13 Foods That Start With Q


Maybe it’s a quiz or perhaps you’re just being inquisitive and that has you looking for different foods that start with Q. Whatever the reason, you’re going to leave this page knowing 17 various foods on this earth that begin with the letter Q.

It was research for a quiz that led me to writing this post and I was surprised how many other individuals were seeking for an answer to this question. I’ve done the hard work for you, therefore you don’t need to figure out the answer to this yourself.

foods that start with q

Our list contains various foods, plants, vegetables, fruits and other edible sources that you may not have ever heard of. You’ll see what I mean when you dig into each of these down below.

Be sure to leave a comment down below with other foods beginning with Q and we’ll continue to add to the list.

Are there Any Foods That Start With The Letter Q?

Educate yourself today on these different foods that start with Q. There were many we could include in our list but we kept it short and sweet. Below you will find a a list of 13 Q foods. Included in this is even one of my favorite dishes, lets see if you can guess what it is.

1. Quesadilla

quesadilla from taco bell

If you’ve been reading this site for anytime, you’ll be sure to come across some of our famous quesadilla recipes, including our copycat taco bell quesadilla recipe. Nothing beats making cheesy quesadillas at home and enjoying them with friends and family. The more cheese the better! There’s a good reason this made it to the top of our list.

2. Quiche

bisquick impossible quiche

Another popular food in the Q group are quiches a savoury pie filled with goodness. Tasty, easy to make and very fulfilling to eat. Great dish to cook up in bulk and reheat the next day for lunch. Definitely a food that comes to top of mind when categorized by letter. We are big fans of the Bisquick impossible quiche, which is a recipe worth trying.

3. Queso


Queso is a Mexican appetizer or typical dip that’s filled to the brim with creamy and melted cheese. I did say above the more cheese the better. Perfect for dipping tortilla chips into and it’s a really good quick snack to have, satisfying any craving.

4. Quail


Quail is a small game bird, often times hunted in the wild, however you can also find them on farms. Filled with an ample amount of protein these are a nutritious snack, albeit a required taste. You might be disappointed if one of these lands on your plate as the amount of meat you’ll get is little to none..

5. Quinoa


Pronounced keen-wah, this is a plant based food, similar to quail is extremely high in protein. Very popular in gluten free diets. Typically comes in the form of a grain crop that is grown due to its edible-seeds.

6. Quinine


This is a term commonly used for tonic water. You’ll usually find this mixed with gin. Gunpowder is one of my favorites and tonic water is the perfect complimentary drink. Having asked our readers, none of them were aware of this term, in fact either was I prior to writing this article.

7. Quarter Pounder

burger king whopper

We’re all familiar with this one! You can find quarter pounders at your local Burger King or McDonald’s fast food restaurants. McDonald’s in particular is famous for their quarter pounder with cheese burger, a choice widely popular in their restaurant.

8. Quavers Crisps

quaver crisps

Quavers are a popular crisp that are produced by the Walkers crisp company. The main ingredient is potato starch and the crisps are deep fried to give them their end state. If you’re familiar with prawn crackers, these look very similar. You could technically argue these should sit in our list of foods that start with c.

9. Quahog


Made widely known by the tv series Family Guy. Quahog is an edible clam that has a hard shell. As you can see from the image, these are certainly edible and tasty.

10. Quince

13 Foods That Start With Q 1

From the same family as apple and pears, quince is a pome fruit that is sour in taste. It’s commonly known that cutting open a quince will make you think you’re looking at the inside of an apple. The difference is certainly the sour taste. It’s hybrid of an apple and bear.

11. Quorn


Quorn is a very common substitute for meat that hails from the United Kingdom and is extremely popular in the European Union. Now if you’re a vegetarian, you can also enjoy a range of meat like dishes such as quorn lasagne, quorn tikka masala and even mince. Best of all, you’ll barely notice the difference. It really is a fantastic food substitute.

12. Quandong


Quandong is the second edible fruit we’ve added to this list. Very sweet taste but also contains a salty/sour aftertaste. These are native to Australia and commonly referred to as the native peach. They can be used in jams or pies and even used in fruit purees. In fact, something you might not be aware of is the Aboriginals eat them raw or dry.

13. Quark


Quark is a great alternative to creams and yoghurts, it’s the perfect source of protein.  They are typically made by heating up soured milk until it begins to curdle. At this point it is then strained. It is popular in German speaking countries and Northern Europe.

13 Foods That Start With Q

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • Quesadilla

  • Quiche

  • Queso

  • Quail

  • Quinoa

  • Quinine

  • Quarter Pounder

  • Quavers Crisps

  • Quahog

  • Quince

  • Quorn

  • Quandong

  • Quark


  • List out foods that start with q
  • See if you can name more than others list

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Well there you have it, a list of foods that begin with q. Although not an exhaustive list, we plan to continue to expand to it. Please send us on other examples you have and it may possibly be added to the site in the near future.

You mightn’t have been aware of some of the listed foods that start or begin with Q above, however I hope this was useful in listing them. If you enjoyed this post, then check out foods that start with u which was a little bit trickier than this one. Additionally, if you like this post you’re sure to like our posts about foods that begin with the letter x and also the letter u.

foods that begin with q

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