Outback Honey Mustard Dressing Recipe


Do you love Outback honey mustard dressing? This is an amazingly popular salad dressing, and the great news is that you can easily make it yourself at home, and you don’t need to spend hours in order to recreate this delicious condiment! Satisfy your craving easily at home with just a handful of ingredients and a little bit of time!

Outback Honey Mustard Dressing Recipe

How To Make Outback Honey Mustard Dressing

You don’t need a lot of different things to make this amazing recipe, just:

  • Some mayonnaise to give it a creamy, delicious texture and taste. The mayonnaise is key to making the dressing smooth and silky, so don’t skimp on this.
  • A bit of real honey – don’t use another sweetener. This recipe needs real, good quality honey if it is going to taste right. Without honey, it will be sour and unpleasant.
  • Grey Poupon mustard: the mustard gives this dressing its bite, and is just as important as the other ingredients. Another brand will work, but will change the flavor, so try to stick to this kind of mustard if you can.

So, let’s explore this super simple recipe!

Outback Honey Mustard Dressing

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Do you know how to whip up this classic recipe from Outback? Make their honey mustard dressing in your own home with ease!


  • 1.5 cups 1.5 mayonnaise

  • ½ a cup of honey

  • ¼ a cup of Grey Poupon mustard


  • Take out a large bowl and set it on the side. Add your mayonnaise, mustard, and honey to the bowl, and use a whisk to combine them.
  • Keep whisking until they turn thick and fluffy; you don’t want any pockets of unmixed ingredients, as these will ruin the dressing. You can use a hand whisk for this, or an electric one to speed it up.
  • Pour the dressing into an airtight container and refrigerate it for at least two hours. This will give the flavors time to meld into each other, and it ensures that the dressing is pleasantly cold once it is served. Don’t eat the dressing straight away; it won’t taste good! Some soaking time is needed.
  • Serve with salads, chips, slices of veggies, and more. Make sure you store leftovers in the fridge so that they don’t go off.

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Tips ; Tricks

So, now you have a basic recipe for Outback honey mustard dressing, how can you make sure that your dressing tastes absolutely perfect – just like the dressing you would enjoy in the restaurant? Let’s explore some top tips for this.

  • Don’t swap the Grey Poupon mustard for another brand unless you really have to; Grey Poupon works best and will ensure that you get that classic flavor!
  • Make sure you store the dressing in an airtight container; it will start to develop a crust if it is left open to the air for too long.
  • Use full fat mayonnaise for the best flavor. A low fat version will still work, but it won’t be as rich and creamy, so it’s better not to swap.
  • Feel free to add in other flavors if you like. Some people enjoy chopping garlic in, while others like horseradish sauce or a little extra mustard. Cayenne pepper is another option for spicing up this dish, or you could sprinkle in a few herbs. Don’t be afraid to try different things to make this recipe your own.
  • Shake the dressing or stir it well before serving to ensure that everything is still combined. If it has begun to separate, give it another quick whisk.
  • Serve this on a whole variety of different foods. Many people use it on pasta salads and green salads, but it can also be eaten with chips, with fries, with steak, with chopped vegetables, and more. It serves as both a dip and a drizzling sauce, and tastes great with meat or vegetables.


  1. Can I keep Outback honey mustard dressing in the fridge?

    You can definitely store this dressing in the fridge. It should be kept in an airtight container, and chilled at all times. It will last for up to a week in the fridge as long as you put it away promptly. If you accidentally leave it out, it will need to be used up more quickly.

  2. Can you double the recipe?

    Yes, you can double the recipe if you want to serve more people. Because the dressing needs to steep and it keeps well, it’s a good idea to double it. You can also halve it if you are only making it for yourself or a couple of people. Make sure you are whisking for longer if you add more ingredients.

  3. Can you freeze Outback honey mustard dressing?

    Freezing this dressing isn’t dangerous, but it may spoil the texture. Mayonnaise is an emulsion, and being frozen can cause it to break down and separate. The dressing is not likely to do well in the freezer, therefore.
    If you do want to try freezing it, experiment with a small portion first. However, it’s best to just keep this dressing in the fridge and use it up.

  4. How do I know if the dressing has gone off?

    This dressing will take on a strange smell and start to separate when it is no longer good to eat. Don’t consume honey mustard dressing that has been left at room temperature for more than two hours, or that has a noticeably different taste or texture.

  5. Do I have to use mayonnaise?

    Mayonnaise is needed for this recipe, because most mayonnaise alternatives will separate when the honey is added. If you don’t like or don’t eat mayonnaise, try a small batch with your alternative ingredient first to see if it works.

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Outback honey mustard dressing is super simple to make at home, so if you’ve been craving this delicious dressing lately, whip up a batch yourself in no time! It’s delicious, versatile, and keeps well in the fridge, so make a large quantity and enjoy it throughout the week with a whole host of different meals.

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