8 Vegetables That Start With N


How many vegetables that start with “N” do you know? One, two, or maybe you can’t think of anything? Instead of wasting your time on researching or trying to find vegetables that start with this letter, take a look at our list of vegetables below.

8 Vegetables That Start With N

1. Navy Beans

Navy Beans

Let’s start with these small, white, oval-shaped beans that have sweet, satisfying flavor. People started calling them Navy Beans when they were included in the diet of the U.S. Navy during the 19th century. The reason for that was their long shelf life and the ability to boost energy levels. Other names of these beans include Yankee beans, peas, or haricot.

Navy beans are the base of Boston baked beans which include stewing them with maple syrup or molasses and flavoring them with salt pork or bacon.

They have a creamy texture and mild, delicate flavor and are especially used for soups and stews thanks to their ability to keep their shape when cooked. Navy beans are very nutritious as well, containing impressive amounts of fiber, protein, thiamin, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

2. Napa Cabbage

Napa Cabbage

Napa cabbage is the most commonly used variety of Chinese cabbage. It’s mainly used in Asian countries like Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. This oval to oblong-shaped cabbage has a large elongated head, thick, white, and fibrous stems, and curved and delicate pale green to yellow leaves.

This cabbage has a more delicate texture and flavor than the Western variety, but it can substitute it easily in many recipes. You can eat it fresh in salads, or cook it to make soups or stir-fries. Thanks to the high water content, it pairs wonderfully with the other ingredients when cooked.

3. Neeps


Have you ever heard about neeps? What about swedes? Well, they are the same big yellow-orange or purple root vegetable used in stews or soups or usually served mashed. They are most commonly known as turnips.

You can enjoy it fresh or frozen, but if you use frozen neeps you have to be careful not to overcook it as it may become too watery. Also, don’t forget to drain it well and steam dry in the colander for a while before mashing it.

Still, the best way to cook neeps is to use it fresh and boil it before mashing it. Adding herbs and spicing is not recommended to really feel the flavor of the vegetable. Serve your mashed neeps with potatoes and haggis.

4. Nori


The fourth on our list of vegetables that start with N is the sea vegetable or seaweed Nori. It’s mostly consumed by the Japanese who use it to wrap sushi. However, that’s only one application of this dried seaweed. In fact, people around the world know that Nori refers to the dried, dark sheet of processed red algae.

Other uses of these edible seaweed sheets include wrappers around a rice ball and hand cone roll. Roasted Nori sheets are shredded or cut into tiny pieces and blended with salt, sesame, and fish flakes or dried vegetable to get a topping that boosts the flavor of to-go meals. You can find this mixture in a sprinkle bottle or zipped pouch.

5. Nettles


Have you ever ended up with a bristly rash on your limbs after walking through a meadow? If this sounds familiar to you, the chances are you have brushed up against the herb called nettle or stinging nettle. You can see why it’s called that way.

But, don’t let the “needles” on its stems and leaves give you a wrong impression about this highly nutritious herb. Thanks to its rich nutrient content, nettles have become a popular food that’s typically cooked and eaten like spinach.

This herb is so nutritious that’s part of various health and beauty products. Another one of the many foods starting with n.

6. New Potato

New Potato

What makes new potatoes so special? They are harvested early in the season so they are sweet, crisp, waxy, and full of moisture. Unlike fully-grown potatoes, these ones hold their shape once cooked. So, they are not a separate type of potatoes, but just young potatoes.

The reason why they are sweeter than other potatoes is that their sugar has still not converted into starch. This makes them perfect for salads.

The preparation is super easy as you don’t need to peel them. Scrubbing them gently with a cloth or soft brush and rinsing them is all it takes to put them in a pot and cook them. Cook them whole and dress them immediately after cooking to allow them to absorb the flavor of the oil or butter.

7. New Zealand Spinach

New Zealand Spinach

What’s interesting about New Zealand spinach is that this vegetable is not actually related to spinach. It doesn’t even thrive in the same climate. The reason why it’s called that way is because of the taste which is very similar to, and even better than that of spinach.

The edible leaves are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C, and that makes them super nutritious. This leafy vegetable can be eaten fresh or cooked in different ways such as braising, steaming, or sautéing.

You can use it in different recipes as a substitute for spinach.

8. Nopales


Have you ever tried cactus paddles? Well, these are called nopales and they are a popular ingredient in Mexico. Mexicans use it in various dishes, including salads and tacos.

Nopales are meaty and with a mild flavor that’s something between okra and asparagus. The preparation is a bit tricky, as it requires removing the thorns and spines, but once clean they are easily sliced or chopped.

While cooking them, you may notice a slime released in the water, similar to what happens when you cook okra. That’s why you have to drain and rinse them several times once cooked. You can also grill them or sear them in a skillet with some oil.


Did you find a potential new ingredient to try out in our list of vegetables that start with “N”? We highly encourage you to get at least a few of these nutritious vegetables and use them to make something new for your family. Once you’ve completed this list challenge, test your knowledge on foods starting with i and h.

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