Starbucks Puppuccino


Alright, either we are barking mad, or Starbucks has now started doing drinks for doggies. Thankfully, it’s the latter! If you are visiting Starbucks and have your four-legged friends in tow, they offer these drinks for free! But what if you can’t get down to your local chain, Fido still needs his Starbucks pup cup fix! Well, don’t worry. We are here to help. Today we are going to look at how to make a Starbucks Puppuccino at home.


How to Make Starbucks Puppuccino

There are various theories about what actually goes into a Starbucks Puppuccino. There are even dog owners who demand a vegan version. While ours isn’t vegan, it contains a few simple ingredients that aren’t going to upset your dog’s digestion. 

The recipe is really easy to make. The name not so much, as it’s commonly misspelt to pupachino.

The majority of the drink is made from whipped cream.

But who wants to eat plain old whipped cream? If we don’t like it, neither will our dog, so we want a little flavor and substance.

We also add just a little cinnamon and finish the entire thing off with a squirt of whipped cream.

How you serve your Puppuccino is entirely up to you. Suppose you’ve got a dog who promises to be a considerate drinker. In that case, you could go ahead and serve it in a Starbucks coffee cup, just like an authentic Puppuccino. Alternatively, to avoid anyone deciding they want to eat the cup as well as drink the drink, we’d recommend serving it in a doggy dish.  

Now, this won’t be suited to all dogs, so we’d advise serving this with caution. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or known allergies, then it is probably best (and kindest) if you steer them clear of the dairy. Dogs don’t always know what’s good for them and what isn’t. So try and use a little discretion. 

What we do know is that our cavapoo loves joining in the fun. And it has got to the stage that whenever we make ourselves a homemade Starbucks drink, he comes tippy tapping around in excitement!

Starbucks Puppuccino

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Starbucks have coined the popular Puppuccino word and it’s one of the secret menu items you can find at your local chain. Follow below to make a copycat Starbucks puppuccino today.


  • 4 ounces 4 of whipped cream

  • Small pinch powdered cinnamon


  • Pour the Puppuccino mix into your chosen receptacle. We find that a small doggy bowl is the most practical and least messy.
  • Add a small dollop of whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon.
  • Place on the floor or hold for your dog to enjoy (we wish somebody would do this for us at Starbucks
  • Waggy tails all around!


  • This recipe can be made as a lactose free version using equivalent ingredients, so if you don’t want your dog drinking dairy, then feel free to swap the regular stuff for a dairy alternative. 

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Tips and Tricks

  • This recipe is for a single Puppuccino and is the ideal portion for a small dog. If you have a big dog that might like a little more, then this is fully scaleable. Just double the ingredients as necessary, and then wonder why you didn’t get a little dog!
  • While there is nothing in this recipe that is harmful to dogs, we really can’t stress how important it is to look after your pet’s welfare. If you doubt whether they will like it, maybe give them a different treat, like a dog biscuit.
  • You’ll notice that in preparing this drink, we don’t use any hot ingredients. That is deliberate. As a dog owner, you probably know that our four legged friends can sometimes lack a little common sense. They aren’t the best at judging temperature and will wolf down something hot as well as cold. Also, dog’s digestive systems are designed to have hot food and drinks, so do your doggo a favor and keep the ingredients cool only.
  • You’ll already know that dogs have a much better sense of smell than us humans. While we do use a little cinnamon in this recipe, we keep it to an absolute minimum. Nobody needs a dog sneezing whipped cream all over the kitchen. 
  • To make this recipe, you’ll ideally need a blender. We just think it is more aesthetically pleasing to have a smooth drink, but we have to be honest, we have made it without, and it disappeared in the same amount of time.
  • Remember treats for your dog are supposed to be a reward? This drink is totally delicious (yes, we admit it, we did have a small taste before letting our loveable mutt get his paws in). Most dogs seem to love it, but you don’t want to be giving your pupper a Puppuccino if they’ve just ripped the back out of the new sofa.


This is a recipe that we never thought we’d be writing. We can’t decide whether we are super cool or just really crazy. The dog is part of our family, and it seems a shame for him to miss out on all the fun? We feed him other leftovers, so he eats just as well as we do. And now he loves Starbucks Puppuccinos too! What treats do you give to your dog? Let us know in the comments! 

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