5 Best Alcohol Delivery Apps


The internet has revolutionised everything in our lives. Things that would have required us to go out for the afternoon can now conveniently be ordered to our very doorstep (often within 24 hours, or sometimes even quicker!) When we combine this with the mobility of modern mobile phones, which are more or less handheld computers, we have a no-nonsense, touch of-a-button system that goes with us everywhere.

Whether you want a catch a taxi, buy your food for the week or order a full working home cinema system, app developers have found their niche and are pushing convenience and ease of purchase.

Purchasing alcohol is no exception. By downloading an app and making a selection on your screen, you can order enough alcohol to sink a battleship. Or perhaps just one really nice bottle of wine?

alcohol delivery app

Most people like the occasional drink (or two) and as a result companies have seen that there is a huge market for people who want to buy alcohol. As a result, there are literally hundreds of apps out there offering similar services. But which one is the best? We would suggest the one that offers you the products you want, at a reasonable price, with reasonable delivery times, oh and don’t forget the app should be easy to use too!

Pricing can be a minor issue, expect to pay a little extra as there is an added ‘convenience fee’, after all somebody has to pay the driver! But that said, if you register your details (which you’ll have to in order to get delivery) it is standard practice to be given an introductory offer. If you are smart about it, you might register with a few apps and enjoy a brief time of discounted delivery from several. We’ve listed several of the current discount codes below.

Which app is the best to use? Well as we said there are a lot to choose from. We have tested these services to bring you our honest opinion of the best on demand alcohol delivery apps in the US today. Some are also available in Canada.

What Are The Best Alcohol Delivery Apps?

AppOfferingDelivery TimeLocationsDownloads
DrizlyBeer, wine and liquor 60 mins180 locations1M+
SauceyBeer, liquor, wine, ice & ice cream30 mins21 cities100k+
MinibarWine, beer, liquor, ice, mixers30 mins100+ cities100k+
7Now3000+ items (Alcohol & Food)30 mins200 cities1M+
DoordashFood & alcohol3-5 days4000 cities10M+

1. Drizly

drizly review

What they offer: Beer, wine and liquor all available to be delivered in 60 minutes or scheduled to pick up later.

You know all of those good features we talked about above? Well Drizly offers them all. Local alcohol delivery now is just a few clicks away. When you find yourself caught short, then time is of the essence. With Drizly you can eliminate this problem. Simply download the app, register your details and click to your hearts content. The beauty of Drizly is that it employs it’s services using local stores. The advantage of this is that no sooner have you clicked, than your order is transferred to a shop nearby. It is normal practice that you will receive your purchases within an hour of paying. Click, pay, wait, drink! What could be better?

The app is pretty intuitive and if you are used to online shopping in any capacity whatsoever, then it is really straightforward. You also have an option to pick up, so if you are passing by and want to make a bulk order or reserve something in advance then this could be the way to go. This is the ideal gift to give your family or friends.

Promotion: $5 off your order.

Available: iOS & Android app stores.

Reviews: 65k+ iOS app store reviews, 13.4k on Google Play

Downloads: 1M+

Locations: As per their website, they currently service 180 markets in the US, meaning you’re likely to find the service near you. They’ve even launched in Alberta Canada

2. Saucey


What they offer: On-demand 30 min delivery or 2-day shipping

Ok we’ll be upfront with you right from the get go, Saucey is not the cheapest alcohol delivery app. So why is it on our list? Well simply put, the app is super user friendly. Furthermore if you are sat there in your PJ’s and really, really don’t want to go out, in the words of Saucey’s own marketing team “staying in just got a whole lot better” as they offer a few extras that really make using this app worthwhile.

Aside from vast quantities of alcohol Saucey offer delivery of other things for the perfect naughty treat. Whether your vice is the occasional hand rolled cigarette or some sweet and savoury snacks, Saucey should have you covered. It’s not just limited to pyjama parties however. Let’s say you are hosting a cocktail evening. The app lets you choose the cocktails that you are going to make, and gives suggestions on ‘packages’ in order to be able to construct them perfectly. If you aren’t sure of what cocktail to make, the app has a useful feature, you can choose your flavours and they will do the hard work for you. Ours is an espresso martini, easy on the espresso!

Offer: $5 discount on your first order.

Available: iOS & Android app stores.

Reviews: 24.5k iOS, 839 on Google Play

Downloads: 100k+ (Google Play)

Locations: The company offer their on-demand service to a limited number of cities, although they are continuing to operate in new cities. These include; Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Fresno, Inland Empire, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Orange County, Orlando, SF East Bay, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley, South Bay LA, Tampa, & Washington DC. 2 day shipping available in NY and CA.

3. Minibar


What they offer: On-Demand Alcohol Delivery: Order for now, or schedule for later.

