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What are McNuggets without a dipping sauce? They wouldn’t even befit the name, so we went through the process of tasting all the 11 McDonalds sauce dips before writing this article. Sauce has the power to transform any chicken nugget or tender to something mind-blowing. Take a look at some McDonalds dipping sauces you had no idea existed!

mcdonald's dipping sauces

11 Best McDonald’s Dipping Sauces

1. Sweet and sour

There is something about the clash of the sweet and sour flavors we cannot get over. The McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce is a go-to for many, right from childhood. The flavor is quite unique with a sweet, syrupy and fruity flavor from the peach and caramel puree. However, the flavor of the dip is not as prominent as other McDonald dips, which is why it has been overtaken in rank.

The dipping sauce is packaged in a green-labeled container and has a caramel color. It goes perfectly with McNuggets though you can try it with some tenders. The tenders’ salty flavor will balance out perfectly with the extra sweet, gooey nature of the dip.

2. Sweet chili

McDonald released the sweet chili dip sauce in February 2010 to celebrate the Olympic winter games. The sauce was Asian inspired, which explains the flavors. The sauce is syrupy with the taste of both sugar and pepper. It’s also hot and spicy enough to pass for a hot sauce. If you enjoy cheese food, you will absolutely love this sauce dip.

The chili flakes can also be seen floating in the sauce, which makes it more exciting. The sweetness will counter the chili, so no need to worry if you are not a chili fan. The sauce goes well with McNuggets for which it was designed for though you can try it with some tenders. The best part is this sauce dip is very easy to replicate at home.

3. Chipotle BBQ

Chipotle barbeque is not the kind pf sauce dip you would be excited for as its very basic. It tastes like any other regular BBQ sauce from your nearby grocery store or food cafe. It has a sweet tomato flavor with a touch of chipotle chili. We can say the tomato and loads of sugar are the driving force of the sauce. It also has the signature smokiness of any BBQ sauce. It pairs well with anything from chicken, tenders, and nuggets, or anything that could go well with BBQ.

4. Creamy ranch

What comes to mind when you think of a ranch? If it’s creamy and fluffy, then you have already defined this sauce dip. As the name suggests, the Creamy ranch is super creamy with a touch of strong herbs, onion, and garlic flavor. It’s also a bit tangy but not too tangy to make you toss it but still not too exciting for use as a dip. It’s one of those sauce dips where we are on the fence.

The dip is very consistent, which makes up for the boring flavor. Therefore, it will coat the nuggets so well since it’s not runny like most of the other sauces. It could pass for a vegan ranch sauce except for the inclusion of egg and milk. The sauce dip goes well with chicken tenders, McNuggets, and sandwiches.

5. Hot mustard

Hot mustard is the kind of sauce deep you will find going back to even if you thought it was not outstanding enough the first time. Mustard is always the best sauce to accompany any savory dish, but this McDonald’s hot mustard takes it a notch higher. The sauce dip is not as spicy as you would expect given the name, but it surely has enough click to warrant the name hot mustard. Therefore, it’s suitable for anyone who likes the heat from the spice to be barely there. It’s not too sweet and neither too savory.

The sauce also has a welcoming vinegar flavor that will remind you of your fav salt and vinegar chips. You can try this dip with some fries, chicken, burgers, and anything you usually put mustard on. Remember, this is just a mustard, but hot mustard!

6. Honey mustard

What can go wrong with honey mustard? The two components are already great on their own, so you can only imagine the bomb combination! The sauce dip is more honey than mustard, of course, which explains the extra sweetness. That doesn’t mean the mustard flavor has been neglected. The sauce dip has a tangy, peppery flavor from the mustard, which complements the sweetness. There are also other unidentifiable flavors and small chunks of pineapples, which adds to the great flavor.

The flavor of this dip can be summed to honey, salt, some heat, tangy, and vinegar. You can use the sauce dip with anything chicken. Whether its grilled chicken, battered chicken or nugs, chicken, and honey mastered are the perfect combo!

7. Tangy BBQ

The word “tangy will have you expecting. Well, a really tangy sauce, but that’s not tangy BBQ. The sauce dip leans more on the BBQ side, giving it a signature sweet taste. Its signature flavor is defined with the tomato flavor with a hint of tangy vinegar. The pair goes well together. It’s also accentuated by a smoky flavor typical of all BBQ sauces.

The sauce dip may come as too sweet for some, but it’s worth a try. The syrupy nature makes it suitable for fries, chicken, burgers, and anything that could use BBQ’s lingering smokiness.

8. Spicy buffalo

If I was asked to define just right, I would name spicy buffalo! The sauce is just right in a few words. It’s neither too thin nor too thick. Not too spicy or too tangy. What else could you ask for? The flavor is also mouth-watering. It surpasses all your expectations, especially for a small mass-produced pack of sauce.

Spicy buffalo is spicy and tangy with a subtle touch of heat from the cayenne. It’s also very vinegary, which adds to the savory flavor. It comes in the color orange, which you can’t help but love. If you enjoy buffalo and spicy sauces, then you will love Spicy buffalo. It goes well with budgets and McDonald’s chicken tenders. You can also try this dip with some McChicken and see if it works for you!

9. Signature sauce

The McDonald’s signature sauce is one that’s hard to define. The signature sauce was originally designed to accompany McDonald’s crispy buttermilk chicken tenders. You can, however, try it with anything, including fries. The taste is a bit bland but will remind you of the big accompanying sauce, just a bit more concentrated. You can also define the flavor as mildly sweet, which would not work for you if you are looking for something creamier, balanced, and strong flavored. Its, however, a must-try so you can complete the McDonald’s sauce adventure.

10. Szechuan Sauce

One of the widely popular sauces that many people aren’t aware of the szechaun sauce in Mcdonalds. This is the perfect compliment to their chicken nuggets. Always a crowd pleaser and simple to make up you’ll be glad you tried the Mcdonald’s szechaun sauce.

11. Curry Sauce

McDonald’s curry sauce is the perfect dip to combine with your nuggets or even to mix the taste in your big mac burger. Not everyone’s acquired tasty dip but perfect to dip your fries into. This literally goes with everything on their menu.


So, which is your favorite McDonald’s sauce dips? Try out the ones we have mentioned and let us know which works best for you! We’ve even left out some delicious dips such as their tartar sauce. On our website you will find many McDonald’s sauces recipes that you can recreate in your own home.

mcdonalds sauces

11 Best McDonald’s Dipping Sauces

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • Sweet and sour

  • Sweet chili

  • Chipotle BBQ

  • Creamy ranch

  • Hot mustard

  • Honey mustard

  • Tangy BBQ

  • Spicy buffalo

  • Signature sauce

  • Szechuan Sauce

  • Curry Sauce


  • Pick your favorite dip from this list of sauces
  • Gather your sides and enjoy

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