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I tried Daily Harvest for a full month and want to provide you with insight into my experience. Read the full review to find out if it would be a good option for you.

The biggest hurdle most of us face is not getting enough time to prepare healthy meals. When you are juggling a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to always eat healthily, and most of us rely on takeout or frozen food.

Eating healthy is crucial as it directly impacts your mood, energy levels and lifestyle. Therefore, Daily Harvest offers a delivery service of healthy pre-portioned food at your doorstep saving you hassle and time.

Built on fruits + vegetables. Delivered to your door, and ready in minutes.

daily harvest review

What Is Daily Harvest?

Rating: 5 out of 5.
daily harvest

Daily Harvest is a weekly and monthly meal kit subscription that delivers healthy, pre-portioned, ready-to-eat vegan meals at your doorstep. Both dieticians and chefs prepare the meals that Daily Harvest provides to ensure quality and flavor.

Each of their dishes are perfectly crafted by their in house chefs and nutritionists. Their frozen dishes are perfect for those who want to enjoy a meal on the go or prepare something in five minutes or less.

When you sign up on the website you’ll get the option to build a custom box and select how many cups you would like. (Pick between 9, 12, 24) You’ll also get to choose the delivery options of weekly or monthly.

No longer do you have an excuse that you don’t have time to eat healthy. Daily Harvest is your solution.

Laura Ritterman
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Key Benefits

1. All Natural Ingredients

The dishes consist of all-natural ingredients and are 98% organic with no genetically modified organisms (GMO). The food is dairy-free, plant-based, and beneficial for people on a vegan or gluten-free diet.

harvest bowl

2. Sizeable Serving Containers

Everything they deliver arrives in a decent-sized container. The ingredients are frozen and can be put into the freezer for months without losing freshness and nutrients. You can get a monthly subscription or order 6, 9, 12, or 24 cups at once.

3. Easy To Prepare

They are easy to make and hardly take a minute or five minutes to get done, depending on your meal. The dishes are perfect for breakfast, a light lunch, and a nutrient-packed dinner.

4. Broad Range of Food

They offer a wide range of food to choose from, including smoothies, snack bites, flatbread, soups, oat bowls, plant-based ice-cream, chia bowls, lattes, and harvest bowls that are rich in minerals and nutrients.

5. Nutritious Ingredients

Each container has nuts, seeds, fresh-frozen fruits, vegetables, spices, and superfoods. The cups have ingredients written on the outside. Additionally, there are no added preservatives or anything that may cause you harm.

6. Recycling

The company cares about the planet and has a dedicated section with a comprehensive recycling guide.

How Does Daily Harvest Work?

Daily Harvest makes it convenient for people to consume more fruits and vegetables with their ready-to-eat meals. The ingredients are 98% organic, gluten-free, plant-based, and also contain no additives.

Daily Harvest works as a weekly (6, 9, and 12 cups per week) or monthly (24 cups per month) meal kit plan. Manage your orders online via the Daily Harvest app (which is only available for iOS) or through their official website. I ordered the monthly cups to really test out the service.

There is a wide range of flavors available to satisfy your tastebuds. You can choose from 80 delicious yet nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Select your preferred flavor, ingredients, and pick how many bowls you want to be delivered at your doorstep.

Everything Daily Harvest delivers is frozen, so you can freeze it until you are ready to eat. You can freeze them for up to 6 months. The meals have plenty of nutrients and are so good that you can’t get enough of them.

You can change your subscription plan for each delivery, add extra items, change package sizes, manage orders, and skip weeks as well, which is convenient if something comes up or you have to travel.

Skip, pause or cancel anytime


Is Daily Harvest Worth It?

Daily Harvest offers a wide range of meals to be delivered right at your door. The food is clean, 98% organic, delicious, and high in quality. The process of prepping the food takes only 2 to 5 minutes, maximum.

You get a wide variety of food and flavors to choose from, and each container has a ton of nutritional value and health benefits. It is convenient and hassle-free. It also helps you consume more fruits and vegetables. So, yes, the Daily Harvest is worth it.

Advantages & Disadvantages

There were many things I really liked about the service but what stuck out for me was the quality and amount of time I saved as a result. There are definitely some shortfalls you can read below.


