Baileys French Toast


Now we aren’t normally one to advocate alcohol for breakfast. Although our baileys French toast is made using an alcoholic drink, the good news is that by the time it gets to your plate, all of the alcohol has been cooked away. This leaves you with a decadent toast recipe that is sublime. I’m going to show you how I make Baileys French toast, offer up some serving suggestions and give you a few tips along the way.

bailey's french toast dish

How to Make Baileys French Toast

For me, French toast is the perfect breakfast. It’s filling, a little bit savory, and a little bit sweet (especially if you use Baileys). One of the reasons I love Baileys French toast is that it is a little bit of a blank canvas. While it is delicious on its own, you can top it with whatever you like.

My personal favorite is a selection of finely chopped fresh fruit such as strawberries and bananas. However, if you want to go all savory, why not try your baileys French toast with crispy bacon and maple syrup?

To make Baileys French toast is super simple. You will need a bowl, a fork, and a skillet. We begin by breaking the eggs into the bowl and beating them, we add the baileys until it is fully mixed. From there, we take slices of white bread and give it a liberal dunk on either side before frying the French toast to golden brown perfection.

We like to go all old-fashioned and give our French toast a little dusting of powder sugar for the ultimate presentation.

See? We told you it was simple! Ok, here is our Baileys French toast Recipe.

Baileys French Toast

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Make this for breakfast today and serve up 4 delicious slices of baileys french toast. Follow the instructions with these ingredients to serve up the perfect morning dish.


  • 3 large eggs

  • 8 slices of white bread, crusts trimmed

  • 3 shots of Baileys Irish Cream

  • 1/4 cup 1/4 butter

  • Powder sugar to garnish


  • Preheat your oven to 180°F
  • Take a large bowl and break your eggs into it. Whisk with a fork until well beaten, then add your shots of baileys before mixing again.
  • Place your skillet on the hob over medium to high heat.
  • When your pan is up to temperature, add a small knob of butter and swirl around the pan until it foams.
  • Taking a single piece of bread, give it a dip into the egg and baileys mixture. Swirl it around until both sides of the bread are evenly covered, then place it carefully into your skillet.
  • Fry the bread on each side for 3-5 minutes until it has turned golden brown. Flip and repeat on the uncooked side.
  • As each piece cooks, transfer to the wire rack in the oven as you cook the rest.
  • Serve two pieces of Baileys French toast per person, add to a plate, and dust with a teaspoon of powder sugar and your favorite toppings
  • Enjoy!

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Tips and Tricks

  • If you are being healthy or just don’t like white bread, it’s not a problem. While our Baileys French Toast recipe calls for white bread, it will work just as well with brown bread too!
  • We appreciate that some people may be avoiding gluten. This recipe also works with gluten-free bread. We have found that gluten-free bread is slightly denser. However, once you’ve got it soaked in that lovely Baileys egg mix, the taste is practically identical.
  • Here is a super important tip, so pay attention. While it may seem easier to throw all of your bread slices into the mix in one go, we recommend working piece by piece. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that in no time at all if left in the egg mixture, your bread is going to turn soggy and even fall apart. Yuck! Secondly, you don’t want to overcrowd your skillet. If you do, you’ll find that your French toast won’t cook evenly.
  • This recipe is completely scaleable. We’ve made ours for 4  people. If you want to make more, simply double the ingredients equally.
  • Don’t worry that baileys is an alcoholic drink. Once it is combined with the egg, it is really diluted. The heat from the cooking process burns away any alcohol, so yes, you can eat this before you go to work.
  • Our French toast recipe can be made ahead of time and frozen. This is a great idea if you want to create a steady supply of delicious Baileys French toast when you are on the go. To freeze, simply make the recipe as instructed, allow it to cool, and then freeze in individual portions. You can reheat the French toast by baking it in a hot oven for 15 minutes or placing it in a toaster until it defrosted and warmed through
  • Here’s a top tip. We’ve saved it until last, so you’ll remember. Be sure that when you are making the French toast, cut the crusts off your bread. The crusts are slightly thicker than the rest of the bread and don’t cook quite as quickly. Nobody wants a soggy crust. By trimming off the edges, you’ll make your French toast look so much neater too!

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We love French toast, and we love baileys too! When we get both tastes combined in our Baileys French toast, it is a lovely way to start the day (guilt-free).

This makes for an ideal breakfast to make ahead if you follow our guide above. Now all you’ll have to worry about is preparing the toppings.

What’s your favorite topping for French toast? Let me know in the comments below. I’m always looking out for new breakfast ideas.


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