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Finding fruits that start with the letter R might seem challenging, but if we tell you that we’ve managed to find 24 fruit that starts with R, would you be surprised? Well, that is exactly what we have done. Read on to see what we discovered.

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24 Fruit that Starts with R

1. Raisin

Ok, so we know this is technically not fruit in its own right. They are actually dehydrated grapes. Raisins are a great addition to many dishes. If they are cooked in sauce, they tend to swell slightly, giving juicy mouthfuls of sweetness.

2. Rambai

Asian fruits are colorful and delicious. The Rambai is no exception. Found in Thailand and Southeast Asia, the Rambai is bright pink in color with sweet white flesh

3. Ramontchi

Well, this one is confusing and not just to pronounce. It is commonly referred to as an ‘Indian plum’, which is great… considering it comes from Africa. Common uses include making preserves and fortified wines.

4. Raspberry

After the weird, let’s get back to the conventional. Raspberries offer a range of possibilities. Depending on how ripe they are, they can be sweet or a little sharp. They are great for summer desserts and making jellies and preserves.

5. Red Banana

These are exactly as the name suggests. The only difference is the appearance. The flesh inside is pink in color, yet you can prepare and eat them in exactly the same way as a regular yellow banana

6. Red Bush Apples

This is a fruit that comes from Australia. In fact, they are a traditional apple consumed by the native aboriginal population for centuries.

7. Red Delicious Apple

We promise we aren’t cheating by starting all of our suggestions with ‘red’. This apple variety is really popular in the United States, and you will almost definitely have seen them when doing your grocery shop. They are crunchy and crisp with a sweet flavor.

8. Red Huckleberry

Another fruit that you will find in the United States. They look similar to cranberry and are used in much the same way. They are perfect for making jams and jellies. For savory dishes such as pies , they make an ideal accompaniment.

9. Red Mulberry

Mulberries actually look pretty similar to blackberries, and they have a similar taste profile too! They are native to the USA. The best bit is that you can pick and eat them straight from the stalk, or alternatively use them in the same way you might a blueberry.

10. Rhobs El Arsa

The Arabic name for this fruit means ‘garden bread’. If you were to eat one, you’d find that they can be a little tart. However, they soften as they ripen and are slightly sweeter.

11. Rocha Pear

A pear that is native to Portugal, the Rocha pear has grown there for centuries. It also contains a hint of red. The fruit is green covered in red speckles. You can use Rocha pears in any recipe that calls for the use of regular pears.

12. Rollinia Deliciosa

The most famous contribution of the Rollinia plant is the custard apple, which is a fruit with a flavor to die for. The translucent white interior of the spiky fruit tastes like lemon meringue pie. It’s as delicious as the name sounds.

13. Rosigold Mango

This variety of mango is slightly smaller and is easy to grow, making it ideal for cultivating at home. From now on, you won’t need a huge mango tree to produce this juicy fruit.

14. Rajka Apple

This isn’t your ‘traditional’ apple. While the flavor is similar, it has been bred in Europe to withstand cold climates. Useful when you consider that they are grown in vast quantities in the Czech republic.

15. Rambutan

Hairy fruit? Yes, please, these are delicious. A rambutan is covered in red hair. Once you make your way through the skin, you’ll find soft white flesh beneath.

16. Rangpur Lime

A strong acidic taste is about the only thing that makes a Rangpur Lime similar to a regular lime. You can use the juice and flesh in the same way. However, it doesn’t resemble a lime at all. The skin of this fruit is, in fact, bright orange.

17. Raspuri Mango

Another mango variant, this one is found in several regions in India. It has a classic mango taste. The fruit’s exterior is speckled yellow and green with an amber center of sweet-tasting flesh.

18. Red Bayberry

Ok, so we are back on the ‘reds’. Like the avocado, the red bayberry has one large seed, or ‘stone’ inside that is inedible. They are sweet and tangy in equal measure.

19. Red Mombin

This fruit can also be found in India and is actually a distant relative of the cashew nut. The seeds are not edible. However, the flesh of this fruit is. It is sweet, juicy, and tastes very similar to a plum.

20. Redcurrant

Ah, where would we be without the redcurrant? We’d have 23 fruits starting with R! Redcurrants are very tangy to eat raw, they are best used in jellies and make for a great cleansing juice.

21. Riberry

This is another fruit on our list that originates in Australia. They are actually very similar to cranberries or redcurrants. They have a bitter, sharp taste and are another fruit ideal for preserves, jams, and sauces.

22. Rockmelon

Have you ever had a cantaloupe? If so, you have already tasted rockmelon, as it is the same thing by a different name. The flesh is firmer than red watermelon and slightly less sweet.

23. Rosehip

Rosehips aren’t something you would want to eat raw. One great use for them is rosehip wine. They can also bring a dessert to the next level with their acidic yet slightly sweet taste.

24. Rough lemon

Another fruit that has been bred for the cold. Rough lemon is as the name suggests. Its color and flesh are identical to a normal lemon. It just so happens that its skin is much bumpier.


So there we have it. 24 fruit that start with R. Have you thought of any more than we can add to our list? Let us know in the comments. You might also be interested in fruits that start with i.

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