  • Saves Time – It is hassle-free and saves time. Perfect for those who want something on the go, while staying healthy.
  • Easy to make – The daily harvest is designed to take the pain out of making food. These are so easy to make.
  • High Quality – Not only are the options nutritious but they’re also delicious. It is entirely plant-based and is 98% organic.
  • Paleo Friendly – It has 20 paleo-friendly options. It is gluten-free and non-dairy and consists of all natural ingredients.
  • You’re in control – Fully customize your order to the number of cups you would like to the frequency, whether that’s weekly or monthly.


  • Diet – It is not suitable for those with severe food allergies. It is not useful for people on special diets (keto). Every ingredient is not organic.
  • Portions – Meals are pre-portioned and may not be fulfilling for adults.
  • Expensive – It can be a bit pricey for those on tight budgets. But you have the benefit of it being hassle free.


5/5 For Selection, Taste & Quality
The Daily Harvest offers a wide selection of quality dishes, delivering a great taste, value for money and it will save you plenty of time as they deliver right to your door step. See Price on Daily Harvest

How Much Does the Daily Harvest Cost?

The cost of Daily Harvest usually depends on the meal and how many meals you are ordering at once. The company provides discounts on larger orders. The cost varies for each item.

ItemHarvest bowlsFlatbreadsSoupsSmoothiesOat bowlsChia bowlsBites (7)Ice cream (pint)Lattes (3)

The cost of chia bowls and oat bowls is $5.99 (per bowl) and $8.99 (per serving) for harvest bowls, flatbreads, and scoops of plant-based ice-cream.

However, you save more money on larger orders:

  • You get $5 off on any order of 9 to 11 items.
  • You get $10 off on any order of 12 to 23 items.
  • You get $20 off on any order of 24 to 26 items.

Each container from the weekly subscription plan (for 6, 9, and 12 cups) costs $7.49 to $7.99 (per serving), but if you opt for a monthly subscription plan (for 24 cups), you will be spending around $167.76 (which is $6.99 per cup).

You would not have to pay extra delivery charges or taxes as they are included in each item’s initial charges.

The price of the meals is affordable, considering the delicious taste, amount of ingredients, and health benefits you get from it. On top of that, you get everything delivered at your doorstep, which saves time and energy.

Promo Code: WELCOME20 – $20 Off Your First Order

What Do I Need To Add To My Smoothie?

As each container of smoothie contains lots of frozen nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, spices, and superfoods, it requires a bit of fluid to blend. You can use any type of liquid, depending on your preference. You can use water, oat milk, regular milk, almond milk, coconut water, etc.

There are smoothie-specific suggestions written on the side of the cup to make it easier for you, and you can find them on the product page as well.

Are Daily Harvest Smoothies Healthy?

In short, yes, their smoothies are healthy and loaded with nutrients that offer many health benefits. However, each container does not have enough calories to fulfill your daily requirement of 2,400 to 3,000 calories (per day).

The Daily Harvest smoothies are delicious and made with 98% organic and natural ingredients. They are gluten-free, non-dairy (unless you add milk yourself), entirely plant-based, no added sugar, and contain no genetically modified organisms (GMO).

A chef prepares each container of smoothie under the supervision of a nutritionist. There are several smoothie flavors to choose from that are not only tasty but rich in nutrients. Some of the flavors include:

1. Mango and Greens Smoothie

The mango and greens smoothie has that classic smoothie taste to it and has all organic ingredients that include mango, spinach, cucumber, coconut, lime, and camu camu.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

This smoothie is rich in fiber, Vitamin A, B, C, and K, iron, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, flavonoids, and several other minerals and nutrients. These are beneficial for your eyes, liver, and metabolism, and they also help make your skin glow.

Calories: 130 calories per serving.

2. Cherry Tart and Raspberry Smoothie

The cherry tart and raspberry smoothie contain blueberries, cauliflower, and a creamy, tangy flavor with a tinge of sweetness from the figs.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

This smoothie is fulfilling yet contains fewer calories. It is high in Vitamin C and K that are beneficial for healthy cells, bones, and gums. Raspberries boost the immune system and improve your bowel movement. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, and cherries are nutritious and promote brain health.

Calories per Container: 120 calories per serving.

