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With subscription boxes all the rage, there is nothing you cannot have delivered at your doorstep. The world of convenience services have arrived and are here to stay. Imagine if you could get top quality meat without worrying about cut quality or pieces, how fantastic would that be? Might even appear to be too good to be true. Well, it is not. Enter Butcher Box, a meat subscription service ready to serve all meat lovers the best quality beef, chicken, and pork around.

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However, if you have never heard of the Butcher Box, it is time to get yourself acquainted so you can get all the benefits it offers. Read on as we provide you with all the information you could need regarding this service. We will give you tips on how you can get the most out of your Box.

What is ButcherBox?

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Butcher Box is a meat subscription business that delivers high-quality meat anybody can trust.

The meat is 100% grass-fed with pasture-fed beef, organic chicken, heritage pork, and wild Alaskan salmon.

The Butcher Box stresses the importance of quality, and how they can continuously work to make their products better. Their goal is to ensure quality in every piece so you can get all the nutrition.

The company strives to establish a world where all folks can get the best for their loved ones. All of their products are raised with the utmost love and care, and they strictly keep antibiotics, added hormones or any harmful medicinal options away from their animals.

How Does Butcherbox Work?


Butcher Box takes away the hassle of shopping and searching for the perfect meat. Its official site offers numerous subscription options and gives flexibility in what types of meat you want in each Box. You can get on to the website, sign up, and then choose what sort of box you prefer, what size, and how often you want the delivery: twice a week, monthly, or monthly.

Butcher Box Ordering Options

The company offers five box options to choose from when you wish to order. There are four curated box choices and an opportunity to build your custom box to determine precisely what you want according to your needs. When you go through the ordering procedure, you have a handful of ways to customize the Box.

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Each of the five options can come in a standard (classic) size and a large box. The weight of the contents relies on what you order. There are also tons of add-ons, which can be packed in the Box along with monthly specials. You will get an option between a combination of beef, pork, chicken, and different add-ons for particular cuts like salmon, turkey, and lamb (it also depends solely on the availability due to the season)

A custom box enables you to decide what goes into your Butcher Box from the twenty various cuts of beef, chicken, and pork. While the custom box provides you ample control, it is more costly by about 20%.

You can also decide upon the frequency of your packages. Choose between a bi-monthly and a monthly subscription and have a say in delaying or changing your subscription regularity at any time. This makes it genuinely convenient if you have any vacation plans, or you ended up having some leftover meat, so you do not need more.

How Much Does Butcher Box Cost?

The standard size mixed Box costs $129. The classic Box encompasses eight to eleven pounds of meat that can bring about 24 meals. The big Box is $238 and encompasses sixteen to twenty-two pounds of meat, equaling forty-eight meals.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what every meat costs

Ground Beef$7.50 per pound
NY Strip Steak$17.60 per pound
Chuck roast$8.44 per pound
Pork Tenderloin$12.00 per pound
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast$8.00 per pound
Pork Chops$7.00 per pound

Regardless of where you are buying the meat from, be it the grocery store, or utilizing a supply system like Butcher Box, the fact remains that high-quality meat is not cheap and if it is then it is not of good standard. However, if the quality is crucial to you, you can always make it work.

Hopefully this gives you a flavor for how much does butcherbox cost.

How Much Meat Comes in One Box?

The company changes the classic size mixed Box each month to keep you on your toes with what comes in a butcher box. Here is an example of what a classic month box can offer:

  • Two pounds of grass-fed ground beef
  • Two grass-fed New York Strip Steaks
  • Four grass-fed Top Sirloin Steak
  • One pound of Whole Heritage Pork Tenderloin
  • Three pounds of Free-Range Organic Chicken Breasts

Butcher Box Review – Is Butcher Box a Good Deal?

When it comes to convenience and hassle-free meat selection, Butcher Box can prove to be a blessing. Meat enthusiasts know well the importance of a prime cut piece, and how difficult it is to get the superior quality you want.  For many people, traditionally farmed meat is a big no for there is a lack of knowledge about how the animals are getting their nutrition and if they are kept hormone-free.

These are some of the things one must not budge one. In this case, Butcher Box comes ready with its set standards to ensure all their animals are receiving precise care for their healthy growth. Butcher Box works with the best meat processing facilities and deals with companies and farmers committed to doing the best by continually seeking ways to improve.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Butcher Box


  • Great Packaging – All the meat comes in an environmentally friendly packaging, the pieces are placed well and are packed firmly with dry ice to keep its quality fresh.
  • Exceptional Taste – For meat lovers, the taste is everything, and Butcher Box meat offers that in spades! The company works hard to ensure the meat has a high-grade taste, so even the kids can appreciate a good burger.
  • Value for Money – When you get your first peek into Butcher Box, it can seem pricey; however, when you take time to assess how much you generally spend on meat and still get unsatisfactory quality, you might realize you are spending too much. Therefore, Butcher Box saves hassle and money.
  • Time-Saving – For folks with limited time at hand, anything that offers to save their time can be a blessing. Butcher Box is as much about the top quality as it is about time-saving. For many, purchasing high-quality meat implies shopping at numerous stores. The time it can to conclude which shop you should go to first can be an ordeal. All these worries go out the window because Butcher Box delivers everything at the doorstep. You can lounge comfortably on your sofa and decide what you want and rest assured it would be delivered via a few clicks on their website.


