Fruits That Start With H


Naming a list of fruits that start with H should be easy right? Take a moment now to see how many you can list, without reading down below. Let’s see how far we can go!

fruits starting with h

Fruits That Start With The Letter H

1. Hog Plum

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed to discover that this plum is actually not in the shape of a hog…the disappoint stops there though because this one’s full of surprises! Native to the tropical Americas these guys have the ability to reach up to a staggering 25 metres and yet still be bursting with sweet and spicy flavours at every juicy bite.

When ripe these yellow Hog Plums (spondias mombin) have been acclaimed by many to treat sores and are often used as a heart tonic. It’s not all medicinal reasoning behind consuming these as they are often added to smoothies and juices to spice things up a notch and the pre matured version can be found on the side plate of many Mexicans or sour spicy lovers in a fiery pickled relish. Excuse me whilst I make a quick online order.

2. Hardy Kiwi

What a name for a fruit, as if the kiwi’s could not be any more cooler! Although as the name suggests they are not actually associated with New Zealand. Actinidia Argutaor otherwise known as the Hardy Kiwi or Chinese gooseberries are a perennial vine native to the far east in countries like Japan, Korea, Russia and Northern China.

Almost resembling miniature kiwis, the size of cherry tomatoes, the hardy kiwi unlike the rest of its cousins in the genus clan does not produce the hair like fibre covering its outside…it obviously finds itself hardy enough without it!  Jams, jellies and a sweet bite to a salad the hardy kiwi is an underrated little gem that deserves a lot more attention.

3. Horned Melon

This spikey melon is probably one of the most distinguishable fruits you could ever come across. It’s wild like appearance and distinctive flavours are a cross between the cucumber and melon familia, it brings an abundance of flavour curiosity and an extremely bitter reaction from anyone who has tried and tested prematurely. Also called the Kiwano, African Horned Melon and Jelly Melon the Horned Melon is known to of originated in south and central Africa and is now quiet widely available in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

When fully ripened the outer skin is of an orange colour with a gelatine like inside surrounding seeds which is all edible. Said to promote healthy red blood cell promotion, control blood sugar, encourage healthy skin, strengthen immunity and even considered a mood booster by some, the horned melon is adored by many as a great addition in a cocktail.

4. Honeysuckle

Thee sweetest name for a fruit? Maybe, but do not be mis lead…these red, black and blue berries containing several seeds in most species are mildly poisonous. Ya not so sweet now, that being said there are a number of edible honeysuckles out there and when you find one it’s well worth the hunt !Harvested between late spring and early summer the sweetberry honeysuckle or lonicera caerulea with its bell-shaped flower has a sweet edible nectar and makes for an interesting smack of sweetness to top off a creamy ice-cream.

5. Hairless Rambutan

Lesser known as Nephelium Xerospermoides, the hairless rambutan can be eaten fresh off their tree with a white coloured centre. Very similar to the rambutan fruit (minus the obvious lack of hair) originating in southeast Asia this fruit is sweet and sour and almost grape like. With its beautiful deep red flesh the hairless rambutan is also a drupe fruit containing a white stone and is generally not grown or harvested for commercial use.

6. Hawthorn Fruit

Grown on picturesque trees found amongst the wild in many a hedgrow across Europe, North America and Northern Asia in a berry form these little fruits are amongst the favourites in a forager’s pantry. The Hawthorn Fruit (Crataegus Monogyna) make a  sweet base in jams,jellies and sauces and the plants , leaves have often been used by many people who believe the goods from this tree bring with it kidney, digestive and even anti-anxiety properties.  These beautiful little red berries that flock the countryside have a much more deeper meaning in Irish and Scottish folklore where they are believed to mark the entrance to ‘the other world.’

7. Honeydew

The honeydew melon or sometimes called green melon is a beautiful soft melon that is sweet and juicy just like its name suggests. Known to of originated out in the Middle East, these melons make a great appearance in a caprese salad. In ancient Egyptian times these honeydew melons were of a sacred nature due to the sweet flavours all packed into this smooth round to oval shape. A whopping source of vitamin C, B and potassium, this fruit bears several nutritional benefits even though its 90% full of water. A grab and go isle special or a classic on granny’s dessert menu, with a little more thought and effort these guys also have the potential to be an innovative secret sweet replacement in many snacks.

8. Huckleberry

Similar to the much-loved blueberry but much larger at 5mm, the huckleberry unlike the blueberry only sprouts single berries where the leaves meet the stem. First collected by the native Americans along the Pacific Coast huckleberries, were also used for medicinal purposes as well as food and now are more commonly used in pies jams and jellies. The state fruit of Idaho, although having been much larger in size and having stronger taste profiles than blueberries the huckleberry are not normally grown commercially.

The Huito, the Hackleberry what else have we left out? Get involved, let us know what H fruits haven’t made the cut. From tropical locations to nearby staycation, what’s growing or appearing on your shelves that we haven’t seen on here yet? Comment below and have your say.

fruits that start with h

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