21 Foods That Start with J


Are you wondering about different foods that starts with J? Congratulations, because you are in the right place! This article has got you covered, presenting you all the foods, fluids, plants, and anything edible that begins with the letter J. Whether you’re just looking for a list of these foods for a challenge or a quiz, we have done the research so you don’t have to.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

foods that start wth J

Foods Beginning With the Letter J


It is a Brazillian grape tree that is naïve to Brazil. This tree generates thick-skinned purple Jabuticaba fruits that look like big grapes.


Jackfruit is a species of the tree in the breadfruit, mulberry and fig family. Its texture is not different to pineapple, mango, or banana. However, the taste is quite unique.


It is a medium-sized chili pepper. It looks similar to a serrano pepper, with less heat. The flavor of fresh jalapenos is bright, veggie, and green, with a small level of heat. We’ve even got you sorted with this jalapeno poppers recipe on our site.


Jam is a type of condiment, which is typically made from sugar, pressed fruit and often pectin.


It is a famous dish of Spanish, French, and West African influence. It is composed of veggies and meats combined with rice.


Jambon is a boneless, cured, and smoked ham from the meat of a pig in the French region of Vendee. The pigs utilized to get the final product are nurtured in the open air, where they roam liberally.

Japanese Plum

These plums are the most typical plums for fresh eating in America. They are extremely salty and sour.


Java is neither a particular type of coffee drink nor a way it is made. The origin of the terms comes from the history of coffee.


These are kind of hard candy. They are typically round and range from one to three centimeters across. They are hard candy spheres that are made from layer after layer of food coloring, corn syrup, water, and a sugar referred to as dextrose.


Jellies are desserts that are made with a flavored and sweetened processed collagen product. This type of dessert is made by extracting fruit juice and cooking it with pectin and sugar to thicken it to a firm, but uniform consistency. It is often utilized with whole fruits, which have seeds in them or skins such as raspberries, cranberries, and grapes.


Jello is composed of gelatin – a protein extracted from the bones and skins of specific animals. The gelatin is dissolved in boiling water and cooled to create a gelatinous and semi-solid substance.


It refers to a method that meat is cooked or seasoned. The style comes from Jamaica, and the standard cooking style utilizes a paste or marinates like pimento and scotch. The final product yields a spicy-sweet taste and a tender texture.


A jellyroll is a dessert created by spreading jelly or jam on a thin layer of sponge cake that is then rolled up into a log form. Often, a layer of frosting is spread on top of the jelly or jam layer before rolling it.

Jerusalem artichoke

It is a tuber vegetable, which comes from a type of sunflower native to the US. They look like big knobs of ginger and taste a bit savory and nutty. They make a fine alternative in a stir fry.


Jimmies are made of sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, a bit of food-grade wax, flavoring, and artificial coloring. Compared to sprinkles that are small and multi-colored spheres applied to baked goods, jimmies are a bit bigger. They are oblong-shaped chocolate candies utilized for decorating sundaes and ice cream cones.


It is a commercial flatbread, also referred to as Shawnee cake, spider cornbread, or Johnny bead. It is an early American staple food that is prepared on the Atlantic Coast from Jamaica to Newfoundland. Johnnycakes are more like pancakes; only they are made with cornmeal.


These are a type of apples that is rich in Vitamin Ac and C. They are a rich source of both insoluble and soluble fiber that has been proven to help avoid heart disease and support healthy digestion.


It is a classic Chinese breakfast dish that is also stapled in other nations such as Japan, Indonesia, Burma, and other regions of Europe. Jook is basically a rice porridge that is made by boiling rice in a huge amount of water.

Jordan almond

It is a sweetmeat that is made of candied fruits. They are sweetmeats made of candied fruits.


The juice is a drink made from the extraction or pressing of the natural liquid contained in veggies and fruits.


Jujube is a small round fruit with a seed-containing pit grow on big flowering trees. When they are ripe, they are purple or dark red and might look a bit wrinkled.


You likely weren’t aware of many of the foods on this last and honestly either was I before writing some of these. If you didn’t know these foods that start or begin with J, well now you do and they might just come in handy one day. If you’re also on the look out for other foods that begin with X or foods beginning with the letter D, also be sure to check that out.

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