Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Recipe


Love or hate it Dr Pepper for me is a guilty pleasure. Combine it with ice cream and you have yourself one of the tastiest drinks around. The Dr Pepper float is one of those evening desserts that you rarely think about making but when on front of you brings sheer happiness. In fact, I stumbled upon this recipe by pure chance.

In fact, I haven’t had Dr pepper in a while but while at my sister’s house she ran out of cola for mixing with ice-cream and used an old can of dr pepper that was lying around in the house. I was mesmerized by the taste and knew instantly I would be making this for myself when I got home. It was that good that I knew it was worth sharing with my readers.

Combining ice cream with soda isn’t a new phenomenon by any means but it has stood the test of time in my household for a quick 5 minute dessert that will have both you and your kids wanting more. Requires very few ingredients and won’t last the length of time it takes to make, it’s that good.

How To Make Dr Pepper Floats

Being able to make this recipe in under 5 minutes is what makes this so appealing to me. In addition to that, all you really need are a 4 simple ingredients.

The obvious initial ingredient is your soda can of dr pepper, after all it is a Dr pepper float. Add a number of scoops of ice-cream, I used vanilla in my recipe. Any brand will do. Then mix it with some coconut syrup and lime juice for that refreshing taste. The Dr Pepper ice cream combination really delivers.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can use different Dr Pepper flavors to test out the taste. Also it might be worth experimenting with different ice-cream flavors or combining multiple different flavors. For this I stuck with plain old reliable vanilla, which does the job perfectly.

Dr Pepper Vanilla Float

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Quick, easy and delicious describe this Dr Pepper Float recipe. You have no excuses not to make this.


  • 12 can 12 can of Dr. Pepper

  • 2 oz. 2 coconut syrup

  • juice from 1 lime

  • Vanilla Ice cream


  • Add 3 scoops of ice cream to a glass
  • Mix coconut syrup and fresh lime juice and pour on top of the ice cream.
  • Pour in the Dr Pepper soda
  • Serve and enjoy


  • Make sure to serve and drink this right away
  • Use a mason jar to give off the professional impact.

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Nothing beats this recipe when you’ve had a long day! One of life’s most simple desserts, yet so impactful. When I first shared this with my kids, they were hyper and that was before they even tasted it. For most, Dr Pepper isn’t the obvious choice to add ice cream to but that’s really what makes this so special. If you think this tastes well, potentially test it out with root beer and let me know your thoughts. Dr pepper and vanilla ice cream really make this a contender for the best soda float around.

We did mention this recipe is really easy and there’s not a whole lot more we can say about it other than enjoy! Enjoy and let us know in the comments below if you tried it yourself. Just thinking about this Dr Pepper float soda makes me want to re-make this.

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