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So, it is getting towards a ‘big day’, and you are sitting there with your head in your hands wondering how you will keep all of your guests well-fed? Well, worry not our friends because we’ve got the perfect solution. We are talking about Walmart. Nope, you won’t need to head down there and emerge with a cartload full of ingredients, far from it! In fact, if you play your cards right, you won’t even need to visit the store at all.

All you need to do is log on to the Walmart catering menu and place an order. The Walmart catering menu prices? Man, that’s the easy part. Today we are going to show you just how cheap it can be!

walmart catering menu

What Are the Benefits of Walmart Catering Services?

Why would you want to use Walmart to satisfy all of your catering needs? To be honest, a better question should be, why wouldn’t you? Here are some great reasons why you really should consider using Walmart catering the next time you are hosting an event for several people.

1. Great Quality

Listen. Walmart didn’t get where it is today by selling substandard food. The fact that you can pretty much find a Walmart or a Walmart-owned subsidiary should tell you how seriously they take providing for the masses. 

The food provided by Walmart catering is really great quality. It is also consistent. You might get away with serving soggy sandwiches and slightly overdone fried chicken when cooking for your buddies. But this just isn’t going to wash at a big event. 

2. A Huge Selection

Wait until you see the menu below! If you think you’ve had a choice before, this is going to make you reconsider your ideas. Walmart can literally cater to the masses! There is so much choice. Whether you are looking for something cold that you can bang on a plate and serve, or something that needs to be warmed in the oven to make your guests coo with delight, Walmart will be able to provide. 

Check out the list below of the things that Walmart platters include.

3. Feed a Lot of People

This is what it is all about. It isn’t just around price. Sure, it can be cheap, but if you are paying only a little and getting only a little, it isn’t as good a value as you initially thought?

Walmart portions are pretty huge. They allocate a general helping per ‘serving’. As a result, you can ensure that you are the best host by ensuring that nobody, and we mean nobody, goes home hungry!

How to Order Walmart Party Platters?

So you might have had a little browse at the Walmart website and haven’t seen the section entitled “order fresh deli platters”? That means that Walmart doesn’t provide party platters, right?


You’ll be glad you found us as the truth is you can order catering from Walmart, but you don’t do it online. Walmart has gone a little bit old school in the way you place your order, but don’t worry. We are going to talk you through it. Right. Now…

Not every Walmart offers a catering service, so your first port of call is to pick up the phone and see whether it is a service they can provide. From there, it is really simple.

Pop into your local store, or alternatively ask them to send you a “Made-Fresh Part Trays and Subs Order Form”. This will give you all of the details about what is available and how much it costs (don’t worry if you want to look at it in advance, you’ll find an abridged version below.

You have to fill in the form and then give it back to them (this can be done in person or electronically). Be sure to specify the quantities of each platter that you require. The nice thing about this form is that it actually details how many calories are in each serving too, so if you have guests watching their intake, you’ll be their new favorite person.

How long before do you have to place a Walmart catering order?

Well, because Walmart will prepare your food fresh to order, they normally ask for 24 hours from ordering before you can receive your food. Considering that you might be ordering a lot, we think that this is excellent service!

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What Do the Walmart Party Platters Include?

walmart party tray

Here’s the best part.

Are you ready to be blown away with choice? The hardest part about ordering Walmart catering is more than likely going to be deciding what to order. They have such a great range.

If you’re wondering what kind of platters does Walmart have, then look no further:

Walmart Catering OptionsContainingPriceServes
Walmart Sliders TrayHawaiian rolls with a selection of meat and cheese$3415-20
Fresh Sandwich TraySliced bread served with a selection of meats and cheeses$4220-24
Pinwheel TraySliced wraps filled with cold meats and cheese$2424-48
Sub SandwichA long roll served with mixed fillings$3225-30
Prima Della Meat and Cheese TrayAn artisanal platter of cold cured meats and cheeses$4820-25
Swiss Cheese TrayA cheese platter featuring a variety of cheeses$3420-25
Meat TrayA charcuterie board with cured meats and sausage$3420-25
Mix and Match Sandwich RollsBread rolls for serving alongside another platter$8.9924 sandwiches
Condiment TrayPickles, sauces, and dip assortment$2620-25
Shrimp Cocktail TrayShrimp served with a dipping sauce and lemon wedges$4826-30
Snack TraySmaller cubes of meat and cheese$4820-25
Cheese Taster TraySmall cubes of selected cheeses$4220-25
Veggie TrayA large platter consisting of garden fresh vegetable sticks$4820-25
Appetizer PlatterWarm platter of cheese sticks, breaded jalapenos, and popcorn chicken$3820-25
Flavored Wings TrayBuffalo wings with traditional accompaniments$3828-32
Chicken Trio TrayChicken wings, chicken tenders, and popcorn chicken$2820-25
Kids Party TrayCorndogs and cheese sticks$248-12

1. Walmart Sliders Tray

Hawaiian rolls? Check. A large selection of meat and cheese? Double-check! Sliders are a great option. Their small size makes for the ideal party finger food, and your guests can take a few without being over faced.

