Virgin Margarita on the Rocks


A margarita on the rocks is the perfect drink for a hot, sunny day, especially if you’re out on the beach or in a tiki bar. The subtle flavor combinations bring it as close as you can get to the real deal. That’s because it includes Ritual Tequila, which is a zero-proof alternative to real tequila.

Fortunately, making a virgin margarita on the rocks is a relatively simple recipe that you can do at home. If you can’t make it to the beach, you can at least taste something that puts you in the mind of a tropical breeze flowing in off the surface of the ocean or Gulf of Mexico. 

virgin margarita on the rocks

How to Make a Virgin Margarita on the Rocks

A virgin margarita isn’t truly a margarita unless it tastes like the real thing. That means only using the best and freshest ingredients. You can easily expand the volume as well, so you will have more for later. However much you decide to make, it only takes a few minutes before you’ll have this recipe chilling in your refrigerator. 

  • Ritual Tequila
  • Lime Juice
  • Soda Water
  • Margarita Salt
  • Agave Nectar
  • Orange Juice

The lime juice should come fresh squeezed and purchased from your local market for the best flavor. Premium orange juice has to replace liqueur alternatives but you can offset it by spending a little more on pulp-free, premium orange juice brands.

Agave nectar will sweeten up the ultimate concoction and is an excellent counterpoint to the acid in the lime and orange juice. Just a splash of soda water will do, just like they use it in the bar. The margarita salt tops it off, especially if you prefer the extra bite on the rim of your glass. 

Virgin Margarita on the Rocks

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Mixing together a Virgin Margarita on the rocks is a simple recipe and an even simpler task but make sure you have the right ingredients first!


  • 2 ounces 2 Ritual Tequila

  • 2 tsp 2 agave nectar

  • Splash soda water

  • 1 1 and ½ oz of lime juice

  • 1 oz 1 fresh orange juice


  • Start by lining the rim of your margarita glass of choice with lime juice.
  • Pour a little bit of your margarita salt on a small dish or napkin and dip the rim of your margarita glass in it. Give it a twist or two if you like.
  • Fill your glass with ice.
  • Combine your 2 oz of Ritual Tequila, 1 and ½ oz of lime juice, 1 oz of orange juice, and 2 tsp of agave nectar in a cocktail shaker.
  • Add ice before you start shaking your concoction.
  • Shake it well until you have conjured up some good froth. Pour it into your margarita glass, being careful not to hit any of the salt on the rim of the glass
  • Splash of soda water to cap everything off.
  • Give it a good stir and you are ready to go.


  • If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, any kind of shaker will do, such as a protein shaker or even a hydration cup. If you have a metal mixing ball to go with it, so much the better.

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Equipment for the best Virgin Margarita

It’s a good idea to get yourself a cocktail shaker in case you don’t have one. Shaking a margarita mix in a cup is adequate but lacks the qualities that a good mixer brings to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

If you really enjoy your virgin margarita, you should consider purchasing a muddler as well. A cocktail muddler is perfect for crushing fruits because now that you know how to make a virgin margarita, it’s only natural to get creative with some additional fruit flavors. The fresher the fruit, the better the cocktail, and the better it is for you as well. 

Tips & Tricks

Speaking of crushing fruit, a great way to change things up in your virgin margarita is to add some different fruit flavors to the mix. Strawberries are an excellent choice, especially if you would prefer some additional sweetness. 

You’re only getting the agave nectar to compete with lime, orange juice, and salt, after all. If you would like a little spice, you can crush peppers as well, including jalapenos, banana peppers, poblano peppers, anaheim peppers, and more. 

Cucumber slices are a frequent addition to margaritas as well. Some people don’t enjoy the taste of cucumbers but for those that do, it’s an incredibly healthy addition. The truth is, you are free to experiment as much as you like. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some non-alcoholic alternatives to tequila?

Mockingbird Spirit Agave, Ritual ZeroProofTequila, ArKay Alcohol-Free Tequila, and Free Spirits are some of the best alternatives to Tequila on the market. The above recipe calls for Ritual Tequila but you can use any of these to achieve the same results. 

Can I drink Virgin Margaritas while pregnant? 

Doctors will typically go back and forth on whether it’s safe or not. For the most part, it is. However, you shouldn’t substitute anything you read on the internet without consulting your doctor first. The only unsafe question for your doctor is the one you don’t ask.

Can you drink margarita mix by itself?

You certainly can, though it’s inadvisable since it won’t taste very good on its own. Besides, when you have a recipe like the one above, why would you?

How many calories are in a Virgin Margarita?

Your typical Virgin Margarita has about 150 calories. Of course, adding or removing ingredients plays a role in the exact number of calories. A normal Virgin Margarita mix will have 150 calories, 38g of carbs, 0g of fat, and 0g of protein. 

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Making your own Virgin Margarita is very simple and if you want to make the best version possible, you only need to purchase a few extra items, such as a cocktail mixer and a cocktail muddler to grind the juice from fresh fruits and even vegetables.

The best part is, that you’re only limited by your imagination. Using the above recipe, feel free to add whatever flavors you love to taste. Some will work and some won’t but the point is to have fun and enjoy your Virgin Margarita!

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