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ninja foodi rice
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Ninja Foodi Rice

Ninja Foodi has to be my favorite kitchen essentials. We show you in this recipe how you can use it to create easy ninja foodi rice at home.

lobster tail
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How To Cook Lobster Tail

We can all agree lobster is delicious but deciding on how to cook lobster tails is a tough choice. There are many ways to cook but not all of them are equal.

grilled halloumi
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Best Sides for BBQs

If you’re unsure of what to serve at a BBQ, then check out the best bbq sides that have made our list. Most importantly, they’re quick and easy.

Ghost Pepper

27 Types of Peppers

Did you know there are many different types of Peppers in the world today? From your standard bell pepper to the famous ghost pepper.

instant pot dessert recipe

31 Instant Pot Desserts

Not all desserts are created equal, that is certainly true when you’re using the instant pot to make it. We’ve collated the best instant pot desserts for you.