Fruits That Start With J


There are approximately 2000 different types of fruits in the world. Some are exotic and grown in tropical regions where exporting is very difficult. Others can be grown right in the backyard. For now, we can read about these fascinating fruits and hope that someday we can come across them! It’s fascinating to learn about the variety of fruits in the world that most people won’t ever get to see.

fruits that start with j

Want to know what are some fruits that begin with the letter j? Eleven of these fruits begin with the letter J. A few are hidden treasures and not easily available, but some are right in your local market. Read on to find out more about fruits that start with J.

11 Fruits That Start With The Letter J

1. Jujube Fruit  

The jujube fruit is a Chinese red date. It’s sweet and chewy, like the Medjool dates that are more universally used. The most popular way to eat a jujube fruit is dried. Then they are added to candies and different desserts in Asian cuisine. They can also be added as a healthy sugar substitute to some more common desserts and treats (like granola bars). They are also used as a sleep aid and for stress relief.

2. Jatoba Fruit

This fruit that begins with “J” might have the wittiest nickname – “stinking toe fruit”. They are long, brown pods that are also known as the “Brazilian cherry”. They are very tasty once you can crack through the hard pod. Why is it named the “stinking toe fruit”? Jatoba fruit is, in fact, stinky! The odor is not very pleasant at all. That’s a characteristic most people are willing to deal with because it’s so delicious.

3. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is one of the better-known fruits that begin with the letter “J”. It grows in tropical regions and the fresh fruit itself has a very short shelf-life. The fresh produce is not found easily in colder climates where it would need to be imported. Jackfruit can, however, be found canned or frozen in most supermarkets. It’s gained popularity in modern diets as a meat substitute. Some people suggest that resembles the taste and texture of pork or chicken. 

4. Jambul Fruit 

The jambul fruit is a grape-like berry that grows on invasive trees. They have been planted all over the world in warmer climates with much regret. They spread very easily and have become an aggressive species wherever they are planted. Picking the berries seems to help the spread of the plants.  The berries can be eaten raw and they can also be used to make sauce, jelly or jam.

5. Jaboticaba Fruit

Jaboticaba is grown mostly in Brazil. It’s commonly known as “the tree grape”. Jaboticaba is squeezed into a dark, rich juice or made into jam. Fermenting the fruit is another popular application which result in delicious wines and liqueurs. People also love the fruit because of its high level of natural minerals like calcium, zinc and potassium.

6. Japanese Persimmon Fruit

The Japanese persimmon fruit is a sweet, soft fruit that is harvested in the fall. Its bright orange skin is also edible. They can be eaten fresh, dried or cooked. Persimmons are a great addition to savory and spicy dishes to bring another element of sweetness. They are extremely nutritious. Persimmons are loaded with fiber and powerful antioxidants. The Japanese persimmon has a rich history in the Asian culture. They have been used for thousands of years among natives to cure headaches and body pains.

7. Jelly Palm Fruit

The jelly palm, also know as the pindo palm, comes from a palm tree. They are called jelly palm because they contain a lot of natural pectin. The fruit is about the size of a large cherry and is yellow/orange. Their flavor best resembles that of a pineapple or apricot. This is another great “J” fruit that is often used to make wine.

8. Junglesop Fruit

Junglesop fruit comes with a bit of a gamble. The fruit is only grown in Africa and can range in quality and taste. Some fruits are sweet and extremely delicious. Other times, the fruit might be sour and inedible. The junglesop fruit tastes a lot like a peach. It is one of the world’s largest fruits. They can weight as much as 6 kilograms/13 pounds!

9. Juniper Berry

The juniper berry is another one of the most popular fruits that begin with “J”. It has many purposes that expand beyond nutrition. The berries are edible, but many parts of the plant are also used to make essential oils that are used for natural medicine. One of the most popular uses for the juniper berry is to make gin. Juniper berries do have a lot of health benefits. Some of their healing benefits include helping with digestion issues, heartburn, and urinary tract infections.

10. Jostaberry

Jostaberries are a versatile fruit because they can be grown in cooler climates. The everyday gardener can include them in their growing collection. They resemble gooseberries and black currants. The jostaberries taste like a mix between a grape, blueberry and kiwi. Some of the best uses for jostaberries include jams, jellies, chutneys and relishes. The shrub the jostaberries grow on is popular plant to grow because they are not susceptible to most berry diseases.

11. Jacote Fruit

Jacote is another exotic fruit only found in tropical climates. They are also called a Jamaican plum or Ciruela (Spanish for plum). The softer the fruit is, the sweeter it will be. While it can be eaten fresh, there are a few other applications that are interesting. They can be cooked and pureed into a tangy sauce to add to savory dish. Jacote can also be pickled and served as a type of salad tossed with fresh chili peppers and salt.


There is a lot to learn about fruits that begin with “J”. The best part is that a few of these fruits can be found close-by and can be enjoyed in home kitchens. Keep an eye out next time you are at your local market and see if you can find one of these special fruits.

fruits that start with j

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