19 Easy Mexican Dessert Recipes


We love Mexican food but it isn’t all about the main meal with burritos and beans. We also love the desserts. Nothing gets us in the mood for a fiesta like Mexican desserts. Well, today you are in for a real treat as we’ve assembled a list of 19 traditional Mexican Dessert Recipes for you to try. Now, where did I put my sombrero?

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Best Mexican Dessert Recipes

From churros to fried ice cream and Mexican sweet corn cake, we really understand the most authentic Mexican desserts you’ve been looking for.

There are desserts with apple pie filling, powdered sugar and sweetened condensed milk you’ll need to stock up your pantry with for delicious recipes we’e outlined below.

Lets face it, no Mexican meal is complete without a dessert to accompany it with.

Classic Churros

bisquick churros

Nothing says Mexican street food more than crispy and fluffy churros. They are so tasty and they remind us of a long thin doughnut. Churros are long tubes of batter that are fried until they are golden brown on the outside.

They are then tossed (and by tossed we mean drowned) in lashings of white sugar. If you have a super sweet craving then make sure you serve them with a rich and luxurious chocolate dip!

Chocolate sauce or caramel sauce really is key to turning this into the perfect Mexican restaurant style treat.

Mexican Rice Pudding

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The reason so many people love Mexican food is that it is so simple to make. This includes Mexican desserts such as the classic Arroz Con Leche, that will be Mexican rice pudding to you and us. It only uses four ingredients. Rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon.

You can pimp it up a little by adding a handful of dried fruit, we think it is super with some grated nutmeg over the top. The best bit? You can have it cold for breakfast the next day.

Fruit Empanadas

Fruit Empanadas

Pineapple is a particularly robust fruit. It works well with savory dishes too (please don’t argue with us as to whether it has a home on pizza!) it stays juicy even after it has been cooked. When it has been wrapped in a layer of crisp buttery pastry it is a taste sensation.

You can moisten your empanada a little more by including a spoonful of fruit preserve in the filling or cooking your pineapple low and slow in a saucepan with some sugar and water to get it really soft.

Another one of our traditional Mexican desserts that we just can’t get enough of.

Sweet Corn Cakes

Sweet Corn Cakes

How can something combine the soft with the crunchy so perfectly at the same time? Because these Mexican corn cakes are soft in the center they soak up whatever you have served them with. Fruit syrup is a particular favorite of ours, but they will work with any accompaniment. For an indulgent treat, a large dollop of dairy ice cream is a real joy, especially when your cakes are still hot.

Dulche Du Leche Donuts

Dulche Du Leche Donuts

Slightly soft donuts and a rich gooey sauce? It sounds good to us. Dulche Du Leche is quite easy to make. And will work with a range of Mexican desserts. But we can think of no better way than piping it into a still-warm donut ready to dribble down your chin after the first bite.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot chocolate

Why Mexican? Because it’s made with natural ingredients and even comes with a little Latino kick. What do we mean?

It is customary to include just a touch of chili if you are making the Mexican recipe. It might sound strange but it is actually delicious and only adds to the warming effect that you normally get from hot chocolate.

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We’ve already seen rice pudding, well here are all the same elements, but without less rice, and a little more ice.

This delicious homemade horchata drink combines sugar, milk and cinnamon to make a super sweet treat. If you want a boozy adults-only version then you can top it up with a splash or two of rum. Not overly sweet and packs a punch.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cookies

You might already know these by another name, such as ‘snowballs’ So called because after they are coated, they are little white balls of sweet and crispy goodness. They aren’t dry, the recipe calls for quite a lot of butter.

You won’t need a huge amount of ingredients, flour, vanilla essence and some chopped nuts are about all you will need to create these crispy, nutty treats.

Impossible Cake

impossible cake

We wouldn’t put it here if it was, so don’t take it literally. It is impossibly tasty. This cake is a mixture of different cakes. Part sponge, part flan, and part amazing. It is so named for the following reason. As it cooks the ingredients seem to reverse the order in which you put them into the pan. Cool eh?

Even better when served with a helping of vanilla ice cream.

Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

A super soft sponge cake and very light dessert. We love tres leches cake as it will soak up whatever is on your plate. The standard serving in Mexico is to use milk as an accompaniment, but we like to make it even richer by adding a large splash of heavy cream. The name translates as “three kinds of milk” so-called because it is made with condensed milk, sweetened milk and heavy cream. As you can imagine it’s a little moist.

Caramel Flan

Caramel Flan

A little bit wobbly and a little bit sweet, just how we like it. Custard is a staple in a great many desserts, and Mexican desserts are no exception.

The best thing about this Mexican dessert recipe is that it tastes great and you’ll only need some basic household essentials to get it perfect first time.

Dulche Du Leche

Dulche Du Leche

This might be the simplest Mexican dessert ever. As long as you have a can opener, a pan and a can of condensed milk you’ll be well on your way. To make this dessert you basically slow roast some condensed milk. It really is that simple. Y

ou can Eat Dulche Du Leche on its own, but it makes a great filling and accompaniment for a whole range of desserts.

Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream

Yes, you heard us right! Now traditionally you would need some super chilled ice cream and face the dangerous prospect of dropping this into boiling fat.

But we don’t want you to do that. Instead to create a soft center and crispy outside just fry or bake some cornflakes.

Crush them to a rough powder and roll your ice cream ball in them. Safer and simpler. Chocolate syrup and fresh strawberries anyone?



Translating as ‘soft pillows’ when you see this dessert you’ll understand why. These soft and crisp pastry treats are traditionally filled with fruit and cream. There is a bare minimum of ingredients needed to construct these fluffy little pillows. As Mexican desserts go they are pretty dreamy.



If you like churros and donuts, why not combine the best of both worlds?

This Mexican dessert is basically like a miniature donut, and they are made using an identical batter. They are easily made from household staples, including flour, baking powder and eggs.

The baking powder acts as a raising agent to ensure that they stay really fluffy so make sure that you don’t miss out.


Conchas sweet bread

The clue is the name with this tasty Mexican dessert. Conche translates to ‘shell’ which is what this dessert should look like if you have got it right.

These crisp little mouthfuls are traditionally served with coffee but can be dipped in anything from melted chocolate to Dulche Du Leche. The backs of the biscuits are a line shape which cracks during cooking, looking just like a tiny shell.

Elephants Ears

Elephants Ears

The true name for this sweet treat is bunuelos, but we think the name sounds much funnier. They are so named as they are large flat biscuits. They are traditionally served as outdoor ‘street food’ for a tasty snack on the go.

As with most of our Mexican dessert recipes, they require very few ingredients and are very tasty.

Churro Apple Pie

Churro Apple Pie

If you have any spare Churros Batter leftover (why would you?) then you could put it to good use with this recipe. By cooking sliced apples and a generous helping of white sugar with just a splash of water you can make a gooey apple filling that would work wonderfully well with a churros shell.

Just bake the churros batter on a flat tray for around 35 minutes until it is golden and crisp, then top with your homemade apple filling. A dash of powdered sugar and some ice cream really make this the ultimate treat.

Churro Chips

Churro Chips

Think about what features heavily in regular Mexican cuisine. That’s right Tortillas. Well with a good helping of butter and a little sugar and cinnamon you can create something magical to use up your spares.

Just coat your tortillas in melted butter and then coat in sugar and cinnamon before baking.

They’ll be done in around 8 minutes. How simple was that?

19 Mexican Desserts (Quick + Easy Recipes)

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • Classic Churros

  • Mexican Rice Pudding

  • Fruit Empanadas

  • Sweet Corn Cakes

  • Dulche Du Leche Donuts

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate

  • Horchata

  • Mexican Wedding Cookies

  • Impossible Cake

  • Tres Leches Cake

  • Caramel Flan

  • Dulche Du Leche

  • Fried Ice Cream

  • Sopapillas

  • Bunuelos

  • Conchas

  • Elephants Ears

  • Churro Apple Pie

  • Churro Chips


  • Select from these 19 Mexican desserts that you can quickly prepare
  • Serve up and enjoy

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You’ll notice one thing about our list of authentic Mexican desserts. Practically none are complex or require any specialized ingredients. Between this and the fantastic taste, we can’t decide what we love more.

Actually, yes we can, its definitely the taste! Have you been to Mexico? If so what was your favorite Mexican dessert? Why not let me know in the comments below?


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