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Let’s face it, if I don’t get my cup of joe in the morning you can guarantee that I’ll be struggling to get going all the way through until lunch time. But, when the weather warms up, a steaming hot pot of coffee isn’t ideal either. So, what’s the solution? Dunkin donuts iced coffee!

It’s cool enough to drink in the warmer weather and has just the right amount of coffee to give you a boost. In this recipe we are going to show you how to make it.

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How To Make Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

Ok well this is hardly the most detailed cocktail, so you won’t be surprised to know that it is remarkably easy to make. You are going to need a cup or glass, a refrigerator, and maybe a  jug if you really like it and want to make a lot.

The nice thing about cold drinks is that they can be kept in the refrigerator. So, if you want to make this a part of your morning routine just make a lot of coffee, let it cool to room temperature and then store it in the refrigerator. You’ll get around 3 days out of a single pot before you’ll need to make some fresh. That’s not a bad effort-to-enjoyment ratio.


  • Espresso Coffee: The base of the iced coffee, providing the rich coffee flavor and caffeine kick.
  • Milk: Adds creaminess and balances the strong coffee flavor. It can be substituted with non-dairy alternatives like almond, soy, or coconut milk for different tastes or dietary needs.
  • Ice Cubes or Crushed Ice (A handful): Chills the drink, making it refreshing and ideal for warm weather.
  • Sugar (to taste): Sweetens the coffee according to personal preference.

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Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

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Morning time calls for a delicious copycat Dunkin Donut iced coffee. So refreshing with every mouthful. You’ll really enjoy learning how to make this recipe.


  • 1 shot of espresso coffee per serving.

  • 1 cup 1 of milk

  • A handful of ice cubes or crushed ice

  • Sugar to suit your taste


  • In a large glass or mug, add the milk and sugar. Stir vigorously until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Add a the crushed ice, we find, the more the better!
  • Take your coffee shot from the refrigerator and drizzle slowly over the milk and ice mixture. If you are using flavor syrups, now is the time to add this too. Allow the coffee shot to cool to at least room temperature (or even better taken from the refrigerator)
  • Drink and enjoy!


  • For the ultimate presentation, put your glass in the freezer about an hour before you make this drink. When you come to serve it you’ll get beaded drops of freezing moisture and frost on the side of the glass. Pure luxury.
  • Provided your ingredients are cold, you don’t have to use ice cubes. We just thing it looks better and we enjoy slurping around them with a straw when we get near the end.

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Tips & Tricks

  • As with most coffee houses in the US, Dunkin Donuts iced coffee can be customized or ‘pimped’ if you will. Flavored syrups are very fashionable at the moment. Our Dunkin Donuts iced coffee recipe is not an exception. We light a dash of vanilla syrup in ours, but you might want something different. By all means go right ahead, just make sure that you use the same quantity as you would in a normal coffee and you are good to go!
  • We haven’t forgotten about you if you have intolerances or are just trying to reduce your dairy intake. This recipe works equally well for lactose free milk, almond milk, soy milk, or… if you want a real treat, give coconut milk a try!
  • If you are a coffee connoisseur, you’ll know that various coffees can taste very different. If you are trying to get as close as you can to the original, you will find that most stores now stock Dunkin donuts very own coffee. So, you can recreate the taste of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee at home.
  • If you have guests and want to go for a really rustic homely look, square jars with a lip make for a really eye catching way to serve.
  • If you aren’t too bothered about aesthetics, you don’t have to drizzle the coffee over the milk and ice, you can in fact just mix it up. It tastes pretty much the same. Some people taste with their eyes. Personally, we love watching the coffee slowly snake its way through the milk and the ice cubes… We told you that we love coffee!
  • Cool coffee is good, chilled coffee is better. Lukewarm coffee is… awful. What we are trying to tell you is make sure that all your ingredients are cold. You will want chilled milk, and you will definitely want chilled coffee. The warmest you want your coffee shot to be is room temperature. We prefer to make it the evening before and chill it ready for the morning.

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So there we have it Dunkin Donuts iced coffee to go… Or even to ‘drink in’? However, you make it and whatever flavor you add to it, we are sure that you are going to enjoy it! Waking up to a treat every morning, what could be better than that?

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