What Does Lobster Taste Like?


People who love to enjoy luxurious food every now and then definitely order lobster any time they hit a seafood restaurant. Lobsters are the culinary delight that makeup one fancy meal. If you haven’t yet tried lobsters yet, then you are here for all the right reasons. In this article, we will share everything about lobsters! How much they can cost you, what they actually taste like and in how many ways they are cooked.

lobster taste

So why exactly these seabed crustaceans are considered luxurious? That is mainly because they are expensive, probably for the reason that I will share shortly. But there is some cost-effective technique to enjoy the good lobster taste at affordable prices.

According to my personal experience, I love to cook lobster at home rather than dining out. The reason being the variety of choices that I can enjoy in terms of different flavors. I can use different seasonings as per my liking. Usually, it’s the lobster tail I like to bake or steam at home. It doesn’t take much effort and time, and yet make up a nice and fancy meal for all especially occasions.

Are Lobsters Really Expensive?

Well, that entirely depends on the availability of the lobster in a region. You know these sea creatures do not thrive in all sorts of waters. They need viable conditions to thrive in the waters. That is why in some parts of the world, they are seen as a rare commodity and in others, they are as commonly available as chicken or fish. And that factor mainly decides their prices.

Besides this, there is yet another factor that decides the price of a lobster, and that is the size of the lobster harvested in a particular season. A good healthy harvest would mean high market prices.

All big cities that are situated on the coastlines have a high demand for lobsters. There are a range of seafood restaurants that serve fancy lobster meals. So, this huge influx of people all year round keeps the demand and prices high in the cities.

But that scene is completely different when it comes to the small coastal villages or town. The absence of large food chains and restaurants reduces the demand for lobsters. Therefore, these crustaceans are affordable in a small town. Even today if you visit small coastal towns of the Philippines, there you can practically eat lobsters even three times a day. It can only cost 10 dollars per kilo of a lobster. Crazy I know but that’s how cheap the lobsters are there!

Things You Can Do to Spend Less on Lobster

If you’re a lobster lover and you are always craving it intensely, but you’re nowhere near interested in paying for a single dine-in, there are a handful of ways to enjoy it while spending very little money. It might be obvious but the best way is to do it yourself at home.

Cook It Yourself

cooking lobster

As I have said earlier, the best way to save some money is to enjoy the homecooked lobsters rather than hitting a fancy and expensive restaurant. There are chances that those places would charge three times more than the overall expenses of cooking the lobster at home.

In fish markets, you can easily find lobsters at lesser prices and in a variety of forms and sizes. You can spend it depending on your budget. In the markets, the lobsters are sold at 36-40 dollars per kilos of lobsters.

The prices are usually low during the summer season. You can also call it a lobster season! Especially in the month of May is best to buy lobsters. And let me tell you another secret! The live lobsters are sold at cheaper rates, so go for those ones.

It is true that fresh lobsters are great in taste, but they are also quite costly. So, if you want to save some bucks, then look for the frozen lobster tails; they are comparatively cheaper.

What Does Lobster Taste Like?

what does lobster taste like

Now that you have learned the many ways to buy lobster at an affordable rate, you can freely think about their fresh taste and how to enjoy it. After all, it is really the taste that matters!

So what does lobster taste like exactly? Well, there no one-word descriptions but to have an idea combine the meaty taste of shrimp and the sweetness of crab minus the peculiar fish-like smell. This is my personal experience with the lobster meat.

Another great thing about lobster that I found surprising was that it has a spongy texture, and it was also a bit of chewy. the lobster tail is full of proteins and it is good to add to a high protein menu.

Lobsters are no doubt a crustacean but its taste is different from the rest. It does not exactly taste like shrimp or neither like the crabs. And If you are looking for something new for your seafood menu then you should definitely consider lobster.

Another important taste deciding factor is the way the lobster is cooked. You can cook it in a variety of ways from basic steaming to broiling or baking. It doesn’t take much time to cook lobster. In fact, it should be prevented from overcooking. A simple drizzle of butter on the freshly cooked lobster tails taste heavenly. You can always add some black pepper, salt, dried or herbs to boost the taste.

The lobsters can be steamed, boiled, baked, grilled, or fried in a pan. The texture turns out differently after each method of cooking. Like when the lobsters are grilled, they get chewier in texture.

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Now you know what a lobster tastes like and how you can make that taste even better with home cooking and some extra ingredients for seasoning. Give this seafood delicacy a try and tell us how you found it and did it taste any different than you imagined?

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