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Are you incredibly fond of peanut butter? Velvety, creamy butter with the right amount of toastiness – the formula is pure bliss. If you are a die-heart peanut butter lover, my microwave peanut butter fudge recipe will undoubtedly leave you spellbound. 

peanut butter fudge

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Are you dreaming of desserts in the wee hours? Well, my peanut butter fudge is treasured by those with a sweet tooth. Looking for better perks? Guess what? Baking these rich squares of peanut butter fudge is easier than making pies in the sky. It takes as little as 5 minutes and ingredients as low as 3 minutes to bake this decadent fudge. 

Kiss goodbye to ordering desserts or toiling hard for hours to bake the perfect sweet course. Forget worrying about treating your guests with delicious sweet treats. My 5-minute easy microwave peanut butter fudge is a hands-down winner. 

So, if you are ready to experience the best of both worlds – sweet and salt in a hassle-free five-minute cook, let’s dig straight into the ingredients. 

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How To Make Microwave Peanut Butter Fudge

Yes the below are the only ingredients – That’s it, folks! Baking my tasty microwave fudge needs just three ingredients. Doesn’t it sound awesome? 

Microwave Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

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Making microwave peanut butter fudge is a skill. The recipe itself is quite easy but you need to make sure to follow the instructions to precisely. This is one treat my family ask for regularly. Good luck having any left over for the next day.


  • 8 ounces of butter – Ensure it is unsalted

  • 1 pound of finely powdered sugar

  • One full cup of peanut butter. The creamier it is, more delicious will be your fudge.


  • To begin with, use a microwave-safe bowl as your primary utensil. Pop in one cup of peanut butter and 8 ounces of unsalted butter. Whisk the mixture with light hands and ensure that the mix is well folded. 
  • Put this mixture in the microwave and bake it 1 minute. When the time is up, pull it out and stir the mixture yet again. Please remember, always whisk or stir the mixture lightly. 
  • Pop the peanut butter and butter mix in the oven for another minute. 
  • Take your bowl out of the hot oven and stir the mixture well. The buttery and creamy mixture should be folded very well. 
  • Start adding the powdered sugar into the mix. Keep mixing until the texture of the mix turns silky and creamy. Wondering when to stop? Well, there’s a reason why baking is often referred to as an art. Factors like touch and feel play a significant role in making these yummy fudges. Once you see that the batter is creamy but thick, you know your mixing work is done. 
  • Use a baking pan for the setting process. An 8×8 inch pan will work just fine. Line your pan with a parchment paper. Put your prepared mixture in the baking pan. Take another sheet of parchment paper and cover the fudge. 
  • A key thing to remember here is to make sure that the mixture is evenly laid out in the pan. For this, use your palms very lightly and start pressing the fudge from the top of the parchment sheet. 
  • Now, carefully place the baking pan in the refrigerator and keep it in for at least 2 hours. Once your mixture is cold and set, take the fudge off the pan. You are just one step away from being done with this incredible sweet and salty dessert. 
  • Use a sharp knife for the next step. Cut your fudge into even little squares and serve. That’s it! Your baking job is done! This peanut butter fudge dish – as fancy as it sounds, isn’t preparing this a cakewalk? 


  • Please Note: The butter must be unsalted
  • You can have the microwave peanut butter fudge with sweetened condensed milk or without the powdered sugar. You can even add icing as an optional add on.

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Can you store peanut butter fudge in the refrigerator? 

Before spilling beans on whether you can or cannot store your fudge squares in the refrigerator, let me tell you something. This tasty dessert is a soulful indulgence. Having leftovers is quite unlikely when you treat your guests with these quick and scrumptious fudge squares. 

In case you do have a few leftovers, place them in an air-tight container.

This will ensure that your peanut butter fudge is good and fresh for at least 3 to 5 days. If you like devouring a chilled fudge, you can certainly stack them up in the refrigerator. Little were you aware, but storing peanut butter fudge in a refrigerator is a good idea since it keeps the fudge good for one month. Stack your fudge in a freezer, and you can binge on the dessert for a duration as long as one whole year. 