  • Requires planning ahead – With a subscription like this, you need to plan ahead and order timely because the delivery can take time
  • Promo Codes – Promo codes are only usable for the time you sign-up. You cannot use them for future orders.
  • Price – It can be a bit pricey for those on tight budgets.


5/5 For Selection, Taste & Quality
The Butcherbox offers a wide selection of top quality meat, delivering a great taste, value for money and it will save you plenty of time as they deliver right to your doorstep. See Price on Butcherbox

Where Does Butcher Box Meat Come From?

If you’re wondering where does butcherbox get their meat, you’ll be happy to hear the answer.

Butcher Box sources their meat from ranchers they trust wholeheartedly. That implies working closely with companies that have the same passion for meat. Their pasture-raised and grass-finished beef arrives from Australia. If you wonder why Australia? Then it is due to the balmy environment where the cattle roam happy and free. Also, as the US grass-fed trade thrives, they continue to explore domestic partnerships.

Their pork and chicken come from Canada and the US, and their special items like wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, turkey, and lamb come from the US.

Is Butcher Box Meat Organic?

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Butcher Box beef, chicken, and pork are sourced from amazing farms that claim to raise the outstanding quality meat possible.

With that said, the only meat that Butcher Box labels as truly organic is their chicken.

However, should that be cause for concern as it could mean the other meats are not quality? Absolutely not!

Many tend to confuse the word organic with being a testament to something being of top-notch quality. However, when it comes to meat, a lot goes into it, and being organic cannot explain things thoroughly. Here is a detailed look at how the animals are fed and raised.

Butcher Box beef is titled ‘grass-fed, grass-finished’ and is not the same thing as organic. Meat that arrives from grain-fed cows can be tagged organic so long that the grain they were provided was organic. The conclusion is that Butcher Box sources their meat from ranches that nourish their animals’ natural settings.

Butcher Box also gives a comprehensive explanation of how animals are raised and how they are fed to ensure you are buying the highest quality.


Their chicken is raised on a completely organic diet with thorough medical checkups to ensure their healthy growth. They also get:

  • Outdoor access with unique enhancements
  • A nutritious diet of forage + certified organic all-vegetarian feed
  • Non-GMO verified


The Butcher Box is grass-finished. That means that their cattle are unrestricted and can roam on the grassy pastures throughout their lives, consuming their natural sustenance of grass. Owing to the climate, they feed all year-round. Grass-fed beef offers outstanding flavor and gives amazingly notorious benefits, and people can feel at ease about consuming grass-finished beef.

The beef also gets

  • Sources of Omega-3
  • Vitamins and minerals


Their heritage breed possesses excellent quality and healthy growth. Heritage breed pigs are unique because their natural, old-world genetics indicate that they acquire the fine marbling and tremendous flavor that nature intended for them during their passive maturation process.

The pigs get:

  • Bedding out in the big barns
  • Outdoor access
  • A nutritious diet of forage and complete vegetarian feed

How to Get the Best Out of Butcher Box?

For anyone, budgeting their groceries is an absolute necessity. Therefore, if you wish to get the best out of your Butcher Box, here are some strategies.

meat subscription box

Custom Box: Pick a custom box and choice cuts of meat that can go a long way. For example, an entire chicken, significant cuts of beef, pork rear, etc. You spend a little more, but you get an extra cut of meat (six cuts instead of five cuts in the classic Box), and you have the liberty to choose what cuts you prefer.

Deals for Members: Companies are always striving to make things better for their members to be happy and stay with them. Make sure to check your emails and avail of all special member deals when they are offered. As promotions like bacon and ground beef for life roll around, you can buy them as a member for a one-time charge and then have them in your Box forever. Small details like these will go a long way in making the Subscription much better for you.

If you acquired a For Life offer, but then another one arrives, you can get that one, too.  That way, you can get bacon, ground beef, and wings for life. The one-time cost compensates for itself fast and makes everything worth it. 

Utilize discount codes: Butcher Box proposes $30 off on referring a friend that you can apply to your order.

Some Smart Tips on Creating Your Custom Box:

  • Beef and pork are better calorie-induced, so go further than chicken and seafood
  • Search for items where you get two pounds or more per choice
  • Try to add ground beef and bacon like an add-on option, so you get more for your money
  • Roasts are the way to go! You can generally get the most meat for your spending with roasts. If you slow cook or choose an instant pot, they cook easy and can be so tender they melt in your mouth.
  • If you have some special gathering coming up, opt for a selection of a steak pack. Butcher Box others the best NY strips or you can always opt for scallops. 

