Orange Julius Recipe


No, this isn’t the name of a Roman emperor who’s been out in the sun too long. Orange Julius is a drink with a mixture of textures and flavors that will leave you amazed. It is creamy, foamy, and just a little bit citrusy. Today, we will show you how to make it and offer some great tips to make sure that you get a perfect result. 

What is An Orange Julius?

Is it a smoothie? A juice? A shake?

The simple answer? Yes! 

This blended frothy drink is a mixture of orange juice, milk, and crushed ice with a few little extras that make it taste so great. Want to know where the froth comes from? Well, this drink also contains a little raw egg.

This drink was first invented in 1920 and has been a hit ever since!

How to Make an Orange Julius

For this recipe, you are going to need a blender.


The smoothness of the drink relies on blitzing ice. Otherwise, it just isn’t going to work. Think of it a little like a snow cone that is topped with too much liquid.

We start by pulverizing ice cubes until they are broken down into a substance that resembles snow. From there, we add other ingredients.

Such as?

We use orange juice concentrate to get it really zesty. We also add some milk to make it all creamy and smooth. One other addition is a ripe banana. This adds quite a lot of texture to the drink. We finish the whole mix off with a little sugar (because it isn’t sweet enough already), a raw egg, and a little vanilla.

Then what happens?

We give the entire thing a second whizz around the blender. From there, it is simply a case of transferring to a nice tall glass, throwing in a straw, and sipping away while having a relax and admiring your handiwork. 

Orange Julius Recipe

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Summer drinks don’t get better than this orange julius drink, which is one of a kind. From the first sip, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this drink.


  • A large handful of ice cubes

  • 1 cup 1 orange juice concentrate

  • ½ cup whole milk

  • 1 1 ripe banana

  • 3 tablespoons 3 white sugar

  • 1 1 fresh egg

  • ½ teaspoon vanilla essence

  • Whipped cream (optional)


  • Take your blender jug and add the ice cubes. Blitz on high power until you are left with a fine mixture of ice that looks sort of like snow.
  • Immediately add the orange juice, milk, banana, sugar, egg, and vanilla essence. Turn the blender up to full power and whizz until the drink is entirely smooth. You can tell when this happens as the blender will sound higher in pitch, and there won’t be any rattling
  • Pour the contents of the jug into a tall glass, serve with a straw
  • Enjoy

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Tips and Tricks

Although the ice is the first thing to go in, we recommend taking it out of the freezer last. That way, you can be sure that your ice remains cold and crystalized for as long as possible. We want this drink smooth, not watery.

The raw egg will ensure that you’ve got a really great foam ‘head’ on the top of your drink… but we realize drinking raw eggs isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like the idea of it, then you don’t have to include it. The drink tastes pretty similar without. It just won’t be quite as foamy.

If so desired, you can finish this drink off with a thick layer of whipped cream on top. Just to warn you, the orange Julius is pretty rich, so you don’t want to overdo it if you do include cream.

There are loads of variations that you can try with this drink using a similar technique. We’ve mixed and matched and found some great combinations. Give some of these a go: –

  • Mango Julius, this substitutes the OJ for mango juice
  • Pineapple Julius, swap out the orange for pineapple
  • Banana and coconut Julius. Use coconut milk with no orange juice.
  • Vegan Julius. Use a milk substitute such as almond or soy milk… oh, and definitely skip the egg.

Be sure to use ripe bananas when preparing this drink. As bananas ripen, they turn super sweet. This is a great recipe if you’ve got one that is looking a little on the brown and soft side.

You might notice that if your orange Julius is stood for a while, it begins to separate. Don’t worry. This is a natural process caused by the interaction between the orange and the milk. Just give it a stir, and you are good to go!

Presentation is everything. You don’t want to go to all that effort only to do a bad job when serving this drink. Here’s what we do. Take a mason jar style glass (the square ones with handles are super cool) and place it in the freezer half an hour before making this drink. As you pour the finished drink in, the sides bead up and frost over. It looks super!

When making this drink, you can’t afford to hang around. Make sure that you have got all of your ingredients out, prepped, and ready to go. If you want to save a little time, add all of the ingredients (other than the ice) to a large jug. That way, you can tip the entire lot in wholesale as soon as the time comes.

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Orange Julius tastes great. It must do! It isn’t often that you see drinks that are over one hundred years old! For a cool summer treat that will leave you feeling fresh (and probably slightly full), give this one a go. Have you got any variations on an orange Julius? Why not share your secret with us in the comments below. We love hearing from you guys.

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