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Ever been to Honduras? No, we neither. But we’ll tell you something. The food they have there is super tasty. Even if we can’t go (or point to it on a map), we can perhaps get a taste of what it is about with some carefully selected Honduran foods. They have a hint of Mexican-style influence with a few South and Central American treats thrown in. Here are some things you’ve just got to try.

26 Traditional Honduran Foods

Honduran cuisine is a delightful fusion of indigenous Lenca, Spanish, Caribbean, and African influences that results in dishes bursting with unique and mouthwatering flavors.

Staple ingredients in the Honduran kitchen are corn, beans, rice, plantains, yucca, and poultry, which are often paired with zesty salsas and hearty sauces. Traditional recipes reflect the country’s cultural heritage and culinary creativity, offering a gastronomic adventure to anyone who sits down to a Honduran meal.

Here are some traditional Honduran recipes for you to explore and savor.

1. Pupusas


Are you thinking, ‘what are pupusas’? This dish is like a cross between tortilla bread and a grilled cheese sandwich. They are light, fluffy, and completely delicious. Break them apart and reveal a molten layer of silky cheese. They are best served with something a little sharp to cut through the richness of the cheese. Popular choices include pickled cabbage or a nice fresh salad.

2. Honduran Hondureno

Think of this as an easy-to-make Honduran lasagna… minus the pasta! You can create a savory, cheesy dip with just four ingredients that is just the perfect accompaniment for tostadas or tortillas. A layer of golden brown bubbly cheese gives way to a filling of refried beans and a handful of chopped chorizo. It isn’t good for your waistline, but it tastes amazing!

3. Arroz con Leche

Arroz means ‘rice,’ and con Leche means ‘with milk’… Essentially what this means (aside from a supremely tasty dish) is Honduran rice pudding. It might sound a little bland, but add a few subtle ingredients, such as sweetened condensed milk, a little salt, and some ground cinnamon and vanilla. You’ve got a dessert that is made in heaven. It is easy to make a large portion too. Perfect for guests!

4. Yucca Cake

This cake isn’t particularly light. If you are still hungry after dinner, then it should be your go-to choice. This dense and moist sponge is made with cassava flour, a staple in Honduras. Think of it like carrot cake, except it is far tastier. It can be a little bland on its own, and cream wouldn’t keep in that Honduran heat, so to be all traditional, top your cake with an oozy layer of sweet condensed milk.

5. Honduran Tortilla

Tortillas are famous throughout south and central America. We guess it must be the Spanish influence. Whatever the reason, you’ll be able to whip these up in no time. Even though Honduras might sound exotic, these tortillas are a breeze to make with standard store cupboard ingredients. Check the recipe out. There’s nothing fancy at all.

6. Honduran Chicken Kebab

Honduras isn’t especially famous for having a massive selection of fancy ingredients, but the food tastes great. These Honduran chicken skewers rely on simple ingredients to give them their flavor. If you want them to taste truly authentic, give them a blast over an open flame outdoors. Make the marinade in a food mixer to save time, and don’t skimp on the mayonnaise!

7. Honduran Bean Soup

Ok beans always have been (pun intended) popular in central America. This might not look like the most appetizing dish ever, but let your tastebuds do the talking. You’ll find things like peppers, garlic, cilantro, and sweet onions within this delicious soup. But it doesn’t end there. There’s also cassava, plantain and pork ribs! All finished off with a rich helping of frijoles, that’s black beans to you and us.

8. Honduran Refried Beans

Refried beans are the perfect side dish for a whole host of Honduran dishes. This bean paste tastes delicious on its own but will also make tortillas more filling and can work well to make a spicy dish a little milder. It only takes 6 ingredients, and the main flavor comes from Cumin. Make sure you have a hand blender to get a really smooth buttery consistency

9. Chimol

What’s chimol? Think of salsa, but chunky. It is an amalgamation of onions, peppers, tomato, cilantro, and lime. That’s pretty much it. The acid in the lime juice ‘cooks’ the other ingredients, and they start to leak tasty juices all over the bowl. Perfect for mopping up with a piece of fresh-baked bread or a homemade Honduran tortilla. Don’t forget a pinch of salt!

10. Pan de Coco

No, don’t pan de coco, bake de coco! Joking aside, this literally translates as .bread from coconut… so named it borrows flavors heavily from key ingredients such as coconut milk and coconut oil. These little light muffins are superb for sandwiches or to serve alongside a saucy main. They take a little time, but they are well worth it.

11. Horchata

What do you get if you cross a Honduran, a dessert, and a drink? The answer? Horchata! It ticks all three boxes! This drink is like a mix of rice pudding and a drink. It’s actually really filling. You can cook the rice, but we prefer to go all traditional and soak it overnight before blending it with other ingredients like sugar and vanilla. Make sure it is served cold for a refreshing and filling treat.

12. Bean Tostadas

If you’ve made the Honduran refried beans recipe and are stuck for something to serve with it, now is your chance. These are crispy, savory, and superb! Oh, and they are also super simple to make—just top fried corn tortillas with a thick layer of refried beans and sour cream. Add a few drops of tabasco sauce to spice things up, or if you are feeling really brave, a few hot chillis!

13. Baleadas

If the bean tostadas appeal, but you want something slightly softer, check these out. This is about as authentic as it gets when it comes to Honduran food. Baleadas are chunky, floury tortillas stuffed with a mix of refried beans with a little salty goat’s cheese, all topped off with a dollop of cream. You can use pinto beans or kidney beans as a substitute if you can’t find red beans.

14. Honduran Plantain Fritters

Bananas and Plantains are one of the leading industries in the Honduran economy. So it should come as no surprise that they feature on our list of Honduran foods! Plantain isn’t quite as sweet as banana, making it the ideal snack for something just a little more savory. Simply cut into thick batons and deep fry until golden and crispy. Serve with refried beans or sour cream and chive dip!