Whilst it has a catchy name minibar is not literal, in that you can’t have your drinks the same day. But that what you trade in same hour convenience you more than make up for in price. Minibar offers quite a few really good deals, and by ‘good’ we mean ‘cheap’. With regards to the selection of drinks available there are the old favourites such as beers and wines, but with an additional twist.

Because this is effectively a mail order service you may find the odd rare treat hiding amongst the stacks of bottles. For specialist liquors, limited edition drinks and things maybe not available in your local store, this app may very well provide the perfect solution.

Offer: $10 discount on your first order. Use discount code MINIBARAPP

minibar app

Available: iOS & Android app stores.

Reviews: 4.1k iOS, 380 on Google Play. Reviews on their iOS app are extemely positive, however Android customers displayed frustration with the app and this is reflected in the current app rating.

Downloads: 100k+ (Google Play)

Locations: Available in 100+ cities inlcuding but not limited to the following: Albany, Aspen, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, El Paso, Fort Collins, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Worth, Hartford, Hoboken, Houston, Jacksonville, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Haven, New Orleans, New York, Newark, Oakland, Orlando, Palm Beach, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, St.Paul, Stamford, Tampa, Tucson, Washington DC, Westchester, Westport and more!

4. 7Now

7 now delivery app

What they offer: 7-11 delivered to your door, for that extra convenience, oh and all in the space of 30 minutes. Unlike the other options this includes choosing from a selection of over 3000+ items and counting. Should you desire beer, wine, liquor, snack, household items, it’s all a few clicks away.

Well named we say! 7NOW offer many similar services to the previous apps, however much more as alcohol represents a fraction of their overall offering. Best of all 7NOW even boasts that they can have your delivery at your door within 30 minutes. The choice of drinks you are provided with will be numerous, but bear in mind as a local same day service there can be limitations and substitutes provided depending on the stock at your nearest participating store.

As mentioned, 7NOW don’t only offer drinks either. If you have decided you have other needs they also supply everything in store making convenience a top priority. The price structure due to their size is competitive, it is not the most expensive alcohol delivery app out there and offers a really decent compromise between speed, selection and cost. Did we mention, they even have a 24/7 service.

Offers: As of writing this, 7NOW offer $7 off your first order, accompanied with free delivery. To avail of this offer you can use their promotion code: 711TREAT. This offer is available today but you’ll need to verify the offer at time of checkout yourself.

Downloads: 1M+ downloads of the 7NOW app

Reviews: 68.4k on iOS and 17.7k on Android (Google Play)

Locations: 7NOW is currently available in over 200 cities. 

7now alcohol delivery

5. Doordash


What they do: Restaurant Eats & Drinks To Go

Doordash didn’t begin life as an alcohol delivery service, but this is a good thing as they have had chance to refine their services, and app UI, whilst offering a wide variety of products. Doordash do not source their alcohol from stores only, they utilise what is around you to give you the largest possible choice in your area. They use Pubs, bars, supermarkets, stores and restaurants. So, if you are looking for something smooth and refined to accompany your dinner there’s a good chance that you will be in luck.

As we’ve alluded to Doordash is more than an alcohol delivery service. If you are having one of those days where you simply want convenience then this app holds serious potential. Not only are the drinks dealt with, but potentially the food too. While ordering a bottle of your favourite plonk you can also place an order for a tasty dinner. Whether you want fast food or something lovingly prepared by a local chef, you will be able to find the perfect accompaniment.

Downloads: 10M+

Reviews: 8.7M reviews on iOS, 935k+ reviews on Google Play

Locations: 4,000+ cities in the U.S.,Canada and Australia.


Now you know the best alcohol delivery apps for iphones and android, which are only a few clicks away. The app you choose on the day should be based on your requirements. Sometimes you just want to order alcohol with an app and are not too bothered about specifics.

Sometimes you may want something a little more special or in a larger quantity. And other times you may want a range of things that don’t only include just alcohol, this can be something as all encompassing as food, or as we discovered whilst reviewing each of these apps, something as simple as a few bottles of mixer to go with whatever ‘naughty water’ you have picked.

Time available is also something that you will have to consider when choosing the best alcohol delivery app. If you have time on your hands and just want to remove one thing from your ‘to do’ list, then choosing an app that is a mail order service should suffice (and maybe help keep costs low too).

Alternatively, if you are on the way back from the bar or just haven’t managed to find time in your day to get what you need, (you were planning a party and didn’t find time to get alcohol, what were you thinking?), then you will more than likely need a service that can potentially deliver within minutes.

Whichever app you choose, pick one that suits your needs, budget and purpose. Enjoy your drinks. 

best alcohol delivery apps

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