27 Easy Lebanese Recipes


If you can’t go to Lebanon, then maybe it is time that Lebanon came to you? What are we talking about? Why Lebanese food, of course! There is so much to enjoy, and we want to show you, so today, we’ve come up with a list of 27 Lebanese recipes for you to try. There’s spice, crunch, taste, and texture. Let’s dive right in and find out what’s what!

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Authentic Lebanese Recipes To Make At Home

1. Lebanese Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Lebanese cucumber sauce is amazing for a few reasons. We love that you can serve it with practically any Lebanese dish, both hot and cold. It is a particular favorite of ours when serving grilled meat. If it is cooked on open coal, Lebanese style, even better. It is so simple to make. We mix yogurt with shredded cucumber, a little mint sauce, and a crushed garlic clove. The trick here is to drain all of the water out of your shredded cucumber. Do this by giving it a good squeeze in a clean cloth.

2. Bamia (Lebanese Okra Stew)

Vegetarians needn’t miss out on tasty Lebanese recipes. This one is a cinch to make and is one of the tastiest on our list! Okra is starchy and is really filling. We combine it with tomato, onions, garlic, and cilantro. We add a little water, place it in a Dutch oven and give it a good roasting for just over an hour. The vegetables break down and contribute their wonderful flavors to the sauce. 

3. Lebanese Lentil Soup

Lentils feature all over the Asian subcontinent. They are creamy, filling, and utterly delicious. As they cook, they swell slightly, making this soup hearty and filling. We combine it with other tasty ingredients like potatoes and crunchy kale. To make it a Lebanese recipe, we add a blend of herbs and spices, then let the entire dish meld and simmer. Be sure to serve this with a piece of crusty bread for mopping up any stray bits.

4. Hummus

Throughout the middle east and Southern Europe, there is a debate about who invented hummus. We don’t care. Wherever it is from, it is one of our favorite dishes! Hummus, in its most simple form, is chickpea paste. We don’t want it to be boring, though, so we add a glug of olive oil, along with some cumin, garlic, and seasoning. The trick to getting tasty hummus is blending it until it is completely smooth. Good quality chickpeas are a must. You’ll be able to tell the difference. Don’t forget a squeeze of lemon juice to really bring out the flavor.

5. Lebanese Chickpea Stew

Speaking of chickpeas, check this out. If hummus hasn’t floated your boat and you’ve got a load of chickpeas spare, then this is a great way to sue them up. Chickpeas are high in protein, and if you treat them right taste delicious. This is a one-pot meal that is just perfect for those busy midweek nights when you don’t want to be messing in the kitchen. Just add the ingredients, stick in the oven, and you’re done!

6. Lebanese Spinach Stew

This dish contains so many amazing things. If you think spinach is boring, you need to give it a try. WE actually combine this dish with tasty ground beef, chickpeas, and some toasted pine nuts for a bit of texture. We also add a bit of Lebanese sunshine in the form of lemon juice, which really helps elevate this dish and give it a touch of freshness. 

7. Tabbouleh

If you haven’t heard of this dish before, you are in for such a treat. Think of it a little like a Lebanese salsa… Except it is tastier! Tabbouleh is made up of finely diced cucumber, parsley, tomato… And to finish the entire thing off, juicy pearls of bulgar wheat. We normally serve this as a side dish but have been known to take it cold to work the next day.

8. Baba Ganoush

People often get baba ganoush mixed up with hummus. It is easy to see why. They are similar in texture and looks. But they taste entirely different. The reason being that baba ganoush is made from roasted and pureed eggplant. The spices used are also very different. We use cumin, smoky paprika, and lots of parsley to make this Lebanese dip into something sublime.

9. Lebanese Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma features heavily throughout the middle east. Traditionally it is a skewer of lots of chicken breasts piled high and covered in Lebanese spices. These are then roasted over an open flame, and the outer layer is cut off and served in a flatbread. Our version tastes the same but is on a much smaller scale. This is a perfect Lebanese recipe if you have a grill or barbecue! 

10. Pita Chips

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. If you don’t know what to serve with baba ganoush or hummus, check this out. It is so simple to make. Take a pitta bread, and cut into large wedges. Toss with a little olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper and place on a baking sheet. Roast for around 20 minutes or until the chips turn golden. Serve with your favorite Lebanese recipe!

11. Lebanese Fattoush Salad

Speaking of pitta chips, here’s a great recipe to use if you’ve got some leftovers. Fattoush salad is a mixture of juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumber, lettuce, radish, and pitta chips. Fatteh actually means crumbs which refers to these chips, so if you don’t include them, it isn’t a Fattoush salad!. Be sure to include lashings of cucumber yogurt dressing for the ultimate healthy meal! 

12. Lebanese Rice

Lebanese rice is a bit of a misnomer. If you thought this is a simple side dish that’s a pile of grains, you’d be wrong. It’s more a sort of pilaf, packed with lots of good things. There are toasted pine nuts for a little extra crunch, a pinch of cumin, and a fair quantity of olive oil to make this Lebanese recipe really opulent. 

13. Mujadara

Speaking of pilafs, you really need to give this one a go. Why? Well, aside from the fact that it only has three ingredients, it tastes amazing, and it is vegan too! Mujadara is a traditional Lebanese dish served as a side. We caramelize some onions before adding a handful of lentils and a few cups of wild rice. As the lentils cook, they break up, creating a sort of starchy Lebanese risotto.

14. Lebanese Fruit Cocktail

At one point in history, the middle east was the garden of the world. If you ordered fancy fruit, this was where it came from. This is no ordinary fruit salad. It is similar to a sundae, just without the ice cream. The key to this recipe is to use rosewater, a vital ingredient in middle eastern cooking. Serve in tall glasses and taste the goodness. 

