5 Best Pie Irons To Buy in 2021


A pie iron is an incredibly useful cooking device for everyone who enjoys camping. It allows you to cook all kinds of camp meals over a campfire. From toasted sandwiches and pie/pizza dough to scones and muffins, a pie iron is ideal for a wide range of hand-held food items.

A good quality pie iron will last a lifetime without requiring too much cleaning or maintenance. And, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot.

best pie iron

We did our research and found the best and most affordable pie irons on the market. Things we have taken into consideration include construction, durability, special design features, handle length, etc.

Before we give you our list of best pie irons, let’s see what exactly pie iron is.

What’s a Pie Iron?

A pie iron is also known as a sandwich toaster, pudgy pie iron, toastie iron, jaffle iron, or snackwicher. It’s a cooking appliance that has 2 hinged concave, square or round, cast iron plates on long metal poles with heat-resistant handles.

It opens like a clamshell where you can put your food item. There are various shapes of this cooking appliance, but the standard shape can fit a slice of bread. Round pie irons, for example, are used for cooking hot dogs.

How to Use It

Whether you are camping in the woods or cooking in your back yard, a pie iron is an ideal appliance for cooking or warming up your meal over a fire.

First, heat each half of the pie iron over an open fire. Once it’s warm enough, add your food item for cooking. Make sure it’s not too hot to prevent the food from burning. Generally, it takes around five minutes in a hot fire.

Place one half on a burn-resistant area and spray some oil in the inside pocket. Use avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or another oil with a high smoke point.

Put your dough or bread along the bottom, fill with your ingredients, and top with another piece of bread/dough. Coat or spray the top of the iron with some oil and close it with the fastener found at the handles.

Lay the pie iron over a bed of hot coals or embers to cook evenly. You can open it to check if your food is cooked, but it generally takes two to five minutes per side. When your food turns golden brown in color, it’s done.

Best Pie Irons

Here are some of the best pie irons on the market. Check out their biggest advantages and disadvantages to decide which of them is the best option for you.

1Rome’s Double Pie IronDouble iron to maximize cooking space. 28 inches.
2Toas-Tite Handheld Pie Iron22-inch long handle
3Coghlan’s Pie IronAffordable & durable
4Palmer Pie IronMade from durable cast iron. Keeps ingredients sealed.
5Camp Chief Pie IronEasy to use and clean with pen hinge

1. Rome’s Double Pie Iron

Rome Industries manufactures high quality basic and specialty pie irons. This one, in particular, is a double pie iron that provides more cooking space than the standard size. So, you can use it to cook several pies or sandwiches at once.

It has beautiful wooden handles that make it stand out from the rest.


  • Double iron to cook two calzones, sandwiches, fish, or quesadillas at once
  • 28 inches in length
  • Ridged which allows pies and sandwiches to stay tightly sealed after cooking


  • This pie iron doesn’t have detachable handles like most Rome’s pie irons which would’ve make cleaning and storing easier.

2. Toas-Tite Handheld Pie Iron

This great pie iron comes from an old, retro brand that has been manufacturing this cooking device since 1949.

It’s a universal pie iron that allows you to make pocket-style toasted sandwiches, desserts, and snacks like omelets, grilled cheese, pizza pockets, sweet s’mores, fruit pies, popcorn, etc.

It works in the fire pit, fireplace, campfires, BBQ grills, on gas, glass-top and electric stoves. This means that you can use it while camping or cooking in the kitchen or backyard.


  • 22-inch long handle
  • Suitable for fire pits, BBQs, campfires, gas stoves, and ovens
  • The round design fits English muffins and removes crusts on bread


  • Not made from cast iron but aluminum, which means reduced durability. It can warp from use, melt under overly high fire temperatures, and has an uneven heat distribution.

3. Coghlan’s Pie Iron

Here’s another pie iron coming from a reliable and reputable brand such as Coghlan’s. This manufacturer is known for their durable and easy-to-use cooking devices.

This model is made from durable cast iron so it can withstand the high heat of flames and coals. It’s great for making classic campfire pies, sandwiches, and grilling meat.


  • Affordable
  • Robust durability
  • 27-inch long with wooden handles
  • Single broiler, double broiler, single, and double options available


  • Even though it’s pre-seasoned, you should boost it with your own seasoning
  • Requires a careful maintenance

4. Palmer Pie Iron

This is the most popular pie iron model from Palmer thanks to its high durability. That’s because of the high quality cast iron that can withstand a steady heat.

The square pie iron has ribs on the inside that seals the filling into two slices of bread. You can use it on a fireplace or outdoor grill.


  • Made from highly durable cast iron
  • Ribs in the inside that keep the ingredients tightly sealed
  • 18 inches’ length but an extra-long option of 26 inches is available as well


A bit complicated to clean and handle as the hinge prevents the two pieces from separating.

5. Camp Chief Pie Iron

This brand specializes in cast iron items such as this model of pie iron. It’s a sturdy pie iron with a size that can fit a standard white sandwich bread perfectly. If bigger, the bread won’t get sealed properly and the ingredients will fall our or ooze when you eat it.

You can use it to cook in the hot coals or over a campfire. It’s easy to use and maintain.


  • High quality cast iron
  • Easy to use and clean with pen hinge
  • 22-inch long pole
  • Pre-seasoned


A bit smaller than other pie irons on the list.


A good quality pie iron will make your camping so much easier and fun. You can use it to cook everything from breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert over an open fire.

We hope our list of five best pie irons will help you pick the right one for your needs.

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