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Delivery of beer and wine in 60 minutes? Well to us that sounds convenient. Wine and beer, we’re over here! Whether you want to get the party started, or even if it started a long time ago and you are wanting to keep it going at short notice, having the ability to have alcohol delivered to your doorstep in minutes is something revolutionary that even a couple of years ago would have been unthinkable. Fortunately, in this new and modern age this is option is now a reality, thanks to Drizly and their alcohol delivery app.

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The battle for a significant share of this vibrant market is ongoing as different apps all compete to occupy the pole position in their niche.

The ultimate aim for all is to revolutionise the drinks industry with home delivery in the same way that uber revolutionised what it means to get a taxi.

The best alcohol delivery app should offer the customer several things. First things first, in an ideal world you will probably want an app this is easy to install and then use.

It should offer sufficient choice and selection to appeal to all of its end users.

It will need to be able to provide those products within a reasonable time frame (and by reasonable what we really are trying to say is the quicker the better).

And finally, it should offer its products at a reasonable price point. If you can get what you require, in a reasonable time frame, but then have to empty your pockets in order to do, then it’s probably going to kill the vibe somewhat.

There are several companies offering competing services, all of which are slightly different and which have a ‘cherry’ that differentiates them from each other.

Today we are going to take a look at the Drizzly app, and give it a review.

It is one of the bigger players in this up and coming market, will it have you up and dancing, or leave you with nothing but a headache? Let’s find out…

What is Drizzly?

drizly review

Drizzly is a company founded to provide alcohol delivery. It does this by means of a handy app which is available on several platforms, including both IOS and Android.

If you haven’t got your phone handy you can also log in on your home computer to their website where you will be presented with exactly the same choices (just don’t spill your drinks on the keyboard)

The way it works is that you place an order which is then sent to, and fulfilled by, a local store. By utilising this system everybody wins.

You get your drinks in double quick time, the store gains custom that it would otherwise have missed out on, had you not been willing to leave the house, and Drizly takes a small percentage as a ‘fixer’. With it so far? Good.

Just like Uber, Drizzly is not available everywhere, but provided you live near a big city, there is a high likelihood that your area will be one which benefits from their services.

After all, Drizly at present boasts over 180+ locations served, and this is a number that is continuing to grow on a weekly basis.

If you aren’t in a catchment area, fear not, you’ll just have to plan ahead. Drizly offer a mail order service to most regions of the US.

Drizly seem like good guys, and bearing in mind they are selling alcohol, they take that responsibility seriously.

They have a strict policy on who they will give alcohol to, and have even developed a verification system to ensure that the products they provide do not fall into the wrong hands. Further to this they are actually supporting local businesses.

From a speed point of view their website suggests that the average waiting time from payment to delivery is around 40 minutes.

Ok so that may take longer than queueing at the bar, but when you consider the time it would take to drive to the store, park, choose, pay and drive back, that’s actually really good going.

Choose your favorite white claw flavors and have them delivered directly to your home.

What do we think of Drizly?

Generally, we found them good. Really good actually.

As we have said above an important feature is that the app must be easy to navigate and use.

Their app is pretty user friendly (which may be of particular benefit if you are in the latter stages of a party and are looking to ‘top up’).

It works pretty seamlessly for both Apple users and those who prefer Android. Simply sign in, navigate to your tipple of choice with the handy menu system, add it to your basket and pay.

Job done.

drizly alcohol delivery

  • Convenience: Using their app doesn’t get any more convenient, they come to you.
  • Control: Puts you back in control of getting what you want, when you want.
  • Choice: Using their service you get a wide range of choice across beer, wine and liquor.
  • Markets: Available in over 180+ markets in the US.
  • Speed: Delivered to your door in 60 minutes.
  • Downloads: Over 1M downloads worldwide.

Choice is also something that we looked at in great detail. Now this may vary from area to area. Remember we said that Drizly draws on the stock of local stores in order to fulfil your order.

So, if you are looking for that special bottle of 1968 vintage cabernet sauvignon, prepare to be disappointed, that said depending on your locale you may find a few unexpected treats and surprises.

If it is run of the mill standard drinks you are after then you have no need to worry. Drizly boasts over 2000+ product lines available at any one time, so you are bound to be able to find something to suit all tastes.

Time is also a factor. If you are having to wait around then the benefit of convenience will slowly start to wain and you’ll wonder whether you’d have been better just driving to the store.

The good news is, having sampled a lot of the big apps, Drizly has come out on top. Laura Ritterman

The good news is, having sampled a lot of the big apps, Drizly has come out on top.

Again bear in mind that your order is fulfilled locally so there may be a touch of variation, but nonetheless we consider that anything less than an hour is very good going, and Drizly did not disappoint, with consistent and reliable alcohol delivery every time.

Our final measuring stick in our Drizly alcohol delivery review was cost. Breaking the bank to save a bit of time isn’t the way forward.

The way Drizly works is to charge a flat fee of $5 per order. We think that is pretty fair. Granted it might not be the most cost-effective solution if you are making a small order, but it is easy to take advantage of the service they provide and stock up in advance by purchasing a larger amount.

The actual products themselves are reasonably priced. In fact, with the vast majority of their wares, we found that they were around the same price point as they would have been if you went to the local store. We consider it a reasonable trade off that convenience comes with a small cost.

Our Verdict: Overall we recommend using Drizly to our readers – 4.8/5.

Promotion: $5 off your order.

Available: iOS & Android app stores.

Reviews: 65k+ iOS app store reviews, 13.4k on Google Play

Downloads: 1M+

Locations: As per their website, they currently service 180 markets in the US, meaning you’re likely to find the service near you. They’ve even launched in Alberta Canada

How Do They Stack Up Vs Competitors?

Being aware of all the options on the market is important, especially knowing that you’re going to get a good service. Having reviewed Dizly extensively against it’s core competitor set, we’ve outlined below what makes it a good option.

AppOfferingDelivery TimeLocationsDownloads
DrizlyBeer, wine and liquor 60 mins180 locations1M+
SauceyBeer, liquor, wine, ice & ice cream30 mins21 cities100k+
MinibarWine, beer, liquor, ice, mixers30 mins100+ cities100k+
7Now3000+ items (Alcohol & Food)30 mins200 cities1M+
DoordashFood & alcohol3-5 days4000 cities10M+
drizly alcohol delivery app

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So there you have it. Our Drizly alcohol delivery review. If convenience, cost and choice are important to you, we expect you won’t go far wrong by using Drizly to deliver your alcohol.

Other apps offer similar services with things such as food and tobacco, but we sometimes get the feeling that they may be a ‘jack of all trades’.

Drizly offers one thing and one thing only, quick, reliable and relatively cheap alcohol, delivered direct to your door with a minimum of fuss.

They seem determined to make this work and it shows.    

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