15. Lebanese Potato and Beef Stew

This dish is simple to make, hearty, and filling. It is actually pretty similar to a curry, with strong tomato and garlic notes. This is a great recipe for the crockpot, so if you are busy and want a Lebanese recipe you can ‘make and forget’ while you get on with other things, then this could be a great idea.

16. Lebanese Moussaka

Moussaka is traditionally a Greek dish, but it contains lots of ingredients found all over the middle east. Just like the Greek version, it contains eggplant, chickpeas, and tomato. There is a difference, however. The Lebanese moussaka is served cold! This is an ideal pairing if you are having a summer barbecue and want a tasty side dish, but a little bit cool.

17. Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Holy smokes, this is one of our favorites. Just be sure to take some mints to work the next day. There’s nothing fancy here, just four ingredients and heaps of taste. We combine oil and lemon juice before adding a crushed garlic clove and a pinch of salt. That’s it. Done! This is great when served with shawarma, but we also like to give our French fries the occasional drizzle with it even if we aren’t cooking Lebanese. 

18. Batata Harra (Spicy Lebanese Potatoes)

If you’ve ever had Spanish food, you’ll no doubt have tried patatas bravas… Well, this is the Lebanese version. Same concept, different taste. As to what these golden potato cubes taste like? Well, they are topped with a sauce with a cilantro base. This tastes really fresh and cuts through the oily starch of the potatoes.

19. Zaatar Manakeesh

Zaatar is one of our essential storecupboard ingredients. We use it in so many Lebanese dishes. If you haven’t had zaatar before, here’s what’s in it. Sesame seeds, thyme, and sumac. You can buy it at most stores. It works especially well on grilled chicken. This dish is flatbread topped with a layer of zaatar spiced oil.

20. Maamoul

If you’ve ever tried fig rolls, you aren’t a million miles away from knowing what these tasty Lebanese cookies are all about. Maamoul is shortcrust cookies filled with sweet and chewy dates. They are really easy to make, and you can have a batch whipped up and ready to go in a little under an hour.

21. Sfouf

Nope, it isn’t cornbread, but it looks very similar. These little cake cubes get their distinctive color from turmeric. It is super moist, chewy, and really filling. Turmeric is a superfood full of vitamins and minerals that reduce inflammation. Cakes that make you look younger? We’d better take two!

22. Rice Pudding

The main difference between rice pudding and the stodgy mess you used to get at school is that this Lebanese version is rich, creamy, and filled with middle eastern spice. We include cinnamon in this recipe, along with cloves and vanilla. We like to pimp ours up a little by including honey, rose water, and a few toasted nuts too.

23. Lebanese Baklava

This is another dish that features heavily in southern Europe and the middle east. Baklava is easy to make, provided you follow this simple rule. Use store-bought phyllo pastry. We use sugar syrup in our recipe and layer pastry with a mix of rose water, crushed pistachio nuts, and sticky sweet syrup. It keeps for a long time too!

24. Ghraybeh

You’ll find most countries and cultures make shortbread cookies. Lebanon is no exception. This tasty Lebanese dessert uses just four ingredients. Actually, in our recipe, we use five. We like to stick a candied pistachio nut in the center of each just before baking.

25. Ka’ak Bread

If you are looking to make authentic middle eastern bread, you will need one thing in abundance. No, it’s not an ingredient. It’s time. This is a bit of a chore, but the end result is worth it. Ka’ak bread is a popular favorite. It loosely translates to ‘purse bread’ so-called because it has a little handle!

26. Falafel

If you are looking for a filling Lebanese vegan recipe packed with protein, this is where it is at. Some cumin, a can of chickpeas, an egg, and a little flour is all it takes. Falafel is fried chickpea dumplings. They are delicious, both hot and cold. They go really well with Lebanese garlic sauce too! 

27. Chickpea and Baked Cauliflower

This is one of our all-time favorites. Roasted cauliflower, dotted with crispy toasted chickpeas. We make a garlic sauce and mix the entire lot together with a huge handful of chopped parsley. This is one of those spicy dishes that seems to taste even better the next day when it has been left to rest.


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There’s plenty to try in our list of the best Lebanese recipes. Whether you want a snack, starter, dessert, or main, there is something for everyone. There are even vegan recipes too! You won’t need any fancy ingredients. It is all about simple fayre. Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

27 Lebanese Recipes

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman

Lebanese food recipes are some of the most underrated dishes around. In fact, some of my favorite sides and dips are Lebanese. Serve these up in your home today.


  • Lebanese Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

  • Bamia (Lebanese Okra Stew)

  • Lebanese Lentil Soup

  • Hummus

  • Lebanese Chickpea Stew

  • Lebanese Spinach Stew

  • Tabbouleh

  • Baba Ganoush

  • Lebanese Chicken Shawarma

  • Pita Chips

  • Lebanese Fattoush Salad

  • Lebanese Rice

  • Mujadara

  • Lebanese Fruit Cocktail

  • Lebanese Potato and Beef Stew

  • Lebanese Moussaka

  • Lebanese Garlic Sauce

  • Batata Harra (Spicy Lebanese Potatoes)

  • Zaatar Manakeesh

  • Maamoul

  • Sfouf

  • Rice Pudding

  • Lebanese Baklava

  • Ghraybeh

  • Ka’ak Bread

  • Falafel

  • Chickpea and Baked Cauliflower


  • Choose your favorite Lebanese dishes
  • Gather the ingredients to make your dish
  • Serve and enjoy

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