14 Drinks that Start with A


No, “alcohol” doesn’t count, although that said, there are a few drinks that start with A that are definitely for grown-ups. While thinking through our list, we were surprised by how many there were. If you are in the mood for something naughty, nice, or both, check it out below.

drinks that start with a

Drinks that Start with A

Apple Juice

Alright, this one might be just a little bit obvious, but it’s a drink that starts with A, so we are going with it. You’ll tend to find apple juice in one of two forms. Either from concentrate, where it tends to be rather sweet and clear, or alternatively in its pure pressed form. This is sometimes referred to as cloudy apple juice and sometimes ‘traditional’ apple juice.

We know it is a little tangy, tasty, and really refreshing!

Aperol Spritz

Hit the slopes and crack out the Aperol. This orange spirit is pretty similar to martini and is a favorite in alpine skiing resorts. It’s one for the grown-ups with sparkling wine, soda, and a slice of orange for good measure. It’s a little sweet with a very mild bitter and dry aftertaste.

American Pale Ale

Staying on the hard stuff, there has been a revival of the craft beer industry in recent years, and you will no doubt see more pale ales popping up. Once considered the preserve of hipsters, American pale ale is really taking off. 

Unlike regular beer, pale ale is somewhat fruity with a strong malty taste. One thing is for certain, a few of these drinks starting with A, and you’ll be reaching for tablets beginning with ‘p’ (painkillers for your headache).


There was nothing wrong with the old martini, but this one is just a little special. Vodka, mixed with apple juice, maple syrup, and a splash of martini, before being shaken over ice and served in a fancy glass? What’s not to love?


Victoriana reigns supreme with this strong and dark green liquor. Traditionally, it is served with a burned sugar cube plunged in and stirred. Still, nowadays, it seems to be mostly added to cocktails.

Absinthe has a strong anise taste, and the subsequent hangover is even stronger. Drink with caution.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut has rapidly overtaken the likes of Smirnoff as the country’s leading vodka brand. It is hardly surprising with delicious flavors such as raspberry, apple, and berry. As a grain spirit, it is pretty nice and works well with various mixers.

American Cream Soda

Our list of drinks starting with A isn’t all about alcohol, far from it. This one is a classic and is particularly nice on a hot summer’s day. Creamy, fizzy, and refreshing, it is perfect when served over ice in a tall glass.

Our guilty pleasure is a cream soda float with a lump of vanilla ice cream dropped in the middle. We bet you don’t finish it!

Adam and Eve

Forbidden fruit? You bet!

Adam and eve is a drink beginning with A that is definitely a sin! Bourbon and Galliano mixed with sugar make up the bulk of this beverage. A little sugar and a dash of bitters before serving simply in a highball glass. Keep away from those apples, Eve!

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Amstel is a European beer commonly drunk in Holland. These tan bottles are great if you are taking it easy. It is a fairly light beer, and you’ll find it served all over Europe. 


Amaretto has to be one of our real favorites. Whether you want to enjoy this neat on the rocks, served in an ice-cold coke, or want to make a naughty milkshake, this almond-flavored liqueur is utterly heavenly!

Angostura Bitters

While we are talking about cocktails, let’s look at Angostura. This little additive is great for use in a whole range of cocktails (which is good, as it is expensive!). It has origins in the Caribbean, where gentian roots and other herbs and spices are distilled and combined to form a red syrupy style addition that adds depth to any cocktail.

Alabama Slammer

No, this isn’t referring to prison in one of the USA’s southern states! An Alabama slammer is another cocktail that is well worth adding to your list of drinks beginning with A. If you’ve splashed out on a bottle of Amaretto, this is another drink you can make with it!

Simply combine southern comfort and slow gin with a shot of Amaretto, shake in a cocktail shaker, and serve over ice with a dash of lemon juice! It’s super simple and very tasty.


Funny spelling! You bet! This is because this drink is actually of Dutch origin and is one of the key components of eggnog. 

The drink is yellow in color and has a really smooth texture. If you want to know how it is made, it gets its bright yellow color from egg yolks, to which sugar, along with a significant amount of brandy, are added before being blended to smooth perfection. Consider it a little like an alcoholic custard, and you won’t go far wrong.

Just don’t serve it for dessert.


There’s a chance that you might not have heard of araq. This is a spirit from the far-flung lands of Asia. In fact, it is thought to be one of the oldest alcoholic spirits in the world. It has an extremely strong aniseed flavor and is made from pressed grape seeds and star anise, and cloves.

It can get pretty strong (especially if homemade), but you can generally pick it up in places like Lebanese stores.

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There are so many drinks beginning with A. What surprised us when we were writing our list is how many were of the ‘stronger’ variety, if you catch our meaning? All of them are worth a try (but we won’t blame you if you want to skip the Arak). Which was your favorite, and have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below!

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