Blue Lagoon Mocktail Recipe


Evoking feelings of lush Caribbean blue skies, the Blue Lagoon has long been a staple of cocktail bars around the world.

Downing a delicious Blue Lagoon on a hot summer’s day, preferably while relaxing on a white, sandy beach is heavenly. This blue lemonade-style drink is instantly refreshing.

The traditional Blue Lagoon cocktail uses both vodka and blue Curaçao. This means that it isn’t an option for those who can’t consume alcohol for whatever reason.

Our Blue Lagoon Mocktail tastes just as brilliant as the cocktail, but there isn’t a drop of alcohol in sight. You still get to enjoy that beautiful, refreshing lemonade taste. In fact, that lemon taste is much more prominent than in the cocktail.

We hope that you can find a matching sandy beach to drink it. If you can’t, don’t worry. It tastes just as good at home!

blue lagoon mocktail

How To Make Blue Lagoon Mocktail

We are going to need four ingredients to make our Blue Lagoon mocktail. You can get your hands on all these ridiculously easily. If you keep a well-stocked cocktail/mocktail bar, then you probably won’t have to head to the store for anything.

We aren’t going to give you exact measurements here. We will tell you how to make up an individual Blue Lagoon mocktail in the next section. Just pick yourself up a couple of bottles of each of the ingredients. Once you have tried one drink, we bet you will have a hankering for another!


We need our Blue Lagoon mocktail to be refreshing. We want this to be the type of drink that you will be reaching for on a hot, summer’s day.

Our mocktail glass is going to be chilled (more on that soon), but we are also going to want to load up the glass with heaps of ice.

The colder you can get that drink, the better.

Lemonade (Preferably Sprite)

Lemonade is a staple ingredient in the Blue Lagoon cocktail. It is going to provide the bulk of the flavor profile. It is the lemonade that gives the Blue Lagoon the lemony twang, and that’s exactly what it will do here.

You can use any lemonade that you want for the Blue Lagoon Mocktail.  However, because we are going to be substituting one of the ingredients for the syrup, you should try to aim for a lemonade that isn’t overly sweet. Many people go for Sprite, but you may want to experiment a bit.

We do suggest that you use a carbonated lemonade. It tastes better. However, the choice is all yours.

Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

Don’t use the squeezy bottles of lemon/lime juice that are often used for baking. They taste horrendous. We are trying to make a classy mocktail here.

Squeeze the juice of one lemon. Try to get as much juice out as possible.

This will bulk up the lemon taste while adding the bitterness that the Blue Lagoon is known for.

Blue Curacao Syrup

We are ditching the vodka for this mocktail. We are also kissing goodbye to Curaçao. We do need to squeeze some of those flavors in there, though. If we don’t, then we are mixing nothing more than a cold lemonade.

Blue Curaçao syrup will help us. This is sugar syrup that has been flavored with ingredients very similar to the Curaçao liquor. It’s not quite exact, but we are sure you didn’t expect that.

Do bear in mind that the Curaçao syrup is going to be incredibly sweet. It’s just sugar. That’s why we are urging you to cut back on the sugary lemonade.

Equipment Required

  • Chilled Hurricane Glass
  • Measuring jug
  • Spoon, for stirring

If you do not have a hurricane glass handy, then you can substitute for any glass measuring around 14 oz.

You can make the mixing process a bit more of a spectacle by substituting the measuring jug for some shot glasses. Make sure you know how much liquid the shot glass can hold, however.

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Blue Lagoon Mocktail Recipe

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Prep time




Total time




  • Handful ice

  • ½ oz of Curacao Syrup

  • 1 oz 1 freshly squeezed lemon juice

  • 4 oz 4 lemonade


  • Start by measuring out the ingredients for an individual Blue Lagoon Mocktail:
  • Fill your hurricane glass with ice. Aim for about half to three-quarters full
  • With your glass packed with ice, it’s time to slowly add in your ingredients.
  • Stir gently.
  • When everything is well-mixed, it’s ready to be served.


  • You don’t have to use the ingredients in any specific order. However, some people add lemonade and blue Curaçao, give it a mix, and then test the sweetness. This allows them to easily adjust the flavor profile.

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Tips & Tricks

This Blue Lagoon mocktail is going to taste fantastic. Trust us. You will regularly catch us downing a couple of these in a night. However, one of the great things about making cocktails is that you can experiment with the flavors.

