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We brought you the recipe for the Travis Scott burger that McDonald’s released in September, which instantly became a hit with the fast food restaurant’s customers. Customers and fans of J Balvin will be delighted to know that the superstar Latin singer has agreed to partner with McDonald’s to produce the J Balvin meal.

j balvin meal

Since the superstar was a massive fan of McDonald’s and their wide array of favorite fast food dishes, the collaboration made sense. Before you get too excited, this isn’t a mixture of new ingredients introduced to their menu but rather a bundle of their existing options.

Who is J Balvin?

J Balvin, was born in Medellín Colombia and is commonly referred to as the “Prince of Reggaeton”. With more than 35 million records sold, he truly is a superstar and an award winning artist. To add to this, J Balvin has amassed over 56M monthly listeners on Spotify, making him the 3rd most streamed artist on the platform. Through collaborations with Dua Lipa and Cardi B, he has grown his audience worldwide.

j balvin

The 35 year old’s breakthrough came to light in 2014 with his hit Ginza and 6AM which reached position 2 in the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.

With 44M followers on instagram, it’s no wonder the fast food chain decided to collaborate with J Balvin. His most recent posts on the social media platform proving his reach with the videos gaining incredible traction with his followers.

What Is The J Balvin Meal?

This aptly called J Balvin Meal combines together the singer’s favorite McDonald’s menu options. These include a Big Mac, medium fries with ketchup and to finish up an Oreo McFlurry. Those in the US will be able to enjoy this meal on sale through to November 1st. It gets even better, if you order on their app you’ll get the Oreo McFlurry for free.


The meal itself should be available to customers when the Travis Scott meal limited time deal ends. The Travis Scott meal has proven to be really successful and the chain are looking to see another boost with this collaboration. With the Scott meal ultimately doing so well, the chain ran out of the necessary ingredients to fulfil orders.

Similar to the Travis Scott meal, J Balvin’s meal isn’t a brand new recipe introduced, rather they’re combining existing restaurant menu options. The celebrity type meals are certainly causing a stir and are a great way to break through their audience.

Without question these collaborations are a new marketing strategy deployed by the company to stand out from their competitors. In the current situation, apps are proving to be more popular than ever which is further helping with the chain’s massive spike in sales. By combining existing items on their menu they’ve cleverly targeted new pockets of audiences and raised awareness through household names.

McDonald’s will be releasing their 3rd quarter earning results by November. We’ll find out how successful these celebrity deals do.

nvestors will learn if these celebrity-powered stunts are successful when McDonald’s releases its third-quarter earnings, likely later this month.


The J Balvin meal is another fantastic marketing tactic used by the fast food giant to break through the noise and leverage audiences they hadn’t previously tapped into. Using celebrities with 44 million followers is certainly one way to do it.

Although this is not a new item on the menu, you’ll be delighted with the deal offering the chain offer. You can even avail of a free Oreo McFlurry when ordering through the app. Who wouldn’t enjoy the combination in this meal, it really will be another popular tactic deployed by their marketing team.

You’ll be able to find McDonald’s copycat recipes on our website so you’ll be able to recreate make many of the fast food chain’s delectable dishes.

If you’re wondering how much is the J Balvin meal mc McDonald’s? It varies in each store, however the fastest way to get this information is by downloading their app and checking the price of your local McDonald’s.

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