Peach Jello Shots Recipe


Are you keen to make your own peach jello shots? If so, you’re not alone – lots of people love these delicious drinks and want to learn how to make them. They’re ideal if you’re going to throw a party, or even if you’ve just got a few guests over for a sunny afternoon.

You can make peach jello shorts with just a few basic ingredients, and they’re super simple. Once made, you can chill them until you’re ready to enjoy them – so it’s easy to put together a batch in advance and whip them out of the fridge when they’re wanted.

Let’s find out more about how to make peach jello shots!

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How To Make Peach Jello Shots

To create peach jello shots, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Peach vodka: this is one of the most important ingredients for a peach jello shot, because it will give you that delicious, iconic flavor
  • Peach jello: you also need jello, and peach flavored jello is the best option. This will give your shots both flavor and texture.
  • Paper umbrellas: it’s not a proper shot if it doesn’t come with an attractive, brightly colored umbrella! Make sure you have some ready.
  • Peach rings: these are perfect for adding a beautiful, bright pop of color to your drinks and making them extra special. You’ll need one for each cup.
  • Plastic cups: these will be necessary for portioning up the shots and serving them.

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Peach Vodka Jello Shots Recipe

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Prep time


Total time




  • 12 12 peach rings (or 24 if you want to double them)

  • 1 cup 1 water

  • 1 cup 1 peach vodka

  • 3 oz 3 box of peach jello

  • 12 cups 12 12 paper umbrellas


  • Boil 1 cup of water.
  • Pour your peach jello into the boiling water and stir it thoroughly until it is fully mixed and no powder is left.
  • Pour in a cup of peach vodka and stir thoroughly to completely combine the liquids.
  • Decant the mixture into your 12 cups, adding an equal amount to each cup until all of the liquid is portioned out.
  • Put the cups on a tray and place them in your fridge. Leave them until the jello has set and the drinks are thoroughly chilled. It’s a good idea to allow a few hours for this so you know they’ll have enough time.
  • When you’re ready to serve the drinks, it’s time to add the peach rings and umbrellas. Cut through one side of each peach ring to make a slit in it.
  • Arrange the split edge over the side of one cup, and you’ve completed a shot! Do the same with the other cups until you have 12 shots. If you want to be really extravagant, add two peach rings per shot.
  • Stick the paper umbrellas into the jello and serve cold.

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Tips & Tricks

To give you the best possible results from this recipe, here are a few tips and tricks you might want to try to make your peach jello shots as good as they can be:

  • Make sure you chill the shots for long enough. If you don’t let them chill enough, your jello will be soggy and unappetizing. They will probably take around 4 hours in your fridge. You can let them set at room temperature, but it will take quite a lot longer.
  • To make your shots set more quickly if you’re on a deadline, put your alcohol in the freezer to chill it before you add it to the mixture. You can also use ice cubes to help your jello cool down and set more quickly.
  • If you don’t have peach rings, consider another brightly-colored gummy candy to decorate the cup. Ideally, it should hook over the edge, but you can also rest it on top of the jello instead if this is easier.
  • If you want to make non-alcoholic jello shots, follow the instructions above but swap the vodka for a zero-proof alcohol or another similar alternative.
  • To alter the consistency of your shots, add more or less water. Most people like the ratios described above, but if you’d rather have a thicker or thinner jello shot, try reducing or increasing the amount of water you add.

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Can you use flavorless jello instead of peach jello?

If you don’t have peach jello, you can swap flavorless jello into the recipe instead. However, it probably won’t taste quite as good, and you may find your shot is too bland.

How strong are jello shots?

This depends on the vodka you use. You can make your jello shots fairly weak by using a low proof vodka, or increase their strength by using stronger vodka. Even strong vodka won’t make very strong shots, though. If you want to make your shot stronger, slightly reduce the amount of water and increase the amount of alcohol.

Some people make jello shots with 100 proof or even 120 proof alcohol, but this can affect the flavor of the shot and may not be ideal. It’s better to simply accept that jello shots aren’t high in alcohol, and to drink something else if your aim is to get tipsy.

Should you use rum for your jello shots?

A: Some people like to use rum for jello shots, but for these peach ones, peach vodka is likely to work better. It will enhance the flavor of the jello and give you a really delicious shot. Rum may counteract the flavor of the jello and make the shot less enjoyable.


Peach jello shots are a wonderful, bright addition to any party, and they certainly make you feel like summer is here. Paired with colorful gummy candy and a fancy paper umbrella, they’ll be a hit with everyone who tries them, and they’re a sure way to make your summer more memorable and fun.

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