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There’s no nicer feeling than having a little lie-in on a Sunday morning before assembling the troops and making your way down to Waffle House. Their extensive range of tasty treats makes it well worth getting up for! You’ll find more than just waffles too, so if you’ve slept late, you could still make your way there for lunch or even an early dinner! Today we are going to take a good look over the Waffle House catering menu, its prices and even talk to you a little about your catering options with Waffle House. Be sure to check it out and then decide what you are going to order! 

waffle house catering menu

What is Waffle House?

If you live up North, then you might be wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, we are going to tell you.

Waffle House is one of the most successful food franchises in the USA. There are a huge number of restaurants, especially in the southern states.

How many?

Well, to date, there are over 2,100. With 381 featuring in Georgia and 132 in Atlanta! The first Waffle House appeared in 1955. It didn’t serve waffles exclusively, but once this became the most popular item on the menu, the Waffle House name was born! It is so famous that you can even visit the Waffle House Museum!

Want to hear something super impressive! Each minute in the USA, Waffle House serves 145 waffles. That’s a lot of batter! There is a rumor that because Waffle House offers 24 hours a day service, their restaurants aren’t actually fitted with locks. This is a myth! 

Other notable achievements include their reputation to stay open 24 hours a day, even in the face of national disasters. Such is their commitment that there is a ‘Waffle House index’, which rates how severe a disaster is! If a Waffle House closes because of a national emergency, the government knows that things are getting serious! 

They are so confident in the taste and quality of their food that they often launch new menu items and give customers the option of critiquing it online before it is released to the general franchise!

It’s actually a really interesting place, and you should pay it a visit if you get the chance! 

Does Waffle House Have a Secret Menu

Hey! You’ve been doing your reading, haven’t you?

Waffle House does indeed have a secret menu.


Well, like we’ve just said, they pride themselves on being open 24 hours a day, even in emergencies. It has become something of their ‘brand’ to stay open against the odds.

They decided that they wouldn’t let anything get in the way of them serving the Waffle House menu, including hurricanes, terrorist attacks, and other mishaps. So what was their answer?

Waffle House has come up with a ‘secret menu’ that can be made when there are power outages. There are also a few items on the menu that don’t require the use of water to make them

What’s on the Waffle House secret menu?

Well, if we all knew that, it wouldn’t be much of a secret, now would it? Take a look through our detailed Waffle House menu guide below and see if you can spot any recipes that wouldn’t need water or electricity to make… No, salad doesn’t count as an answer!

Copycat Recipe: Try this Waffle House Hashbrowns Recipe

What is the All-Star Special at Waffle House?

Touted by Waffle House themselves as “the greatest of all time,” the Waffle House all-star special is their signature dish. The all-star special has the same relationship with waffleHouse as the big-mac does to McDonald’s… Except, you know, it’s a waffle, not a burger.

The dish is actually pretty simple, and consists of a large fluffy waffle smothered in syrup. This is served alongside a buttered breakfast muffin, 4 slices of toast, two eggs cooked to your liking, and a meat of your choice (either bacon or sausage).


And don’t forget the extras either! It comes with a range of optional garnishes, including melted cheese, grilled tomato, spicy peppers, mushrooms, sausage gravy, or hickory smoked ham.

Why is your mouth watering?

Does Waffle House Offer Catering?

Planning a large party or get together?

Here’s the good news.

Waffle House does offer outside catering. This is available in a number of formats.

On-Location Buffet

Why go to Waffle House when Waffle House comes to you. Granted, they don’t just turn up if you have overslept. You’ll need to spend over $150 and have a party of over 20 people to justify them turning up at your door. But if you do, they offer a full buffet table along with staff to deliver the food to your event.


This is a great option for smaller parties. Provided you have a Waffle House in your area, they are able to deliver in significant quantities. This is a fantastic option for ball games, impromptu parties, or even a business meeting. Hey, why not? Start the day off the right way!

On Site Food Truck

This is perhaps our favorite option. When we said, Waffle House can come to you, we really meant it! They will turn up in a catering truck. Essentially this means that you could have your very own Waffle House on your lawn! They do charge by the hour and the food served, so it is worth checking beforehand. They won’t have a full menu either, so you are going to have to check the Waffle House menu beforehand and choose a selection of what you would like to be served on the day.

Does Waffle House Only Serve Breakfast?

Hell no!

While they may have started off selling humble waffles, they have branched out to make dishes that are just as filling and tasty! 

Such as?

Well, you can get burgers at Waffle House along with juicy steaks, pork chops, and eggs, melts, grilled chicken, and more. They even do build your own bowl chili! Now we aren’t suggesting you try this for breakfast, but we suppose you could if you wanted to! 

Waffle House Menu Prices 2021 

Want to know how much something costs on the Waffle House catering menu. Here is a full list of all of the dishes listed on their own website. Because Waffle House is a franchise, you may find that the prices vary slightly from state to state and restaurant to restaurant.

