Fruits That Start With Z


We love a challenge. And it doesn’t get more challenging than coming up with a list of fruit that starts with Z. However, we have put our thinking caps on and found quite a few. Surprised? Us too! Let’s have a look at everything we found out.

fruits that start with z

9 Fruits That Start With Z

1. Zhe Fruit

The scientific name for the zhe fruit tree is Maclura tricuspidate. As you can probably tell by the exotic spelling, this is an Asian fruit. You’ll find it in many southeast Asian countries, including Japan and China. When the fruit is ripe, it tastes very similar to mulberry and is known as a Chinese mulberry. The fruit is red in color, and the flesh inside is a deep red also.

2. Zig-Zag Vine Fruit

When we look for fruit starting with Z, one place that never fails to disappoint is Australia. You’ll find this fruit located deep in the Australian rainforest. This fruit is bright in color and taste. It has orange undertones with a sharp and citrusy orange flavor. It is ideal for using as a sauce accompaniment in savory dishes. Duck a la zig zag vine, anyone?

3. Zinfandel Grapes

There is a high likelihood that you haven’t eaten zinfandel grapes, but you may have consumed them. How is that possible? Well, they are a really popular variety of grapes used in winemaking. Zinfandel wine tends to be slightly sharp and sweet, refreshing with hints of summer fruits and watermelon.

4. Ziziphus

This is another fruit that is Asian in origin. They are often referred to as ‘Chinese dates’ due to their appearance. Aside from their bright red exterior, they actually look really similar. Ziziphus is another name for the jujube fruit. Once they are ripe and dried, they have a soft, chewy flesh that is really sweet. They are traditionally used as deserts. They are full of healthy things. The Ziziphus is packed with antioxidants, and in alternative medicine, it is used as a cure for sleeplessness and has calming properties. They are really high in fiber and make for a healthy snack.

5. Zucchini

Zucchini is actually a type of small, tubular green squash. Squashes are related to melons, so we will include them on our list of fruits that start with z. Zucchini is called ‘courgette’ in Europe. They can be used in a variety of dishes. When sliced finely, they make an ideal replacement for certain types of pasta in Italian dishes. They can be grated and combined with eggs, onions, and flour and fried to make zucchini fritters. Our favorite use for zucchini is to chop them into thick batons and combine them with other vegetables in a delicious traybake.

6. Zalzalak

Zalzalak is a western Mediterranean fruit that is similar to the fruits from the northern European hawthorn tree. In fact, it can be used in much the same way. If you ferment the ripe berries, it is possible to make Zalzalak wine. Alternatively, the berries can be boiled down with sugar to make a really tasty and slightly sharp preserve. Unlike the hawthorn, the Zalzalak’s berries are edible straight from the branch, and you’ll often find them being snacked upon in areas of Morocco.

7. Zapote

You’ll find the Zapote in central American areas and look like a cross between a potato and a cantaloupe melon. The fruit is, in fact, a large berry with dark and fairly large seeds inside. The fruit’s flesh is golden brown, and its texture is powdery and sweet, very similar to a pear. The flavor of this fruit beginning with z is very distinctive. It tasted very strongly of malt. You also have to be careful when eating Zapote as the seeds have a nasty surprise. They are hook-shaped and actually quite sharp. They are big enough to represent a choking hazard if you were to get one stuck in your throat. However, don’t let that put you off as they are really delicious.

8. Zongchack

Have a guess where this fruit that starts with z is from? Did you say, Asia? How did you guess? The Zongchack is found throughout central and southeast Asia. It goes by many different names such as ‘kedung’ and ‘karieng’ depending on where you see it. The main area you’ll find it is in Indonesia. The fruit itself is a long pod that has a sweet and edible pulp inside the inedible exterior.

9. Zwetschge

Let’s move away from Asia and focus on Europe. The Germans love to spell words with Z, so it seems a good place to look for fruit that starts with Z. We weren’t disappointed. The Zwetschge is actually a type of plum. If you have ever tasted the damson variety, you’ll find the Zwetschge very similar in appearance, taste, and texture. In Germany, the fruit is seasonal and is used in baking as they tend to hold their structure even when subjected to high temperature. When cooked with sugar, it makes for fantastic spreads and jams.


More fruit that starts with z than you thought? Us too. Granted, we have had to scour the globe (and several different languages to find them), But we think it has been worth the effort. Do you know of any that we have missed off our list? Why not let us know in the comments below?

fruit that starts with z

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