Jager Bomb Recipe


It’s not exactly a new thing, in fact it is fast becoming a little bit of a classic. The best thing about this Jager bomb recipe is that it is really easy to make. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t get the party started. This stuff is absolute rocket fuel. In this article we are going to show you how to make it. Get your wings ready, here we go.

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How To Make a Jager Bomb

As we’ve said A Jager Bomb is a pretty simple drink to make. It only involves two ingredients. If you’ve ever thought that Jägermeister tastes vaguely medicinal, that’s because it is. It was originally sold (in smaller amounts as a digestive aide). However, in larger amounts it’s pretty strong stuff, so if you drink to much you’ll be begging for headache tablets.

What is Jägermeister?

Jägermeister is an herbal concoction that is distilled into a liqueur. It contains elements of cloves, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon… Exactly what is in it is a closely guarded secret, and has remained so for over 150 years!

Red Bull is now a household name. It is an energy drink that contains copious amounts of caffeine. It is sparkling and ever so slightly sweet. As the advertisement says “Red Bull gives you wings”…

What is a jager bomb?

A Jager bomb is a combination of these two drinks. If you are making it in the traditional way then the two are mixed only a moment before drinking.

To make the Jager bomb recipe you will need two things aside from the ingredients; a tall glass, such as a pint glass or hi-ball glass and a shot glass. The drink is served by dropping the shot glass into the hi ball glass and knocking back the contents. This is the ‘bomb’ part of the drink.

As a word of caution, Red Bull can leave you feeling rather energetic due to the high caffeine and sugar content, and can really mask the effects of the Jägermeister.

This drink is delicious and fun, it is also very easy to drink. It makes sense to enjoy your night responsibly so we would advise a strong degree of moderation.

You want to get the party started with a bang, not ending with a crash, therefore maybe make these an option at the start of the night, and not at the end when people may tend to be more uninhibited and prone to going ‘all in’. your head will thank you for it the next day, we promise.

Jager Bomb Recipe

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Discover how to make a jager bomb in a few short steps. Follow these steps to be on your way to a fun evening.


  • 1 shot Jägermeister

  • ¼ large can of Red Bull

  • A shot glass

  • A hi-Ball glass


  • Pour your red bull into the hi-ball glass. The amount you will need should be just enough to cover the shot glass when it is dropped in.
  • Fill the shot glass with Jägermeister.
  • Carefully, drop the shot glass into the glass of red bull.
  • Immediately knock back the drink in one.

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Tips and Tricks

Whilst the recipe is simple we though we might offer little extras: –

It doesn’t have to be a ‘bomb’

Maybe you love your new carpet, maybe you have a favorite pint glass or shot class that you don’t want to risk breaking. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to make this Jager Bomb recipe as a ‘bomb’. Simply mix the same amount of ingredients as given in the recipe below. It will taste identical; it just won’t have the wow factor.

You Can Make this with Other Energy Drinks

Ok this is not technically a Jager bomb… The taste will be different for sure. Depending on your choice of energy drink, the effect will be exactly the same, however that will also include a bad head, if you overdo it

Look After Your Teeth

There is a degree of risk involved with this drink. If you are perhaps a little too enthusiastic when you ‘knock it back’ there is a reasonable chance that the shot glass will slide inside the larger glass. We wouldn’t advise tipping it too far, otherwise you are risking damaging your front teeth!

Mix It Up, Jager Chaser

If you still want a little bit of a fun vibe this drink is short enough that you can maybe incorporate a little variation and fun. Leave the drinks separate, knock back the red bull and in the same gulp, drink the shot of Jager… Its exactly what will happen in the glass, just in your mouth instead!

Choose Your Can Size Wisely

Red Bull is available in large and small cans. The smaller cans are ideal for a quick boost on the go, it will work out more cost effective if you use larger cans, and you should get three Jager bombs out of one large can.

Use Enough Red Bull

Regardless of your glass size make sure you use enough red bull. If you make your drink too ‘shallow’ you run a very real risk of cracking either or both of your glasses when you ‘drop the bomb’


Our Jager bomb recipe is great fun and super tasty. It isn’t too strong, with an alcohol content similar to that of a glass of beer, but how many times do you drink a beer in one?

We know that you are going to love this drink, provided you drink it responsibly. If you know of any alternatives, feel free to leave a comment below. Have a great time but remember drink these in moderation.

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