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Are you the life of the party, always looking for ways to elevate the fun factor and make your gatherings memorable? Then, it’s time to introduce you to the Flaming Dr. Pepper.

Yes, you heard it right – a drink that’s on fire! The Flaming Dr. Pepper is not only a cocktail but also a spectacle. It’s a unique blend of amaretto, rum, and beer that creates a taste surprisingly similar to Dr. Pepper soda – hence the name. But what makes this drink the ultimate party starter is the flaming shot that gets dropped into the beer, creating a fizzing, flaming spectacle that’s sure to turn heads at your next party.

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How to Make A Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

The drink is easily constructed from amaretto, rum and a little beer

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this delicious drink is that it does not, if fact, contain any soda at all. The good news is that you won’t actually need to buy Dr. Pepper. The bad news (or maybe not) is that it is all alcohol, as all good shots should be.

The Dr. Pepper taste comes entirely from the ingredients that you use and is remarkably close to the original. Amaretto gives a sweet taste, and you get a fizzy effect from the beer.

The flaming effect is a nice touch, but it is not strictly necessary. So, if you are dubious about igniting highly flammable spirits in your own home, or you just can’t find a lighter, you will be able to experience all the flavour without any of the fireworks.

You can make the shot in two ways. The first is to construct it and serve it as a ‘depth charge’ Assembling the ingredients in a separate shot glass before dropping it into the filled beer glass. Or alternatively you can make it as an ‘all in one’ with beer glass and shot glass combined, ready to knock back in one. We will show you both ways in the recipe…

If you are going to go down the “Flaming” Dr. Pepper route then you need to ensure that your rum is of a strong enough proof to successfully ignite. You can use other strong alcohol to get the flames, but the shot’s ‘Dr. Pepper’ flavor actually comes in part from rum, so if you use say, vodka, it won’t taste quite right.

If you mix the two spirits together you will end up with a damp squib. Amaretto will dilute the alcohol content required to get a flame going. To prevent this, you are going to need to use a spoon. Use the spoon to ‘break the fall’ of the rum by hovering it just over the surface of the amaretto and pouring slowly.

If there are accidental spillages, you’ll want to extinguish them quickly. A fire extinguisher is ideal. However not everyone has a fire extinguisher to hand. A quick and easy solution is to make sure you have a wet towel nearby. By placing it over flames you deprive them of oxygen, so they will be snuffed out instantly. Don’t pour water on the flames as it may cause them to spit and spread.

So we now know everything that we need to about the drink, particulars about making it and the alcohol content. Lets get down to actually pour one (or maybe two).


The Flaming Dr. Pepper is a simple cocktail with just three ingredients, but each plays a crucial role in its unique flavor and presentation:

  • 25ml Amaretto: This sweet, Italian liqueur primarily made from almonds gives the drink its primary flavor base.
  • 10ml Strong Rum: The rum adds depth and strength to the cocktail. More importantly, it’s what we’ll be setting on fire!
  • 125ml Light Beer: The beer acts as a balancing agent, taming the sweetness of the amaretto and adding volume to the cocktail.

Flaming Dr. Pepper Recipe

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This recipe is quick and easy to make and the alcohol levels aren’t too high. Enjoy your Flaming Dr. Pepper at home.


  • 25 ml 25 amaretto

  • 10 ml 10 strong rum

  • 125 ml 125 light beer


  • The ‘depth charge’ method.
  • Take a pint glass or hi-ball glass. Pour 125ml of beer into the glass
  • Add 25ml of amaretto to a separate shot glass
  • Using a small spoon held just over the top of the amaretto, slowly and carefully pour the rum, so that it floats in a thin layer on the top of the shot glass
  • Using a lighter, ignite the top of the spirits in the shot glass
  • Once lit, carefully drop the shot glass into the beer, watch it fizz up and then drink it in one.
  • The ‘all in one method’
  • Take the shot glass and place it into the middle of a pint glass or hi-ball glass.
  • Carefully pour the amaretto into the shot glass. Then, using a spoon as described pour the rum onto the top of the amaretto.
  • Pour the beer into the pint glass, ensuring that it doesn’t splash into the shot glass in the centre.
  • Stop just before the level of the beer reaches the top of the shot glass.
  • Using a lighter, ignite the spirits in the shot glass.
  • Blow the spirits to extinguish them and drink the beer and the spirits in one swift tip (Mind your teeth on the shot glass)


  • Whilst shots are normally quick way to feel ‘merry’ sooner rather than later, this Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot recipe isn’t too strong. The stronger spirit doesn’t feature too heavily as a main ingredient. So, provided that you follow our recipe, each shot will be around the same level of alcohol as a 12oz regular beer.

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Tips & Tricks

We also want to encourage that you drink safely, so there are a few things that you must be aware of.

  • Firstly, fire and alcohol are not ideal partners, especially where intoxicated people are involved. Whilst tempting, it might be better to wow your guests and friends at the beginning of the night with this shot, not later when everyone’s judgement is impaired.
  • Whilst it might seem a cool thing to do, drinking flaming shots whilst they are still lit can also present some danger. If you have left the shot burning for a while, the lip of the shot glass can get extremely hot. If it makes contact with any bare skin then it’s going to leave a nasty burn. You don’t need a permanent reminder of a fantastic night. To avoid this the ‘depth charge’ or ‘bomb’ method of consuming the flaming Dr. Pepper shot is probably the way to go, as the beer will cool the glass once it is submerged.
  • Further to the above, drinking shots whilst they are still flaming can lead to spillages of a liquid that is still burning. So, best to avoid it. Make sure the fire is extinguished before you drink the shot and then everyone can have a great time.


So there you have it – an exciting cocktail recipe that’s sure to make you the star bartender at your next party! The Flaming Dr. Pepper is more than just a drink; it’s an experience that combines fun, skill, and spectacle all in one fiery package.

Remember though, while it’s all fun and games until someone gets burned – literally! Always exercise caution when preparing and consuming drinks involving fire. And as always, please drink responsibly; no party is worth a hangover or worse, an accident.

So go ahead and try this fun recipe at your next gathering – just make sure there’s a fire extinguisher handy! Cheers to fun times!

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