15. Macheteadas

It’s not often we recommend pie crust without the pie, but in Honduras, anything goes. And go this will! Macheteadas is like a really short pastry fried and then glazed with a layer of agave sugar syrup or honey. Because it is fairly neutral-tasting, you can serve it with a range of savory or sweet Honduran foods.

16. Honduran Rice with Red Beans

Rice and beans on their own might get a little boring. That’s why we elevate this dish with a few little extras in true Honduran style. Yellow onions and crunchy green peppers give this dish a little more texture and stop it from being too heavy. Don’t waste that bean broth either. It’s vital for giving your rice a little color.

17. Honduran Quesadillas

If you thought quesadillas were only eaten in Mexico, Honduras would like to have a little talk. However, don’t be fooled… this isn’t a flat savory dish. In Honduras, it is more like a cake. It’s not really sweet but isn’t savory either, with a layer of golden and delicious cheese running through the center. The texture of this Honduran cake is given a little extra crunch with the inclusion of sesame seeds

18. Honduran Enchiladas

These Honduran enchiladas are a little different than their Mexican cousins. Think of it a little like a pizza, but topped with layers of spicy meat, fresh chunky salsa (remember what it’s called? Chimol!), and crisp and fresh cabbage salad. There’s no need to fold these. Serve them flat on a plate to showcase all of the lovely ingredients.

19. Honduran Chicharrones

This might be our favorite Honduran food. These are little bites of heaven. Essentially it is deep-fried belly pork, complete with skin that turns crisp and savory. The key to getting them crunchy is to use plenty of salt. While this sounds harsh, a squeeze of lime juice will refresh them. It’s impossible not to eat too many! Completely irresistible.

20. Arroz con Pollo

Remember what Arroz means? Rice. Con Pollo means ‘with chicken’. Honduran chicken with rice? Yes, please! This looks and tastes unreal, but it is super easy to make, one pan… Happy dinner guests! The key lies in the seasoning. There are a fair few ingredients, but once they are combined, your kitchen will smell absolutely heavenly. Use dark chicken thighs to make sure that it tastes super juicy.

21. Heart of Palm Salad

If you haven’t eaten hearts of palm, you need to check this out. It can easily be bought in cans, making this the ideal make anytime salad. We don’t leave the hearts of palm whole. Instead, we blitz them along with garlic and oil into a delicious paste. From there, it’s just a case of mixing with tasty tomatoes and some finely sliced onion… Make sure you’ve got a stick of gum if you are eating this before a date.

22. Honduran Salsa

This salad borrows heavily from nearly every country around Honduras. You’ve got avocados from South America, tomato’s, onions, and peppers like you’d find in Mexican dishes and just a little mango (we guess that’s a Caribbean influence?) Add some garlic and lime, and you’ve got a fragrant and fresh salsa that goes with almost anything.

23. Pastelitos

Pastelitos translates to ‘tiny pastries’. These are just a little similar to empanadas. The main difference is that Cumin doesn’t feature in the recipe. Instead, these Honduran hand pies feature subtle flavors like cilantro and paprika. You can keep them from tasting dry by cooking with a fair helping of chicken broth.

24. Honduran Tacos

They don’t mess around in Honduras. You won’t find a floppy soft taco here. It goes straight into boiling oil until it is cooked, golden brown, and really crispy. You’d expect to find ground beef in Mexican taco… these are actually filled with delicious and juicy poached chicken. This is stir-fried with a mix of onions, tomatoes, red bell peppers, and some chicken stock before being lovingly wrapped in a tortilla and fried. Think of them like a Honduran spring roll… Except these are far tastier than regular spring rolls.

25. Yuca con Chicharron

Yuca con Chicharron is the Honduran equivalent to French fries. It uses cassava as the basis for this dish, traditionally served with crispy pork and fresh tomato, onion, and cilantro salad. First, boil the yuca until it is soft, then drain and allow it to steam dry, use this time to prepare the other elements of your dish. We love the color contrasts on the plate. Crispy and dark pork rinds, a burst of vibrant color with the Chimol, and tasty rays of yellow yuca poking through!

26. Rosquillas


So in Mexico, they have churros But Honduras seems to have gone one better. These little golden donuts (complete with a hole) are every bit as tasty. They are the ideal accompaniment to a steaming hot cup of café con Leche. A donut wouldn’t be a donut without a thick layer of cinnamon sugar. Roll them as soon as you have finished deep-frying them. The sugar melts and caramelizes slightly before turning into a slightly crispy shell!

26 Honduran Foods & Recipes

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • Pupusas

  • Honduran Hondureno

  • Arroz con Leche

  • Yucca Cake

  • Honduran Tortilla

  • Honduran Chicken Kebab

  • Honduran Bean Soup

  • Honduran Refried Beans

  • Chimol

  • Pan de Coco

  • Horchata

  • Bean Tostadas

  • Baleadas

  • Honduran Plantain Fritters

  • Macheteadas

  • Honduran Rice with Red Beans

  • Honduran Quesadillas

  • Honduran Enchiladas

  • Honduran Chicharrones

  • Arroz Con Pollo

  • Heart of Palm Salad

  • Honduran Salsa

  • Pastelitos

  • Honduran Tacos

  • Yuca con Chicharron 

  • Rosquillas


  • Choose from one of our 26 recipes
  • Gather the ingredients
  • Serve and enjoy

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There’s a fair number of Honduran foods on our list. Still, you’ll be pleased to know that the vast majority don’t require any specialized ingredients. If you can make Mexican, then you can easily make Honduran. Which was your favorite, and have you tried any? Let us know in the comments.


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