Storing your Delicious Peanut Butter Fudge

By now, it is pretty clear that storing the fudge is easier done than you think. You can save you dessert for future consumption in 3 good ways. 

1. Store the peanut butter fudge in room temperature

2. Use a refrigerator to stack the fudge

3. Place your fudge in the freezer.

Tricks to follow when storing the fudge in room temperature: 

– Say ‘NO’ to foil or fancy plastic wrap. When storing peanut butter fudge in room temperature, an air-tight container or a self sealing bag does the job. 

– Please ensure that the fudge is tucked away in some dark, cool corner of the house. It is not advisable to store your fudge near a source of heat like a countertop for instance. 

How to store the fudge in a refrigerator? 

It is important to understand that your baked dessert must not be exposed to air. Therefore, use an air-tight jar to store your fudge before placing the jar in the refrigerator. If the jar is not air-tight, cold air will gush into the jar, making your fudge dry and rubbery. 

Ensure that your creamy fudge square is not stacked too close. This is not ideal since these fudge squares tend to stick together. 

How to freeze your peanut butter fudge? 

Freezing your rich and decadent peanut butter fudge squares is easy-breezy. However, there are a couple of steps involved. 

– First, it is essential to double-wrap your fudge. Cover the peanut butter fudge with wax paper, followed by wrapping the fudge in an aluminum foil or a plastic wrap. 

**Slicing out layers from the fudge is easy when the dessert is shielded in a double wrap.**

– Stack these fudge squares in a zip lock freezer bag or an air-tight container.

How Long Does the Fudge Last?

peanut fudge

Are you eager to learn more about the shelf-life of your baked peanut butter fudge? Well, the shelf-life of this dessert depends much on how it is stored. If the fudge is stacked at room temperature, it should last for two weeks. When the dessert is popped in a refrigerator, it can be eaten for a month. Lastly, when a peanut butter fudge is stored in a freezer, it can last for a duration, as long as a year. 

There are a few things you must keep in mind, though: 

– Refrain placing your fudge squares somewhere around the freezer door. There is always a change in temperature when the freezer door is opened. To keep your dessert stored well, tuck it at the back of the freezer. 

– The fudge is a dessert, and it is an edible object. Therefore, always check whether your dessert is spoiled or not before indulging into it. Wondering about the signs to look for? Well, here are a few: 

a) Keeping an eye on the texture of the fudge is crucial. If the dessert turns mushy and softer than usual, you must never eat it. It merely means that your fudge is spoiled. 

b) If there are one too many cracks on your fudge, it is not a great sign. This implies that the dessert has been exposed to unwanted air. Your fudge will then taste chalky and dry. 

c) Peanut butter fudge can tend to become rock hard after being stored for a while. If your fudge square is just as hard, paired with an unusual greasy crust, you must get rid of the fudge right away. 

Useful Tips

1. Simple items like a kitchen ruler or even an unflavored dental floss can help you achieve fudge squares that are meticulously uniform in size. 

2. To wrap up a clean-cut, it is always advisable to run your knife under hot water first. Then pat dry using a towel. The residual heat in the knife will help you achieve a clean cut without any mess. 

3. Are you unsure about the consistency and texture of the fudge? Think its a bit too moist? Don’t worry! Just take out your dessert squares from the air-tight jar and place it on a flat surface for a few hours, unwrapped of-course. When exposed to air, the fudge becomes firm. 

4. Peanut butter fudge is usually known for its smooth, velvety, and creamy texture. If you love to bite into a dessert with a crunch, throw in some roughly chopped peanuts in the batter when smoothening out on a baking sheet. 

Peanut butter is a crowd favorite – don’t you agree? Well, making my fudge is quick, hassle-free, and easy. The delicious, rich, and indulgent flavor the dessert will make you go head over heels. So, try this recipe and reward your palate with a scrumptious dessert prepared in no time. 

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