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Have you ever been to cheddars? If so, you will already know that it offers quite a lot more than your standard restaurant chain. The appeal of Cheddars is home cooked food, and good value at a great price. In this article we are going to take a look at the cheddars menu and prices and find out what makes it so unique.

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What Is Cheddar’s Known For?

The Cheddars menu is pretty extensive, with over 100 different dishes on offer there will be something to appeal to almost everyone. And they have been doing it for just over 40 years!

But that’s nothing new in a U.S. restaurant, right?

cheddar's food

Well that’s true, but Cheddars is a little different. They boast that all of their food is cooked fresh. Whether you want salads and soups, steaks or good old-fashioned home cooked comfort food, you’ll find it here. They ingredients are all prepared from scratch, so you shouldn’t find anything premade or pre-frozen in their kitchen. They even boast about it on their website.

The other great thing about cheddars is the service. It would be disappointing to go with the aim of digging in to an all-American menu and not receive an all-American service experience too. Thankfully you have nothing to worry about. The staff are super friendly and cheerful, we’ve felt welcome every time we have paid a visit.

In fact, Cheddars is also known as Cheddars Scratch Kitchen, which would be a bold claim if it wasn’t true.

Is Cheddars Really A Scratch Kitchen?

We believe so, yes. There is a claim that they specifically employ twice as many catering staff to cope with the demands of cooking entirely fresh food. Even things that may take a little more time are made in house, this includes smoked ribs, home made soups and fried chicken, all made freshly prepared on the day you visit!

What Is On Cheddar’s Menu?

If you want to take a look at the menu then we have included it below. Note that there may be some variation in some of the prices, depending on your location.

cheddars scratch kitchen menu


Chips & Homemade Queso$5.79
Honey Butter Croissants$1.99
Cheddar’s cheese fries$8.79
Santa Fe Spinach Dip$6.79
Cheddar’s trio sampler$10.99

Salads and Soups

Salads & SoupsPrices
Grilled chicken pecan salad$10.99
Salmon caesar pasta salad$12.79
Chicken caesar pasta salad$10.29
Chicken crispy tender salad$10.29
Side house salad$3.49
Side caesar salad$3.49
Baked potato soup$3.49
No. 8 Special: Chicken tender platter$10.99


country fried chicken        $10.99
homemade chicken pot pie$9.99
chicken alfredo$11.49
lemon pepper chicken$11.49


6 oz. top sirloin steak$10.99
8 oz. top sirloin steak$12.99
14 oz. ribeye steak$18.99

House Smoked Baby Back ribs

Options Prices
Half rack baby back ribs$12.49
Full rack baby rack ribs$17.49


Grilled Salmon$11.99
Grilled White Fish$11.79
Cornmeal White Fish$11.79


Half rack of ribs & chicken tenders$15.99
Top sirloin & ribs combo$16.99
Top sirloin steak & chicken tenders$14.99

Scratch Burgers

Scratch BurgerPrices
The Original$7.99
Smokehouse burger$8.99
Bacon Cheeseburger$9.49


Buffalo chicken wrapper$10.49
Monte cristo$9.99
BBQ bacon chicken sandwich$9.49

Comfort Food

Comfort FoodPrices
New Orleans Pasta $12.99
Vegetale Plate$8.99
Homemade chicken pot pie$9.99
Country fried chicken$10.99
Country fried steak $10.99

Made From Scratch Sides

Made From Scratch SidesPrices
side house salad$3.49
broccoli cheese casserole             $2.49
idaho mashed potatoes            $2.49
cheese & bacon mashed potatoes             $3.78
loaded baked potato             $2.49
loaded baked potato w/ bacon             $3.48
french fries             $2.49
cheese & bacon french fries             $3.78
southern green beans             $2.49
buttered off-the-cob corn             $2.49
fresh steamed broccoli            $2.49
sweet baby carrots             $2.49
seasoned rice             $2.49
freshly made coleslaw             $2.49
red beans & rice          $2.49


Chicken Tenders$4.99
Junior Burger$4.99
Grilled Chicken$4.99
Grilled Cheese$4.99


Apple Pie A La Mode$4.69
Hot Fudge Cake Sundae$4.99
Cheddar’s Legendary Monster Cookie$4.69
Hand-Dipped Shakes$2.99
Virgin Daiquiris$2.99
Aubrey’s Key Lime Pie$4.69

Cheddar’s Nutritional Information

If you’re looking for a detailed guide on their nutritional information you can check out this pdf, which is a comprehensive guide covering each of their dishes. They clearly showcase the calories across each of the items on their menu. Listing fats, sugars and sodium you’ll find everything you need to know on that sheet.