Extras $ 0.99 – $2.00
All Star Special
2 Eggs All Star Special$6.50
3 Eggs All Star Special$8.50
Egg Breakfasts
Egg Breakfast$4.99
T-Bone and Eggs$10.99
Sirloin and Eggs$8.99
Country Ham and Eggs$6.49
Chicken and Eggs$7.99
Pork Chops and Eggs$7.99
Breakfast Hash Brown Bowls
Sausage Egg and Cheese Bowl$6.00
Bacon Egg and Cheese Bowl$5.50
Ham Egg and Cheese Bowl$5.50
Build Your Own Hashbrown Bowl$2.00+
Classic Waffle$3.99
Pecan Waffle$4.99
Chocolate Chip Waffle$4.99
Peanut Butter Chip Waffle$5.20
Toddle House Omelet
Cheese Omelet$5.00
Fiesta Omelet$6.00
Ham and Cheese Omelet$5.49
Cheesesteak Omelet$6.50
Build Your Own Omelet$4.00+
Breakfast Sandwiches and Melts
Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich$3.49
Texas Sausage, Egg and Cheese Sandwich$4.99
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich$3.99
Texas Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich$4.99
Build your Own Breakfast Sandwich$4.00+
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit$3.75
City Ham Biscuit$4.50
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit$3.75
Country Ham Biscuit$4.50
Chicken Biscuit$4.00
Biscuit and gravy$3.50
Build Your Own Biscuit$4.00+
City Ham$2.99
Country Ham$4.49
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Grits$3.99
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Grits$3.99
Ham, Egg and Cheese Grits$3.99
Scattered, Smothered and Covered$2.49
Hashbrowns All the Way$3.49
Classic Blend Coffee$1.99
Decaf Coffee$1.99
Dark Roast Coffee$1.99
Diet Coke®$1.99
Barq’s® Root Beer$1.99
Hi-C® Fruit Punch$1.99
Minute Maid® Lemonade$1.99
Alice’s Iced Tea™, Unsweet$1.99
Alice’s Iced Tea™, Sweet$1.99
Alice’s Teamonade™, Sweet$1.99
Minute Maid® Apple Juice$2.99
Minute Maid® Orange Juice$2.99
White Milk, 2%  (16-Oz)$2.99
White Milk, 2%$2.99
Chocolate Milk, Whole$2.49
Hot Tea$1.99
Lunch and Dinner 
Angus Burgers
Original Angus$4.99
Quarter Pounder Angus$6.99
Texas Melts
Cheesesteak Melt$4.99
Angus Patty Melt$4.99
Grilled Chicken Melt$4.99
Texas Sausage Melt$4.99
Classic Dinners
T-Bone Dinner$15.99
Sirloin Dinner$12.99
Country Ham Dinner$10.99
Chicken Dinner$9.99
Pork Chop Dinner$8.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Ham and Cheese Sandwich$4.99
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich$5.99
BLT Sandwich$4.99
Texas Bacon Lovers BLT Sandwich$5.99
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$4.99
Hashbrown Bowls
CheeseSteak Melt Hash Brown Bowl$5.99
Chicken Melt Bowl$6.99
Build Your Own Hashbrown Bowl $4.99+
Scattered Smothered and Covered$2.99
Hashbrowns All the Way$3.99
City Ham$2.99
Country Ham$4.49
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Grits$3.99
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Grits$3.99
Ham, Egg and Cheese Grits$3.99
Berts Chili$4.99
Pecan Pie$2.99
Southern Pecan Pie$2.99

How Much is the 2 Egg Breakfast at Waffle House?

That all depends on what you mean by a ‘two egg breakfast”. If you are just talking about a couple of pieces of toast and two eggs cooked to your liking, that will set you back by around $4.99.

Oh, that’s right.

You meant the two egg ‘All Star Special’, The signature dish offered by Waffle House. Well, that is slightly more expensive and will cost you around $6.50. 

Of course, this is variable.

Depending on what?

Well, as we are sure you already know, Waffle House offers the option to ‘build your own’. This essentially means that you can add other items to practically any dish depending on how hungry you are!

These ‘sides’ or ‘extras’ tend to cost around a dollar each.

But wait! They are more expensive on the above menu. Yeah, we know. The reason for this is that the dollar extras offered aren’t as large as the portions mentioned in the list above; therefore, they are going to be a little cheaper!

What is the Best Thing to Eat at Waffle House?

Oh man, what a question.

The truth is that most of the things you’ll find on the Waffle House menu are pretty delicious. We are reserving judgment about grits. Sorry grits, but you are just a bit too weird for us, and if you have to be made nice by adding other things, you can’t have been all that great, to begin with!

Where were we?

Ah yes, the best thing to eat at Waffle House. Notwithstanding the All Star Special, which we think is quite possibly the best breakfast on the planet, we really love a T-bone steak and eggs breakfast.

Why? For a start, Waffle House does know how to cook a steak, so it is meaty, juicy, and cooked to perfection. The second thing is that it feels just a little like a naughty treat to be having steak for breakfast. Finally, because it is a whopping great T-bone, we tend to feel full for the rest of the day. Not bad when you consider the prices on the Waffle House Menu?


We love the Waffle House menu. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner! In fact, you could even go there for supper, they are open 24 hours a day after all! Whether you are opting for the All Star Special or something different, the Waffle House menu is ultra-affordable, and best of all, it is really quite tasty. Home-cooked food done right! What is your favorite Waffle House menu item? Why not let us know in the comments below? We love hearing from you guys! 

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