3. Banana and Greens Smoothie

The banana and greens smoothie has a refreshing flavor with a little bit of sweetness from the banana. It consists of entirely organic ingredients and contains cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon, and wheatgrass.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

This smoothie has plenty of fiber, iron, potassium, fructooligosaccharides (that encourages the growth of friendly bacteria), and antioxidants (that increase your energy, regulate your blood temperature, aid digestion, and improve immunity). The kale detoxifies the liver and helps keep it healthy.

Calories per Container: Each container of banana and green smoothie has 120 calories per serving.

4. Strawberry and Peach Smoothie

The strawberry and peach smoothie has a creamy texture and sweet, tangy flavor. It contains all the organic ingredients, including bananas, raspberries, flaxseed, gluten-free oats, and goji berries.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

This smoothie contains nutrients, antioxidants, Vitamin C, fiber, and protein. It has minerals like iron and potassium that improve heart health, boost metabolism, immunity, and help maintain a healthy weight, preventing diabetes and cancer.

Calories per Container: 140 calories per serving.

5. Chai and Coconut Smoothie

The chai and coconut smoothie has a soothing taste. It contains chopped zucchini, coconut, cauliflower, vanilla, black pepper, hemp protein, MCT oil, chai spice, and dates. All the ingredients are organic.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

The ingredients may sound a little unusual. However, this has essential nutrients like Vitamin C and K, essential fats, antioxidants, protein, fiber, and minerals like iron, potassium, and manganese. These improve your concentration, ease digestive problems, fight inflammation, and boost your immunity and brainpower.

Calories per Container: 230 calories per serving.

6. Acai and Cherry Smoothie

The acai and cherry smoothie is perfect for berry lovers. It has all-natural and organic ingredients, including cherries, blueberries, banana, raspberries, acai, and kale.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

This smoothie has several superfoods that offer anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, sulfur, calcium, iron, and Vitamin C, K, B, etc. When combined, all of those essential nutrients and minerals protect against UV damage, prevent heart and liver diseases, boost your immunity, and so much more.

Calories per Container: 140 calories

7. Chocolate and Blueberry Smoothie

The chocolate and blueberry smoothie get a rich flavor from dark chocolate and a refreshing, tangy flavor from blueberries. It has banana, spinach, cacao, almonds, and maca, making it all too tasty and fulfilling.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

Each ingredient is organic and has tons of nutrients, antioxidants, fructooligosaccharides, Vitamin K, A, and B, dietary fiber, amino acids, and minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, and iron.

These nutrients and minerals support the eyes, liver, improves heart health, ease digestion problems, repair tissues, boost your energy, etc.

Calories per Container: 280 calories per serving.

8. Carrot and Cinnamon Smoothie

The carrot and cinnamon smoothie has a creamy texture and contains all-natural and organic ingredients, including banana, carrot, walnut, sweet potato, cinnamon, black chia seeds, etc.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

It is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, Vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties, iron, potassium, and so much more.

The nutritious values of this smoothie improve digestion, blood circulation, concentration, and brain health. Nutmeg provides relaxation and promotes kidney health.

Calories per Container: 310

9. Mint and Cacao Smoothie

The cacao and mint smoothie has a healthy and refreshing yet rich flavor. It contains banana, chlorella, cashew, peppermint, spinach, pumpkin seeds, vanilla, cacao nibs, and cashew butter. Every ingredient is organic.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

It is anti-inflammatory and rich in nutrients like Vitamin K, A, B, and dietary fiber. Furthermore, it contains minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, and manganese. These reduce diabetes and heart disease risk and boost immunity and serotonin levels, relieve indigestion, and may improve your brain function.

Calories: 250 calories

“I’ve found after trying this for the last 2 months that it is perfect for those looking to eat well throughout the day. If you struggle to balance time and eat healthy, this is going to be the solution to work with your busy schedule.”

Laura Ritterman

How Do I Cancel My Plan?

If you want to cancel your plan, go to the official website (or the Daily Harvest app). You will find a “My Plan” tab; click on it and then select the “Manage Plan” tab. In the pop-up window, press “Plan Status.” You will find an “Edit Plan” tab on the bottom right corner; then, click on “Cancel My Plan.”