What Does Cheddars Do With All The Leftover Food?

If you are cooking food from fresh and not re-using or freezing ingredients, you could reasonably expect it to be quite wasteful. This isn’t the case with Cheddars. Any food that isn’t used is donated to local foodbanks to ensure that it is still eaten and doesn’t go to waste.

Is Cheddars Expensive?

In a word, no it isn’t. Bearing in mind that the food is of really good quality and freshly prepared. The Cheddars menu is really good value. A steak and Shrimp Dinner will only cost you a fraction over $14. An appetizer at Cheddars will not set you back by more than $11, and that’s for the most expensive thing on the list (a triple treat sampler).

Cheddars prides itself on being a family restaurant. So, if you want to take the kids, you won’t need to feel too restricted on budget. The average price for a children’s meal is around $4-5. Even if you don’t want a big meal, you can supplement your choices with an extensive range of side dishes. You won’t find a side on the menu for more than $4. With classics such as Cheese and bacon fries, and Caesar salad, that is pretty good value.

What Is The Best Dish At Cheddars?

Now we are asking the really tough questions. There’s a lot of choice on the Cheddars menu and it is all really tasty stuff. In fact, you are almost spoiled for choice. They offer burgers, steaks, ribs, seafood and a lot more.

If we were really hungry or in the mood for sharing, it would be a terrible shame for someone to go to all the trouble of making honey barbecue ribs from scratch, and they are one of Cheddars classic dishes. Or maybe we would go for the best of both worlds with the Key West Chicken and Shrimp. This is a little like a surf n’ turf, but without the steak. It is a fairly low fat option, and it turns out that grilled chicken goes super well with pineapple.

The steaks at Cheddars are pretty good, they obviously make a lot of them as when we ordered it was grilled to our liking (medium, no ketchup). The onion straws are also one of our favourite treats.

If we weren’t in the mood for a steak, a monte Christo sandwich is high up on our list. Smoked ham, turkey and a couple of cheeses, then covered in crispy golden fried batter, ah bliss!

Does Cheddars Have A Vegan Menu?

Sadly not. We suspect it is because of the nature of Cheddars being a scratch kitchen that caters to a large amount of people. Whilst veganism is becoming more popular the audience isn’t big enough for them to warrant changing their whole menu. You will find the vegetarian options for sure. But with the strictness of a vegan diet it would be difficult for them logistically.

Vegetarian options are numerous and include things such as the roasted pear spring salad or even a vegetable plate. The soup options include a vegetarian option too.

Does Cheddars Offer A Catering Menu?

Cheddars does not currently offer a catering menu but you can still place large orders with the company. You will be able to get the company to deliver to the venue of choice and they’ll even provide you with disposables where required.

Can You Order Online?

Cheddar's Menu & Prices 2

The restaurant chain are now offering “comfort food at a click”. They’ve moved with the times and are bringing their restaurant service to your home, meaning no more queuing up visiting your local restaurant to find out they’ve no tables left. Their new online ordering system takes the hassle out of ordering from a Cheddars near you. Follow their easy to follow three step process and you’ll a few clicks away from enjoying their incredible food. You can pay with a card or through the use of a gift voucher and then sit back and wait for them to come to you.

step 1
step 2
step 3


Cheddars offers an easy and affordable way to eat out. Whilst normally this may mean compromising on quality, they appear to be doing a pretty good job. The Cheddars menu and prices seem to offer both a lot of choice, and really good value. There are some items on the menu that weren’t for us, but that just boils down to personal taste. At the end of the day, for such a large scratch kitchen, it is pretty good.

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