What’s The Best Bread To Use For French Toast?


If you are going to make French Toast, you need to know what kind of loaf to use. Preferences can vary, but it’s a good idea to find out what sorts of breads will work well, and which kinds are likely to fail.

Most people agree that the best kind of bread for French Toast is brioche, because it’s buttery, sweet, and very soft. It’s got a lovely mouthfeel and it will create an excellent flavor when mixed with the other ingredients. You might also want to use challah or standard white bread; both of these will work well.

We’re going to use this article to look at the different kinds of bread you might choose to use for your French Toast. This will help you to make amazing French Toast every time!

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What Are The Best Kinds Of Bread To Use For French Toast?

You can use almost any kind of bread to make French Toast, but there are some kinds that will give you a much better result. French Toast should be deliciously soft, and you also need a kind of bread that will absorb the egg properly, maximizing the flavor. Some kinds of bread are definitely better than others, including ones like:

  1. Brioche
  2. Challah
  3. Potato bread
  4. Sourdough bread
  5. Baguettes
  6. Milk bread

Let’s find out more about how these different kinds work and what makes them taste so good!

1. Brioche

Brioche is a very popular kind of bread, being rich, buttery, and sweet. A lot of people love using brioche for French Toast because it’s so luxurious, and it’s almost always going to be the best option for your meal.

Part of the reason that brioche works so well is that it has extra sugar in it, so it’s already got the sweetness to make your French Toast really delicious!

2. Challah

If you don’t have brioche or you want a slightly less rich meal, challah is also a good option. It has quite a lot in common with brioche, but it’s lower in fat and a little bit healthier. It’s still a fluffy, soft option that will make very tasty French Toast, however.

This is certainly less buttery than brioche, but that works well if you don’t like the richness of French Toast and you want to soften it a bit. You’ll still get that sweet edge, meaning this is generally the second-best option – and may be the best for those who want a slightly less fatty alternative.

3. Potato Bread

Another very soft kind of bread, potato bread should work well for French Toast. It’s fluffy enough to soak up the eggs and absorb plenty of flavor, but it’s not as sweet or buttery as challah or brioche. Some people prefer it for this reason, while other people aren’t so keen.

Depending on your French Toast mixture, you might find that you can still taste the potato, so be aware of this. If you don’t like the flavor of potato bread normally, it may not be ideal for French Toast.

4. Sourdough Bread

Sourdough is great if you want a complex, deep flavor in your French Toast. It lends it a sourer undertone which can contrast very nicely with the sweeter notes. A lot of people feel that this is a great way to give your French Toast character and make it more interesting, and it can be a more satisfying meal.

It still tends to be pretty sweet, but this is definitely a combination to try if you generally find French Toast too sweet. Since sourdough bread goes stale fast, French Toast is an ideal way to use it up.

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5. Baguettes

Again, baguettes can be excellent for turning into French Toast because they go stale quickly. They are usually pretty absorbent so you can get a lot of egg mixture into them, and they won’t go soggy like some options. That means they’re often easier to make French Toast with.

They aren’t as sweet or buttery as brioche, but they don’t have the sour undertone of sourdough, making them a great middle ground.

6. Milk Bread

Milk bread can be a great option for French Toast because it is super fluffy and soft. It’s excellent at absorbing egg and other flavors, and it can be a lot healthier than either brioche or challah, which makes it a popular choice.

It’s often lower in calories, meaning you can eat French Toast more often without having to worry about your weight (although it still isn’t a healthy meal). Milk bread is made using milk and a roux, and it tends to be plump and fluffy even though it doesn’t contain a lot of butter.

It will give you fantastic French Toast, and it’s a great option if you can buy it or make it. Some people think this is even better for making French Toast with than brioche or challah, because it has a very neutral flavor that will allow the spices in the French Toast to shine.

Do You Have To Use Stale Bread For French Toast?

If you look at recipes for French Toast, you’ll see that almost all of them call for stale bread, and you might be wondering why. Wouldn’t fresh bread produce better results? In most cases, fresh bread is significantly nicer – but not when you’re making French Toast.

You want your bread to be dry when you make French Toast because this means it will be much better at soaking up the egg mixture and absorbing the flavor. If you use bread that already has a lot of moisture in it, it won’t be able to take up as much mixture, and will not taste as good.

The bread should be as saturated as possible with the eggy flavor, and this can only be achieved if you have really dry bread. You can use fresh bread to make French Toast, but you’ll find that it has less flavor.

You can make your bread stale by leaving out slices for a few hours or overnight. The moisture from the bread will gradually evaporate and the slices will become drier, and you can then make French Toast.

The drier your bread is, the longer you’ll be able to leave it in the egg mixture to make sure it thoroughly soaks up the flavor. If you try this with fresh bread, it will eventually start to disintegrate.


How long should you soak the bread in your egg mixture?

This will depend on how stale the bread is, but in most cases, you should be soaking it for about 15 or 20 minutes.

Can you use French bread for French Toast?

You can use French bread for French Toast if you want a nice, crispy result. Cut it into rounds and soak it in the egg mixture.

Can you use brown bread for French Toast?

If you’d rather use brown bread, this will work, but be aware that the texture may not be as fluffy.

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Most people feel that the best kind of bread for French Toast is brioche, but you have a lot of options. Try challah, milk bread, potato bread, or a baguette, and see which you like best!

Best Bread For French Toast

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Recipe by Laura Ritterman


  • Brioche

  • Challah

  • Potato bread

  • Sourdough bread

  • Baguettes

  • Milk bread


  • Select your favorite bread of choice.
  • Use this in your French toast recipe.
  • Serve and enjoy

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