Disneyland Mint Julep Recipe


If you’ve never had a mint julep before, you are in for a treat. Disneyland is most fun in the summer, but standing in line and being thrown around on a few rides makes for thirsty work. What better way to take a break than a bright green and very refreshing summer cooler. Ok, we can’t all go to Disneyland, but we can all make the Disneyland mint julep recipe! There are only a few ingredients, and it will take all of 15 minutes to make. Today we will talk you through everything you need to know. It is so simple.

What Does Disneyland Mint Julep Taste Like?

The Disneyland mint julep has to be one of the most refreshing drinks they sell. It is really sweet with a hint of lemon and lime are thrown in for good measure. 

But there’s more.

Our recipe is made with a secret ingredient. We add crème de menthe. This gives it a pleasing minty aftertaste, and not only that, it adds to the tropical turquoise color. Part of the refreshment comes from how cold the drink is. To make it taste exactly like the Disneyland mint julep recipe, you are going to want to include plenty of ice.

How to Make Our Authentic Disneyland Mint Julep Recipe

mint julep recipe

Like everything in Disneyworld, the mint julep recipe is bold and brash. How else are the kids (and adults) going to get all hyperactive unless you keep them topped up with sugar?

We need to be clear right now. This is not a diet recipe by any stretch of the imagination. There are a few ways to make it slightly healthier, but for the authentic taste, you will have to use plenty of sugar.

We don’t add it neat. Instead, we start by making a simple sugar syrup. We mix 2 cups of sugar with four cups of water and simmer it until it thickens slightly. The good news is, if you make a little extra, you can use this in lots of different (and slightly more grown-up) cocktails and drinks. 

Once the syrup has cooled, we add this to a large pitcher.

From there, it is simply a case of adding the other ingredients along with a little coloring before chilling it in the fridge.

We love to serve this drink over ice in tall glasses. If you read out tips and tricks below, we’ll tell you how to make the most of the presentation.

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Disneyland Mint Julep Recipe

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Disneyland produces some magical moments but this time its not the rides I’m talking about, it’s the copycat Disneyland mint julep cocktail. Enjoy our copycat recipe for this classic drink.


  • 2 cups 2 white sugar

  • 4 cups 4 water

  • 2/3 cup 2/3 crème de menthe

  • ¼ cup frozen lemonade concentrate

  • ¼ cup frozen limeade concentrate

  • 1 teaspoon 1 green food coloring

  • 5 large 5 handfuls of ice

  • Lime wedges

  • Mint leaves

  • A couple A couple glace cherries


  • In a medium-sized saucepan, add your sugar and water. Place over medium heat. Once the mixture begins to bubble vigorously, turn the heat down and continue to simmer for five minutes.
  • Tip the sugar syrup into a pitcher. Add the crème de menthe along with the frozen lemonade concentrate and limeade concentrate
  • Add your food coloring and stir with a long-handled spoon. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator and allow to cool
  • When it is time to serve, take 6 glasses and fill to the top with a mixture of ice cubes, lime wedges, mint leaves, and chopped cherries. Divide your mint julep equally among the 6 glasses. Add a straw. Job done!

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Tips and Tricks

For the ultimate presentation, give this a go. While you are chilling your Disneyland mint julep mixture, place your 6 glasses in the freezer. When it is time to serve, the glasses will bead up with frozen dew, making for a real eye-catching effect.

If you can’t get hold of frozen lemonade or limeade concentrate, we have successfully diluted lemon and lime Koolaid. Alternatively, just freeze an icecube tray full of lemonade and limeade. It will taste pretty similar. 

The key to this drink is all about the color. Whatever you do, don’t skip the crème de menthe. If you can’t find any, try the international section of your local store. It is actually a French product, so you’ll likely find it there. 

If you are looking for a diet version, make the following substitutions. You can use an artificial sweetener such as stevia or canderel in place of sugar. Use diet lemonade and limeade in place of the concentrate. This will significantly lower the number of calories in the drink

Not all parents are happy giving the kids artificial food coloring. This is added for visual effect only. It doesn’t alter the drink’s taste, so if you want to avoid the E-numbers, by all means, feel free to leave the food coloring out! 

Be sure to use fresh mint in the recipe. These add a pleasing taste and also work as a really nice garnish. Whatever you do, don’t try dried mint leaves. It doesn’t work (ask us how we know).

This recipe is entirely scalable. If you want to make half the quantity, simply half all of the ingredients. To make double, just double them up.

One great way to make this drink a little different is to make it as a slushie. Make according to the above recipe. Instead of serving over ice in glasses, blend the entire mixture, including the ice cubes, before pouring into glasses. 

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  1. Is the mint julep at Disneyland alcoholic?

    Disneyland have produced a non alcoholic mint julep drink, meaning it’s family friendly. This is one of the most popular drinks at Disneyland combining the zest of fresh lemon, lime and mint. Just don’t forget ice.

  2. How much does a mint julep at Disneyland cost?

    You should expect to pay $14.99 for the regular mint julep drink.

  3. What’s inside a mint julep?

    The ingredients include water, sugar, coloring, ice, mint leaves, lemonade and limeade frozen.


Hot sunny days, rides, Disney princesses… Ok, while we can’t go to Disneyland every day, we can get a good taste of it whenever we like. Our Disneyland mint julep recipe takes us back every time we taste it! Now all you have to worry about is dealing with hyperactive kids! When was the last time you went to Disneyland? What was it like? Let us know in the comments below! 


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