Pink Panty Dropper Recipe For One


Have you ever wondered how to make pink panty dropper at home just for yourself? This pretty and tasty shot that you’re bound to love, if you know how to put it together. Note that these aren’t the most elegant shots, but they do taste great!

Pink panty dropper shots combine beer, vodka, and lemonade or another similar drink. They are fizzy, sweet, and very tasty, and many people enjoy them at bachelorette parties or other fun events.

Pink Panty Dropper

How To Make Pink Panty Dropper

If you are looking to make pink panty dropper shots, you don’t need much – just a few ingredients. These include:

  • A splash of pink lemonade concentrate: this gives the drinks their snazzy color and makes them look and taste fantastic. Without the lemonade, they won’t work, so this is an absolutely key ingredient. Make sure you have this to hand.
  • A splash of vodka: you can use as much or as little as you like, depending on your alcohol preferences. To make the shots less strong, replace some of the vodka with water.
  • 1 can of beer: even if you don’t like beer much, you will need some for this recipe to work. The flavor will almost entirely be disguised by the lemonade and vodka, so don’t worry about how it tastes. Try to choose a watery beer.
  • Slices of strawberry: these will help to make your drink look pretty, with their red nicely offsetting the pink.
  • Slices of lemon: for both flavor and color, slices of lemon make a great addition to your shot.

You will also need a little equipment, including:

  • 1 or 2 shot glasses to serve the drinks in.
  • A jug (food safe) or some other large container that you can mix the alcohol in without spilling it.

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Pink Panty Dropper Recipe For One

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How do you make pink panty dropper shots for one? Find out a delicious recipe to try here!


  • 1 ounce 1 vodka

  • 1 ounce 1 pink lemonade concentrate

  • 1 can 1 beer

  • A few slices A few lemon

  • A couple A couple strawberries (you can add as many as you like)


  • Set up your jug and make sure it is clean and ready to mix drinks in.
  • Pour in the lemon concentrate and then add the vodka. Use a spoon to stir them together.
  • Stir gently until the liquids have fully combined.
  • Wash your strawberries and slice them thinly, and then add them to the mixture and stir them in. If you are just making this cocktail for yourself, you can add the strawberries to your glass when you’ve finished if you prefer, but you should get a better flavor if you mix some of them in at this stage.
  • Slice up your lemon, add the slices to the shot mixture, and stir them in.
  • Use a ladle to serve the shot mixture into your glass, leaving space to add the beer. It is going to fizz quite a lot when you add it, so make sure there is enough room for the head. You can always add a little more of the lemonade mixture later if you choose to.
  • Add the beer to your glass slowly, so that it doesn’t fizz over the rim of the glass.
  • Top the glass off with a slice of lemon and strawberry, and sit down to enjoy it!


  • Instead of stirring everything together, create layers in the glass. Start with a splash of vodka, followed by lemonade, followed by beer. Keep doing this until your glass is full, and you’ll have a striking, stripy shot that looks as good as it tastes. You may not get a professional finish, but it should still look great.

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Tips & Tricks

Now that you know how to make these amazing shots, you might want to get a few clever ideas for ensuring that they are truly special. Let’s find some ways to make your version memorable and delicious!

  • If you don’t want a strong shot, use water with the lemonade concentrate, and replace some of the vodka. You can decrease the alcohol content without reducing the enjoyment of the recipe. This is a strong shot, and it can be easy to overindulge, so lowering the alcohol content may be a good idea – especially if you don’t drink often.
  • Use a cheap beer. That might sound contradictory when you want your shot to taste great, but expensive beers tend to have stronger flavors, and if your beer tastes very strong, it’s not going to pair well with the lemonade. It is much better to opt for a cheap beer with a mild flavor.
  • Serve the drink with ice if you’re enjoying a hot day in the garden. This will make your shot taste ten times better.
  • Turn the shot into a cocktail if you prefer. Instead of adding the beer to the glass, pour it into the jug with the other ingredients and stir it in. Put ice in the glass, and then ladle the liquid over the ice.


Is the pink panty dropper recipe strongly alcoholic?

Yes, this recipe is quite strong. If you don’t drink a lot, you should be somewhat cautious with the pink panty dropper recipe, because the lemonade will almost totally hide the flavor of the vodka and beer, so it’s easy to get very drunk on these shots.

Can I swap the vodka?

If you’d rather have another flavor, swapping the vodka for a different kind of alcohol will work fine. You might want to consider Malibu, for example, to give your shot an exotic, coconut flavor. Pick your favorite alcohol – since this recipe is just for you, you might as well enjoy it!

Do you need pink lemonade?

You can use clear lemonade if it’s all you have available, but the drink won’t look as vibrant or fun.

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You now know how to make pink panty droppers for one. You will love this fizzy, sweet drink, and it’s very easy to make a single serving.

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