Gyoza Dipping Sauce Recipe


Do you love dumplings? They are delicious, but these tasty treats just aren’t the same without a really great gyoza dipping sauce to give them flavor and bite. It can be expensive to buy this kind of sauce from the store, but it’s super easy to make it yourself at home – so let’s find out how!

Gyoza Dipping Sauce

How To Make Gyoza Dipping Sauce

To make some great gyoza dipping sauce, you will need:

  • Rice wine vinegar: for that sharp edge and traditional flavor, you will want rice wine vinegar. You can use another kind of vinegar if you need to, but this one has a slight sweetness to it that makes the overall sauce’s flavor milder and more enjoyable. If you do swap it for another vinegar, consider adding a pinch of sugar to increase the sweetness.
  • Chili powder: you can increase or decrease the amount of chili you use depending on your preferences, but a little bit of spice really makes this sauce great. Use any kind of chili you like, including fresh chili if you have it.
  • Soy sauce: a major component of gyoza dipping sauce is soy sauce. This gives it a salty, moreish taste that makes it irresistible. You should choose your favorite kind of soy sauce for the best results.
  • Sesame oil: this is one of the more unusual oils for cooking with, but it will lend the sauce a nutty flavor that is just perfect. You can choose another oil if you like, but be aware that the gyoza sauce will not have quite the same classic taste if you do.

Gyoza Dipping Sauce Recipe

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Do you want to know how to make incredible gyoza dipping sauce? Follow this simple recipe!


  • 1 teaspoon 1 sesame oil

  • 1 tablespoon 1 soy sauce

  • 1 teaspoon 1 rice wine vinegar

  • Chili or chili flakes to taste


  • Get out a medium mixing bowl and add the rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, chili, and sesame oil to it. If you are using fresh chili, shred the chili and de-seed it before adding it to the bowl. Leave the seeds in if you prefer extra heat.
  • Mix the sauce very thoroughly to combine the vinegar, oil, chili, and soy sauce. If you are going to add a pinch of sugar, make sure you do this before mixing so that it gets incorporated with all of the other ingredients.
  • Allow the sauce to steep for about 15 minutes, and then decant it from the mixing bowl and into small dipping bowls. The sauce should then be stored in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

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Tips & Tricks

As you can see, making gyoza dipping sauce could not be easier, but that means you have a wonderful opportunity to start altering this recipe to suit your tastes. You don’t need to make it more complicated, but you can experiment a little to see what works well.

  • Try finely mincing a clove of garlic and mixing this into the sauce. It will give it a rich flavor that works beautifully well with dumplings.
  • Opt for some finely grated ginger if you prefer a bit of heat that the chili isn’t quite cutting. Stir well and increase the steeping time a little so that the ginger’s flavor can permeate through the sauce.
  • Only pour out as much sauce as you expect to use at a time. Once the sauce has had a dumpling dipped into it, it should be considered contaminated, and not kept beyond the meal. If you have made a large batch of gyoza, be cautious about how much you pour to reduce the risk of waste. You can always decant a little more if you need it!
  • Try adding a pinch of your favorite kind of herb to the mixture and stir well. This will bump up the flavor and make it more unique.
  • Finely slice some green onions and stir these into the dipping sauce for a more earthy flavor. If you don’t like your sauce to be lumpy, consider giving it a quick whiz with a hand blender to chop the onion up finer and incorporate it into the sauce.
  • Taste your gyoza sauce while making it so you can adjust the ingredient ratios to suit your preferences.


Can I make gyoza dipping sauce in advance?

Yes, you can make this sauce a couple of days before you expect to use it. It must be kept in the fridge, in an airtight container.

What should I serve with this sauce besides dumplings?

There are many options for serving gyoza dipping sauce. Try it splashed over stir fry, eaten with tofu, poured on bok choy, or alongside Chinese greens. You can even serve this dipping sauce with omelets; it will massively enrich the taste of the eggs. Some people dip spring rolls in, while others drizzle the sauce over savory crepes.

Can I make the sauce thinner?

Yes, if you prefer a thinner consistency, add just a little bit of water to the sauce and stir it well.

How long will this sauce last?

Gyoza sauce should last for up to 3 days in the fridge, as long as you use fresh ingredients. However, it takes so little time to make, you may wish to just mix it when you want it.

Can I freeze gyoza sauce?

Yes, you should be fine to freeze gyoza sauce. Simply tip it into an airtight container and place it in the freezer. To thaw, put it in your refrigerator overnight.

What does gyoza sauce taste like?

This dipping sauce is a perfect combination of nutty, salty, and sharp flavors, and it’s easy to tweak it to suit your preferences. Remember that you can add a little sugar for a sweeter sauce, and omit or bump up the chili to get rid of or increase the heat.


Gyoza dipping sauce takes only minutes to make (plus a little marinating time) so it’s well worth whipping up a batch at home any time you fancy this delicious sauce. With fresh dumplings, roasted vegetables, or any other Asian treat, it’s the perfect food.

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