrusy taste that is softened ever so slightly by the addition of sugar. To make this cocktail take a rocks glass and add 2oz of Scotch. Squeeze in the juice of half a lime and then add a teaspoon of sugar. Grate some lemon zest over the top and garnish with a twist of lemon peel.

6. Night Cap

If you want something that will help you drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep then the night cap may be the drink for you. It combines elements of alcohol with classic bedtime flavors to produce something both comforting and a little bit boozy. Take 2oz of white rum and heat in a small saucepan with a teaspoon of milk and a teaspoon of honey. Serve in a large mug and grate nutmeg over the top. Sweet dreams!

7. Nightmare

If you have too many night caps you might end up with nightmare’s, or if not and the mood takes you why not make this devilishly delicious cocktail. The cocktails base is gin, and this is complimented by fruit notes. To make mix 2oz of gin with 10z of Cherry Brandy, and a generous splash of Madeira, an equal splash of orange juice and serve in a martini glass.

8. Nut n Honey

We aren’t too sure whether to call this a drink or a dessert? It’s quite strong so don’t be too quick to go back for seconds. It is a sweet cocktail which uses a combination of sweeteners to give a freshness which will hopefully cover the taste of the vast amount of tequila involved. To make add 2 shots of tequila to a cocktail shaker. Then add one shot of pomegranate juice, two teaspoons of honey and 1 egg white. Shake vigorously until the entire thing foams up then serve in a tall glass with some ice and a very small dash of Angostura Bitters.

9. Nutty Irishman

Maybe it’s a bit of a stereotype that Irishmen like a drink or two, but when one is as delicious as this we couldn’t blame them! This drink is creamy and sweet, the ‘Irish’ element comes from the use of Irish cream (such as Baileys) which is actually a blend of dairy cream and whisky. To make this sweet treat do the following, add equal parts of Irish Cream and hazelnut Irish cream, serve in a wine glass. If you want the drink to last a little longer add one part milk for every serving of Irish cream.

10. Negus Punch

This bowl based drink certainly does pack a punch. It can be made in bulk so everyone can enjoy a cup (or two). It is really simple to make and goes down a treat. It is served warm so is suited to the colder months. Take one bottle of port and add to a bowl or a large pitcher. Add the peel of one lemon (keep the lemon for later), and add 8 teaspoons of sugar and a cinnamon stick. Grate one whole clove of nutmeg into the pitcher and then stir constantly until the sugar has dissolved. Add 6 cloves, half a teaspoon of allspice and top the pitcher up with hot water. Cut your remaining lemon into pieces and add to the bowl or pitcher.

11. Newport Cooler

This one is perfect if you are looking for something refreshing on a hot summers day. Served in a tall glass over ice this drink combines sweet flavours with the spice of ginger ale. To make simply add 2 shots of gin, and 1 shot of regular brandy and peach brandy to a tall glass. Add a spritz of lime juice and top the glass up with ginger ale.


There’s a few boozy treats to be had with drinks starting with the letter ‘N’. If you are feeling a bit delicate the next day, why not go for a ‘Nescafe’ or a ‘Nettle tea’ to clear your head?  If you’re looking for something a little different, check out another popular post on foods that start with n.

drinks starting with n

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