Let’s get you started with a few suggestions on how you can shake up your Blue Lagoon mocktail.

Change the Lemonade

The lemonade is the heart and soul of our Blue Lagoon drink.

One of the quickest ways to change up the flavor is to switch out the lemonade.

We have gone for Sprite in our Blue Lagoon mocktail, but you can choose any lemonade you want. Experiment with it. Notice how it changes the sweetness and the overall flavor of the drink.

If you want to cut the calories (which aren’t that high, to begin with) then you can opt for a diet lemonade.

Once again, the only thing that you should do is keep the lemonade carbonated. This drink doesn’t taste quite right without a bit of carbonation to it.

Reduce the Lemonade

If you find the lemonade to be a touch too sweet, then you can substitute some of it for a flavorless sparkling water.

You may lose a dash of your lemony taste here. Because of that, you may wish to add an extra helping of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It may make the taste a bit too sour for some people, though.

As we said, making a mocktail is all about experimentation.

Add More Syrup

You can easily double up the syrup in the Blue Lagoon mocktail. More syrup means more sweetness. This is already a sweet drink as it is, so we recommend that you don’t go throwing double the syrup in right away. Test the flavors out.

Ditch the Ice

Some people aren’t a fan of watered-down drinks.

While it may take a while for the ice to melt, slow drinkers will find that their drink gets rather watery.

If you chill the lemonade, curacao syrup, and lime juice beforehand, you can use less ice. 

Add Different Flavors

If you want to get experimental, then you can shake up the flavors in the drink. Go easy on the changes. Don’t change every ingredient at once. It would be tough to learn what you like/didn’t like.

  • Switch the lemon juice for lime juice. It gives the drink a sourer taste.
  • To enhance the zesty orange taste of the syrup, add two tablespoons of orange juice. This will make a sweeter orange taste. It will counter the bitter orange in Curacao.
  • Add a sprinkle of chili powder.
  • Add a touch of ginger.
  • Add a few fresh mint leaves.


Can You Refrigerate the Blue Lagoon Mocktail?

To an extent, although it isn’t recommended. If you do need to refrigerate the Blue Lagoon Mocktail, then leave the ice and the lemonade out of the mixture. This will give you a mixture of curacao syrup and lemon juice.

When you serve the drink, you can add lemonade and ice.

If you refrigerate with lemonade and ice, then you will end up with an awful-tasting drink. It will be watery and there will be no carbonation.

How Can You Garnish a Blue Lagoon Mocktail?

The Blue Lagoon mocktail is traditionally garnished with a cherry. You can use a lemon slice if you want to keep the theme going.

How Can You Make a Blue Lagoon Mocktail Bluer?

If you start experimenting with the flavors, you may find that your Blue Lagoon mocktail loses a touch of the blue color. You can’t have a Blue Lagoon without the blue! It would just be a lagoon.

A couple of drops of food coloring will rectify the problem. The syrup is only blue because of food coloring anyway.

Standard food coloring should not impact the taste, although only add a couple of drops.

Does Curacao Syrup Taste The Same as Curacao Liquor?

It’s very similar.

Curacao Liquor and Curacao syrup both use bitter orange for the flavor, generally, the ones are grown in Curacao but not necessarily. That is what gives curacao a unique taste.

However, Curacao syrup is essentially flavored sugar. It is going to have a much sweeter taste than the liquor.

Does The Blue Lagoon Mocktail Taste The Same as a Blue Lagoon Cocktail?

Very close, but it is tough to replicate the flavor of a cocktail when making a mocktail. For starters, we are ditching the vodka which does provide a hefty amount of taste in the Blue Lagoon cocktail. There is no viable substitute for the vodka.

The mocktail is also going to be a bit sweeter than the Blue Lagoon cocktail.

The rough flavors are there i.e., a bit of sweetness and a dash of bitterness. However, it won’t be exact. No matter how much you tinker with the flavors, it will still taste like a mocktail.

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That’s it. That’s all you need to know to make a Blue Lagoon mocktail. It is one of the simplest mocktails you can make.

Nail this recipe and you will be able to bring the heart of the Caribbean into your home whenever you want. Perfect for a summer’s day, or a particularly gray day when you need reminding that the sky can be a beautiful blue color.

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