2. Fresh Sandwich Tray

When catering for a large party, sandwiches are often an easy choice. You’ll find all of the old favorites among Walmart’s range, including ham, beef, turkey, and maybe even a few slices of cheese too! Don’t forget the tomato garnish to liven up the plate! 

3. Pinwheel Tray

If you haven’t seen a pinwheel before, you are in for a treat. This is a selection of wraps, sliced into tasty little spirals and arranged in a wheel. The filling choices are varied, meaning there is something for everyone.

4. Sub Sandwich

Why order several sandwiches when one will do. A sub is a long sandwich filled with all of those classics that we all love, such as meat and cheese, and smothered in a lavish garnish of mustard, mayo, ketchup, or anything else that you might like.

5. Prima Della Meat and Cheese Tray

Going classy, are we? This tray is served with a selection of cold meats, European-style cheeses, and a centerpiece of olives and juicy tomatoes.

6. Swiss Cheese Tray

If the above sounds really nice, but you want to steer clear of meat, then this could be a great option. You’ll find a selection of cheeses, from mild and creamy, to sharp and tangy and everything in between.

7. Meat Tray

Conversely, perhaps you want to forget the cheese and just have something meaty? This is the option for you. You’ll find a sort of charcuterie board covered in salami, roast beef, salty ham, and smoked turkey. Nice!

8. Mix and Match Sandwich Rolls

All meat and cheese can get a little heavy? We already said that sandwiches are a good option. Let your guests make their own. You’ll get a platter full of bread rolls, European-style bread, and dinner rolls too!

9. Condiment Tray

Variety is the spice of life! Transform and accessorize your sandwiches with a tray full of things like sharp pickles, black olives, and sliced peppers!

10. Shrimp Cocktail Tray

A little shrimp and a little dip at the party? Why not? Be sure to include the optional savory sauce and lemon slices for a classy party platter! Oh, and you’ll maybe want to invest in some finger napkins for after unless you want your guests all walking around with shrimpy fingers! 

11. Snack Tray

While whole slices are great, you might want everyone to have the ability to have a little pick here and there. A snack tray is a really great option. It includes smaller cubes of sharp and tasty cheese, cured sausage, smoked turkey, a cheese ball, all topped off with a cherry tomato garnish! 

12. Cheese Taster Tray

In a similar vein to above, your guests don’t want to be wasting time chopping their way through blocks of cheese. The answer? A cheese taster tray. This features pre-cut and prepared blocks of all of your favorite cheeses, including Monterey jack, pepper jack, provolone cheese, and more! 

13. Veggie Tray

Look, it is not all about the meat and cheese, and for a good party, you’ll want to cater to everyone. Yes, this does include vegans and vegetarians! This tray is perfect for serving with a few dips. It consists of a range of garden-fresh vegetables. It includes; tomato, broccoli, squash, carrots, cauliflower, celery, and sliced onion… That’s a lot of vegetables! 

14. Appetizer Platter

Tired of cold food? Then it is time to get things heated up. An appetizer platter will disappear in no time as it is full of everyone’s favorite party food. We are talking breaded jalapeno poppers, battered chicken pieces, and perhaps even a few cheese sticks! Again, don’t forget the cherry tomato garnish for a bit of color!

15. Flavored Wings Tray

A party isn’t a party without a few buffalo wings thrown in for good measure. Go all traditional or go boneless. It is entirely up to you! As you’d expect with any good buffalo wings, you’ll get the traditional accompaniment of celery sticks and sliced carrot batons.

16. Chicken Trio Tray

Speaking of chicken. This one is well worth a look. It’s like KFC but on a grand scale! In each bucket… sorry, ‘platter’, you’ll find popcorn chicken, buffalo wings, chicken tenders all served with a cool ranch dressing!

17. Kids Party Tray

The above might all seem just a little grown-up? Whether you are serving tiny tots or ‘big kids,’ there will be a favorite here for sure. Like? Oh, just some golden corndogs alongside some cheese sticks with a honey mustard dressing! You aren’t interested? Yeah, right! 

See below for a quick rundown, what is on each Walmart catering platter, how much it costs, and how many you can serve with each.

How Much Are Party Platters at Walmart?

Party platters at Walmart vary in cost depending on what you choose. For a simple mix and match sandwich roll platter, you are looking at less than $10, but you will probably want to serve them with something. 

When looking at the above list, you might think that it looks a little expensive. But you need to consider two things.

  1. How much time would it take you to prepare all of the above for the given number of people
  2. If you divide the cost by the number of servings, it is actually amazing value.

Want an example? Take the Sub sandwich platter described above. $32 to serve 30 people works out at just over a dollar per person!

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Having taken a look at the Walmart catering menu prices, we were actually pretty amazed. For less than $100, you could easily feed a party of 100 people! And what’s more, by ordering out, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress too! For us, that alone makes it worth it. What are you going to order and what kind of party are you planning? Let us know in the comments below.

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