How Many Ounces in a Shot Glass


Mixology is the art of creating beautiful alcoholic drinks and has become such a part of our lives. Admit it; you at least have some form of fancy alcohol in your home. My personal favorite is either gin or vodka cocktails.

But if you have ever tried to mix your own drinks, you would have realized that it isn’t as simple as “a dash of this and splash of that”.

How Many Ounces in a Shot

Why is it important to know the precise amount a shot glass contains?

As I have already mentioned, homemade cocktails rarely come close to the ones you get at the bar, and there might be a couple more reasons than you thought.

The first reason you need to know exactly how much a shot glass contains is that today, shot glasses come in many different sizes, however, all bartenders use a standard sized shot glass when creating drinks.

The second reason it is important to know the volume of a shot glass is to be able to adjust the recipe. Most mixed drinks use either a full or half shot glass, thus knowing exactly how much one standard shot glass contains will help you easily adjust a recipe.

You can add or remove half a shot glass worth’ of an ingredient at a time until you reach a taste you like.

How Many Ounces in a Shot Glass?

shot glass ounces

Like we have briefly mentioned, today you can find shot glasses in many different sizes, some of which look almost the same unless placed side by side.

Most of us think that a normal size shot glass equals 1 fluid ounce of liquor. That is both correct and incorrect.

Different countries have different “standard-sized” shot glasses. So, in the United States, Australia and India, one shot glass does equal 1-ounce liquor, but most other countries averages around 1.5 ounces liquor per shot glass.

CountrySingle shot (ounces)Single shot (milliliters)
Australia1 fl oz30ml
Canada1.5 fl oz44ml
France0.8 fl oz25ml
Germany0.6 fl oz20ml
India1 fl oz30ml
Italy1.3 fl oz40ml
Japan2 fl oz60ml
Russia1.7 fl oz50ml
Sweden1.3 fl oz40ml
South Africa0.8 fl oz25ml
United Kingdom1.2 fl oz35ml
United States1 fl oz30ml

So, before you make any recipe, definitely check what size shot glass they are using and if they state a certain country, for example, a “South African standard-sized shot glass”, check to see what their standard size is.

Now, it does seem that a tiny bit of liquor might not make a difference in a recipe, that a 1-ounce shot glass will be fine if the recipe calls for a 1.1-ounce shot glass, but this is why Mojito A doesn’t taste like Mojito B.

Certain liquors have different taste intensities and it is important to use exact amounts when recreating certain cocktails.

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How To Measure a Shot Glass Without a Shot Glass

Sometimes you might not have the correct sized shot glass. This is easily solved if you know the size your shot glass needs to be.

1. Using Spoons


Using a tablespoon is a great and convenient solution to measure out the required liquid. 1 tablespoon (15 ml) equals ½ a fluid ounce.

Thus, one standard US shot glass equals 2 tablespoons liquor (30ml).

Measuring spoons are also a great tool to use if you have them on hand. They are much more accurate than a tablespoon and also come in a variety of sizes – this is great to measure the volume for shot glasses that have awkward amounts like 1.1 fluid ounces.

2. Solo cups

These cups are not by any means accurate, but it is your best bet and better than free pouring. The very bottom line on the cup does equal roughly one fluid ounce (thus one standard US shot glass).

This means you can use that line to roughly measure out 1.5 oz. as well.

3. Measuring cups – DIY edition

How Many Ounces in a Shot Glass 1

This is also not a precise method, however, can definitely work when using ratios in a recipe.

Get an object that has a known weight, for example, an AA battery, 10 pennies, or 5 quarters all weight 1 ounce.

Use a see-through cup and fill it with water until roughly halfway. Use a marker to mark the waterline. Submerge your 1-ounce object (10 pennies or 5 quarters are always around). The water level will rise slightly. Mark the new line with your marker.

Using a second clean cup, pour the difference between the two lines into the second cup. Again, mark the small water line and just like that you have your own 1-ounce measuring cup.

4. Medicine cup

Medicine Cup

You always have a medicine cup lying around the house – a syringe would work as well. Medicine cups usually range between 1-2 ounces. Make sure you know what the volume of the cup is before measuring out the liquor.

A syringe usually holds up to 2 ounces (60ml) liquid and can be used to very accurately measure any amount of liquor.

Make sure your equipment is clean and free of any medicine before using it to measure your alcohol!

5. Last resort – free pouring

free pour

This is an amazing party skill if you can pull it off. On average, 1.5 fluid ounces takes roughly 4 seconds to pour.

You will need to practice this method as the speed you are pouring at will determine how much you pour.


Hopefully, you now know how much liquid a shot glass contains.

We have determined that there are different sized shot glasses and that when following a recipe, it is important to know what country it is from as their standard shot glasses might differ from yours.

You now also have tons of methods to measure one shot glass if you do not have the required sized glass and all you need to do now is practice, practice and practice!

how many oz in a shot

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