Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail Recipe


A Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri is essentially dessert. It’s that good. Since it’s non-alcoholic, you can enjoy this delicious, post-dinner cocktail without having to worry about any repercussions. Of course, since is it a non-alcoholic beverage, it’s easy to make it taste like a frozen strawberry treat instead. 

What we want is something that tastes like a strawberry daiquiri, without the alcohol. Fortunately, it’s a pretty simple recipe and once you have it down the first time, you’ll be prepared to make as many as your heart desires. 

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

How to Make a Virgin Non Alcoholic Strawberry Daiquiri

The ingredients are the most important part of making a strawberry daiquiri. Substitute any one of them and the entire enterprise is thrown off. The recipe for daiquiris is more than two centuries old and adding fruit into the mix simply brings a measure of bold sweetness to the taste, which is exactly what we’re looking for. 

  • Frozen Strawberries (because it wouldn’t be a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri without them)
  • Fresh squeezed lime juice
  • Either tonic water or Sprite (7up)
  • Simple Syrup
  • Ice

The frozen strawberries are self-explanatory but when it comes to the lime, you should only indulge in the freshest available and squeeze enough of the juice out yourself. None of that plastic container lime, unless you’re really in a pinch. 

Simple syrup is extraordinarily simple to make. All you need to do is throw some water and sugar (equal parts) in a pan and heat it over medium while you whisk it. Once the sugar is completely dissolved into the water, pull it off the heat and pour it into a container for keeping. 

The tonic or Sprite is simply up to you in terms of your preferred flavor. Sprite is a lot sweeter than tonic water so your choice will make a difference in the level of sweetness. 

Regular ice cubes will do fine as well. After all, you’re simply going to puree it. 

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

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Making a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri is fun and delicious and it takes very little prep time before you can enjoy the results!


  • 3 tbsp 3 freshly squeezed lime juice

  • 12 oz 12 fresh or frozen strawberries

  • ¼ cup of Simple Syrup

  • 1 cup 1 tonic water or Sprite/7up

  • ½ cup of water to start

  • 1 cup 1 ice


  • Add all of the ingredients into your blender at once. Don’t hit the ‘puree’ button immediately. Start off at the halfway point and work your way up to puree.
  • If the ingredients in the blender stop blending at any point, pour a trickle of water in until it starts up again.
  • Repeat this step a number of times.
  • Once you’re all done, pour your first glass and, if you want, add another splash of tonic water or lemon-lime soda.
  • You can taste it first and then decide whether or not another splash will do.


  • Each blender is a little different and it depends on where the blades are (high or low) and the inner dimensions of the blender.
  • As we mentioned above, you can always double up the recipe if you’re serving even more but you don’t want to make more than anyone can drink because storing the extra in the freezer will turn it into a solid chunk of ice. On the other hand, storing it in the refrigerator will melt it down enough so that it loses its texture. 

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Tips & Tricks

If you want a sweeter virgin strawberry daiquiri, you should consider using only the lemon-lime soda, which is generally Sprite and 7up, though there are other variations out there. It’s a lot sweeter than tonic water, however, the calories and the sugar count climb pretty quickly. 

It’s also a good idea to work your way up to puree on your blender, even if you have a really nice one. Always keep the lid on it unless you want strawberries and ice all over you and your kitchen. 

Since you’re using ice, you don’t have to include frozen strawberries. You can also grab some fresh strawberries and leave them in the fridge until you’re ready to mix everything up. 

The only difficult part about making a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri is making it too watery. Your goal is smooth, not watery. That means you want to go easy on the amount of water, including the juice and any water you have to add to get your blender to blend everything up.

Fancy something with a little more kick? Then try this alcoholic strawberry margarita.


Can I have a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri while pregnant?

In general, a virgin anything is considered safe for women who are pregnant. However, you should always double-check with your doctor first, just to be sure. 

What is a good substitute for the rum in a Strawberry Daiquiri?

Simple syrup is generally a good, non-alcoholic substitute for the rum that normally goes into a Strawberry Daiquiri. The best part is, that it’s really simple and easy to make with nothing more than sugar, water, and heat. 

Do strawberries retain their flavor when they’re frozen?

Strawberries are pretty freezer friendly. They don’t lose any of their flavors just because you freeze them. Fresh strawberries are probably just a little bit better, however, and they tend to be a little bit easier on your blender. 

How much sugar is in a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri?

Depending on what you are using as part of the ingredients in your Virgin Daiquiri, the sugar level is between 30g and 35g. It can be more or less, depending on how much Simple Syrup you use, the number of strawberries, and whether or not you use Sprite or tonic water.

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Making a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri is pretty simple, so long as you have a pretty good blender. You can make plenty of them too, with a single recipe producing 4 servings. So make as many as you want and enjoy!

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