22 Best Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors


We rarely need an excuse to dig into a large bucket of ben and jerry’s ice cream. The only thing more fantastic than the taste is the range of flavors available. While we all love a choice, picking our favorite is always tricky. For that reason, we thought we’d leave it up to you. Below you’ll find a list of the 22 best Ben and Jerrys flavors. Why not take a browse through and see if you can find your favorite one for a night at home!

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Americone Dream

Ok, let’s start strong. If you are looking for something super creamy and packed with different tastes and textures, this Ben and Jerrys flavor could be the best place to start. This is more than simple vanilla ice cream.

In each tub, you’ll find crispy waffle cone pieces (covered in fudge, no less) all mixed in with a sweet and slightly salty caramel swirl. Yeah, it looks a mashed-up mess, but when it tastes this good, we couldn’t care less!

The Tonight Dough

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve gorged ourselves on cookie dough and then not been able to eat cookies after we have baked them. In the case of the ‘tonight dough’ ice cream, so named after the popular talk show hosted by Jimmy Fallon, we don’t seem to have this problem. 

Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie dough are combined in thick chunks that punctuate layer upon layer of caramel and chocolate ice cream. You’ll also find the odd chunk of baked chocolate chip cookie too for a sickly sweet treat that is just perfect to have perched on your lap on a Saturday night in front of the TV.

Half Baked

This is hands down one of the best Ben and Jerrys flavors out there. It is the perfect mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, all held together with huge lumps of chocolate brownie and fudge cookie pieces. This one is a real treat (don’t tell anyone, but we’ve finished a whole tub in one go several times).

Cherry Garcia

Resembling something that tastes similar to a sundae, it is hardly surprising that cherry Garcia is considered one of the best Ben and Jerrys flavors. This one is really creamy and indulgent with vanilla and cherry ice cream mixed with lumps of candied cherries. 

Don’t worry, it isn’t too fruity. You’ll also find massive chunks of sweet and salty fudge dotted throughout each tub. Good luck trying to prize your spoon out from the depths. 

Phish Food

This is basically the ice cream equivalent of a rocky road. It starts with lashings of chocolate ice cream, and a quick dig with the spoon will reveal small fish-shaped pieces of fudge along with swirls of creamy marshmallows. It’s chewy, sweet, and utterly delicious! Oh, and don’t miss the chocolate chips either! 

Strawberry Cheesecake

This is quite possibly one of our all-time favorites. Compared to the others, it is a little more simple, but it has all of the flavors we love in a dessert. As you’d expect with any good cheesecake, you get substantial pieces of crisp and biscuity graham cracker along with juicy strawberry pieces. This is all topped off with thick and creamy strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream layers. 

The strawberries are what make this stand out against its competitors, no tiny little flecks here and there, just piles of thick and fruity sweetness all the way to the bottom!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate chip ice cream may have been a favorite, but as with most of their best flavors, Ben and Jerrys have taken it up a notch. 

While most ice cream companies will have you fighting over the odd chip here and there, Ben and Jerries throw in colossally big chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough. It’s completely sweet, chewy, and delicious. And you’ll be pleased to know that it is one of their original flavors upon which they built their name. The fact that it is still going strong should prove that it is one of the best. 

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate chip cookie dough is all good and well, but what if you are a real chocolate lover? If this sounds like you, it is well worth opting for a chocolate fudge brownie. 

What does it taste like?

Well, it starts with a rich and super sickly chocolate ice cream, filled (almost overfilled, some might say) with huge blocks of chewy and chunky fudge brownie). While we love the taste, this might be one of the few that we could struggle to finish. It really is that sweet. Mind you, don’t pull out your fillings. It is one sticky customer! 

New York Super Fudge Chunk

If you need an ice cream that is absolutely packed with tastes and textures, a New York super fudge chunk is one to look out for. In fact, it is that full of ‘toppings’ that we are surprised that there is no room for the ice cream!

As with some other of Ben and Jerry’s best ice cream flavors, this is loaded with lumps of white and dark chocolate fudge… But it doesn’t end there. You’ll also find whole toasted pecans, walnuts, and almonds (all covered in chocolate). 

We might need to lie down just thinking about it. 

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Chunky Monkey

Made with real monkeys? No, not quite. This super sweet ice cream takes its name from the inclusion of banana as its base. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then this is perfect. Banana ice cream, dotted about with huge fudge chunks and shards of roasted walnuts. This is one of Ben and Jerry’s all-time best sellers and flavors. We challenge you to finish it in one sitting!

Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch

The best Ben and Jerrys flavors aren’t always about chocolate and vanilla. They do appreciate that there are some coffee lovers out there, and in this regard, this flavor definitely hits the spot. This one isn’t quite as ‘topping’ laden as some of the other flavors. Within, you’ll find small, sweet, and slightly bitter shards of toffee, all covered in a rich toffee sauce.

Peanut Butter Fudge Core

Don’t you just hate it when you end up missing half a movie as you dig through your ice cream tub looking for toppings?