In order to successfully cancel your DH subscription, you will be asked to complete a brief customer service survey and then select “Submit and Cancel My Plan.”

But make sure to do it before 6 pm (Eastern time) on Sunday. Otherwise, your plan cancellation will not work until your following delivery is scheduled to dispatch.

Where Is the Daily Harvest Located and Where Do They Ship From?

The company headquarters are in Manhattan, N.Y. The customer experience team of the West Coast has a satellite office located in Salt Lake City in Utah. The company has a team of software engineers located in Princeton, New Jersey, in the United States.

The Daily Harvest currently delivers to 95% of the states of America. To check your delivery zone on the DH , go to the website’s homepage, click on “Get Started,” and enter your email address and area’s zip code.

Who Is Daily Harvest Ideal For?

This might be an excellent option for people who want to eat more plant-based food but do not get enough time to make it. It allows you to consume more healthy food conveniently. The best part is that it lasts for about six months, so you can always freeze it for later.

You can order and choose from a wide range of moreish meals for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. The food is healthy and contains fewer calories than your regular smoothies as it has no added preservatives or sugar. It is good for people on a vegan diet as all the ingredients are natural, 98% organic, non-dairy, and gluten-free.

It is perfect for everyone, as it contains no harmful ingredients or additives. Each item on the menu has plenty of nutritional value and health benefits. The main ingredients are nuts, seeds, vegetables, farm-fruits, spices, and superfoods. These are rich in antioxidants, protein, vitamins, fiber, and other tons of healthy essential nutrients.

Are Harvest Bowls Healthy?

harvest bowls

The company offers a variety of items on their menu, including harvest bowls. The harvest bowls are entirely organic, non-GMO, and made with 100% natural ingredients. There are no added preservatives or additives.

The meals are not only healthy but flavorful too. The harvest bowl is loaded with health benefits and has tons of different flavors and ingredients. These were the bowls I tried when ordering.

1. Broccoli and Cheese Harvest Bowl

The broccoli and cheese harvest bowl tastes like a broccoli and cheese sauce (which is tasty) and has other ingredients like cauliflower, tomato, olive oil, sweet potato, and nutritional yeast. Every ingredient is organic, with no added preservatives.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

The harvest bowl is not only delicious but nutritious too. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamins A, C, K, and E, fiber, and minerals like magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

It gets beta carotene from sweet potato and the antibacterial boost from yeast. All of the nutrients and minerals provide a strong immune system, helps ease digestion, healthy skin and cells, etc.

Calories per Bowl: 370

2. Spinach and Shiitake Grits Harvest Bowl

The spinach and shiitake grits harvest bowl has a rich, creamy flavor. It consists of all-natural and organic ingredients that include gluten-free millet, cauliflower, shiitake, spinach, Himalayan sea salt, basil, and cashew.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

This harvest bowl contains minerals and nutrients that include iron, magnesium, and dietary fiber with antibacterial properties. These help boost immunity and support the eyes, liver, and ease digestion.

Calories per Bowl: 200

cauliflower rice

Would I Recommend Daily Harvest?

To summarise my Daily Harvest review, in my opinion, it is a great and convenient way to enjoy delicious yet healthy food. I appreciated the time it saved sand hardly takes five minutes to start enjoying. You can customize your order, change box sizes, and add extra ingredients. So this is a service our editors are happy to recommend.

Furthermore, Daily Harvest offers smoothies, soups, lattes, bites, cookies, harvest bowls, and oat or chia bowls. The meals are tasty and fulfilling. However, you may still need to buy groceries because it is not enough for the whole family.

Daily Harvest also offers all-natural and organic ingredients. Additionally, it is sugar-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and there are no added preservatives. It is plant-based and ideal for people on a vegan diet. Daily Harvest offers 20 items suitable for the paleo diet as well.

To sum it up, the Daily Harvest is delicious, easy to make, rich in nutrients, and worth the money.

5/5 For Selection, Convenience & Quality
The Daily Harvest offers a wide selection of quality dishes, delivering a great taste, value for money and it will save you plenty of time as they deliver right to your door step. See Price on Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest Meal Delivery Service
Daily Harvest Review 1

Daily Harvest is sweeping the nation and after trying out their service for 2 months I'm now providing you with my honest and detailed experience.

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