Who is Butcher Box Ideal for?

When it comes to food, people can have particular preferences, and meat is no exception. Some people can have strict specifics about how they want their meat to be. This meal-delivery service can be excellent for those who:

No.Butcher Box is ideal for those who
1.Are apprehensive about the excellence of meat they are eating. For some consumers, quality is essential, and so is the case with Butcher Box. Therefore, that is precisely what they will give you.
2.Are very particular about where their meat is coming from and what feed the animals consume. Or if they need strictly grass-fed and organic options for health reasons
3.Find it hard to get a local source for grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and organically raised chicken. Some people reside nowhere near a farm and get very few grocery store options, so for them, Butcher Box can be a boon because they will not have access to this grade of meat otherwise.
4.Appreciate having someone else do the shopping for them. Grocery shopping is not for everyone; some people prefer nothing more than to tell what they want and have it brought to them. With a Butcher Box subscription, one can exclude deciding on “meat” from their list every month.
5.Enjoy better and neater cuts of meat. By default, the monthly Subscription will comprise cuts of meat that are not likely to be affordable and easily attainable. 
6.Prefer a range of options and would appreciate having freedom in what they want in their Box. The custom option is a unique yet highly beneficial option.

Is Butcher Box Worth It?

With everything explained, the big question is that is the Butcher Box worth it? The answer is yes. Although the Butcher Box is not cheap, based on taste, quality, and immense convenience are worth considering. 

butcher box subscriiption

For some consumers, getting a big slab of meat at the lowest price can be the ideal situation; however, what about the flavor, quality, and origins of that meat? These factors can be a little problematic, and in the end, all that matters is the quality you are consuming. When you focus on better instead of bigger, it can show you a completely different spectrum of things. Here are a few reasons why Butcher Box is worth it.

Guaranteed Quality

Knowing you are consuming quality humanely, raised meat that tastes incredible can make a world of difference for you and your family. Not only is meat healthier, but eating quality always means it has extra nutrition, so you need less of it to provide your body what it needs. It also helps with keeping your digestive system fine.

Although your first question might be how much is butcher box. Keep in mind the quality of the meat will make you never question the price again.


The actual value of Butcher Box shows up when you add in your time. You are spending money for excellence and convenience. If you are purchasing high-quality proteins, you possibly have to assess multiple stores. The time it can take to agree on what to add to your shopping list, riding to the store and purchasing can sum up fast. This is not a concern when you opt for the Butcher Box.

It Can Simplify Life

When you subscribe to a mixed box, they take the fuss away from you and decide what you will be eating that month, and truthfully, it can be very freeing.  However, if you are picky, you can always opt for the custom box.

When you have to make a small choice every day, you do not think much about how it can affect your time, and can only focus on the cost and benefits. Sometimes you have to think past the initial cost of a thing to comprehend what you are gaining in the end.

If you assess things this way instead of only fixating on the price, you will better grasp what things have to offer.

Is Butcher Box marginally less expensive or even in some cases, a little more than the meat at the store? Well, yes. However, the time you can save by not worrying about what to get yet still have the best to feed your family is what makes Butcher Box worth it.

Add in the fact that you get a custom option when it comes to meat is not something commonly available. When you put everything in perspective, then Butcher Box can be a fantastic service.

ButcherBox provide you with an extensive guide on how you need to safely store, freeze, and thaw the meat. By following the USDA recommended guidelines you can keep your family safe and healthy.

How to Cancel Butcher Box?

Although this service provides many advantages, it is still necessary to understand how you can cancel or delay your subscription. You can postpone your next Box or cancel your membership, with zero hidden fees or penalties, any time. However, you must do it smartly and before the next billing date.  

cancel butcher box

The company recommends delaying the order when you need things to suit your schedule.  You can go with the default option to delay the delivery for up to four weeks or utilize the calendar feature to select any future date for the next delivery. 

To cancel, you must visit the Box settings on the account page. At the bottom, under Subscription Perks, you can click Delay Next Delivery to delay and Stop Subscription to cancel the membership. The site will prompt you to answer a few questions so the company can understand how they can better themselves or if something was not up to standards for you. 

Dealing with Butcher Box is very straightforward and effective, so you do not have to wait for the Subscription to cancel or stress over any additional farewell costs.

Final Words

Consuming sustainable foods, particularly meats, produced naturally, organically, and humanely is something everyone desires. It is the goal of every person to get the best for their family.

With Butcher Box, it all boils down to knowing where your meat is coming from and how thoroughly the animals receive the care and feeding.  Other than feeling better about the best-sourced meat coming right at your door, it also works wonders in providing adequate nutrition for your loved ones.

When you contemplate the overall standard of the meat, the proportions you receive, and the fact about the delivery’s environmental influence, the cost of Butcher Box subscription seems adequate.

Add in the aspect of it saving time and energy when you feel indecisive about what to buy. Butcher Box can lend a helping hand in planning your meat consumption considerably.

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