Well, luckily, Ben and Jerrys have come up with the answer. As long as you can find the middle of your pot, you’ll find plenty to go at as they added a ‘core’. A central section made thick and gooey. In this case, it is filled with peanut butter fudge meaning you can perfectly balance ice cream and sickly-sweet goodness with every spoonful. Dig in and enjoy!

Milk & Cookies

Who doesn’t love dipping a few chocolate chip cookies into a glass of cool milk? This is exactly the taste that Ben and Jerrys sought to achieve here. Creamy vanilla ice cream is combined with a chocolate chip swirl, which is added to even more with lumps of baked cookies! It’s the real taste of our childhood!

Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate on chocolate… On chocolate? You bet!

This one might even outdo chocolate fudge brownie as the sweetest Ben and Jerry’s flavor out there. If you really want to pig out or just can’t get enough chocolate, then this is the one for you. Not only will you find gallons of rich and sweet chocolate ice cream, but with each spoonful, you’ll also unearth chocolate pudding pieces, chocolate swirls, chocolate cookies, and chocolate chips.

Don’t wear a white shirt while eating. Ask us how we discovered this tip. 

Chocolate Raspberry

Have you been a fan of Ben and Jerrys for a long time, or are you new to the ice cream game? If you are the former, you’ll almost certainly remember this one, and if you are the latter, there is a good chance that you have never seen it.

Want the bad news?

While this was one of Ben and Jerry’s best flavors, it is one of their official ‘dead’ lines. They literally have a ‘graveyard’ at their headquarters in Vermont where you can see its headstone! This mixed sweet chocolate with a slightly sour raspberry before retiring early in 2000. 

Ben and Jerry’s occasionally ‘resurrect’ the odd flavor now and again, so if you spot one, grab it before it goes forever!

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Ok, let’s be honest, ice cream and campfires don’t really mix. But toasted marshmallows do. So, what is the solution? 

Right here, our friends! Gimme S’more’s ice cream features huge mounds of fluffy marshmallow ice cream stuffed with crunchy graham cracker pieces and cookie swirls. A gallon of this and a strong enough spoon, and you’ll be snoozing around the campfire in next to no time!

Pistachio Pistachio

If you visit gelati in Italy, you’ll find this tasty light green ice cream on every street corner. Nutty and slightly more savory than some of our other suggestions, this one is laden with salty pistachios and creamy green ice cream. 

This isn’t everyone’s first choice, but it could be ideal if you aren’t a big fan of chocolate or cookie bits. 

Triple Caramel Chunk

Speaking of salty, you really need to check this one out. Imagine scoops of silky dairy ice cream with swirls of caramel and caramel-soaked fudge pieces dotted throughout… Well, imagine no more as this is actually one of Ben and Jerry’s best flavors to date!

While it may sound sweet, this is a great choice for those who don’t want to overindulge. The slight saltiness of the caramel really works well with the dairy ice cream.

Chubby Hubby

Sometimes you’ve just got to stick with what you know. You might enjoy a chubby hubby in more ways than one (hardly surprising with how great this tastes). This is one of Ben and Jerry’s best original flavors, and launched them to success in the 80s. 

This is actually a little more ‘grown up’ with malt vanilla ice cream and some peanut fudge pretzel pieces thrown in for a little salty taste and crunchy texture. Don’t miss out on the peanut butter swirls, either. This is the perfect mix of savory and sweet, all mixed into one tasty tub!

Peanut Butter Cup

Ok, so they might have borrowed a little flavor inspiration from Reese’s, but seeing as we love Ben and Jerry’s, we will forgive them. This ice cream aims to taste like chocolate cups filled with salty and slightly crunchy peanut butter, and we must say they have achieved this admirably.

This peanut butter ice cream comes fully loaded with hundreds of little ‘cups’ that taste sublime. While this is one of the best Ben and Jerrys flavors, we only have one criticism, we keep getting peanut bits stuck in our teeth. Make a smooth one, Ben and Jerrys! 

Urban Bourbon

Is this an adults-only ice cream? We don’t know. It depends on how you feel about sharing. While the name would suggest otherwise, urban bourbon doesn’t actually contain any alcohol, so you can split it with the entire family… Yeah, right. This is so good we are keeping the bucket for ourselves!

The flavor is slightly whisky-esque. This is further enhanced with huge flakes of fudge along with caramel and bourbon swirls. It won’t be one that everyone enjoys, so if you keep finding the freezer empty, you could give this one a go. 

Cinnamon Buns

Ben and Jerrys seem to be masters in combining baked goods and ice cream, so it is hardly surprising that they have added cinnamon buns to their list of the best flavors. And we must say, they have nailed it.

You get all of the cinnamon taste along with sweet caramel ice cream and a little baked ‘crunch’ thrown in for good measure. This is one of their newest flavors and one you definitely need to try.


We love Ben and Gerrys for several reasons. Apart from absolutely being spot on in taste, you can always ensure that their ice cream tubs are packed with oodles of toppings! As to which is the best Ben and Jerrys flavors, that’s all down to personal choice. Which of the above list would you pick? Let us know in the comments. We love hearing from our fellow ice cream lovers. 


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